Downloadable Street Fighter IV Costumes Turn Zangief Into Haggar

By Spencer . February 5, 2009 . 11:53am


Capcom plans to sell costumes as optional Street Fighter IV DLC here just like Japan. Some of the outfits play on Capcom’s history like giving Guile clothes that makes him look like his buddy Charlie and the Mike Haggar outfit for Zangief. Others are silly like Blanka’s safari hat. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to buy individual costumes. Capcom is distributing the costumes in packs that cost $4 each starting the day the game comes out in North America.


Here’s the schedule:

February 17: Brawler Pack will include alternate costumes for: Zangief, E.Honda, Rufus, El Fuerte and Abel.

February 24: Femme Fatale Pack will include alternate costumes for: Chun-Li, Cammy, Sakura, Rose and C.Viper.

March 3: Shoryuken Pack will include alternate costumes for: Ryu, Ken, Akuma, Gouken and Dan.

March 10: Shadowloo Pack will include alternate costumes for: Seth, M.Bison, Sagat, Balrog and Vega.

March 17: Classic Pack will include alternate costumes for: Guile, Dhalsim, Fei-Long, Blanka and Gen.


Notably missing from the list is the “All In Pack” Famitsu announced which contains all of the costumes at a discount price. We contacted Capcom USA to see if this pack is coming to North America to which we were told it was “TBD”.


The good news about the downloadable Street Fighter IV content is the meaty stuff is free. After Street Fighter IV hits stores Capcom will release a Championship Mode Expansion pack with two point systems (championship and tournament), enhanced matchmaking based on grade points, and replay mode which lets players share and watch matches. Capcom says this is the “first expansion pack” so don’t be surprised to see more updates in the future.


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Images courtesy of Capcom.

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  • Icon

    So buying all the packs makes this essentially an $80.00 game.

    Thanks Crapcom. (and yes I KNOW I’m not being forced to buy these. But participating in this rip off only perpetuates this sad nickle and diming of the gamer)

  • K

    $4 each for alternate costumes that should have been put on the disc in the frist place, wow Capcom way to go and dime your fan base. Even the free Championship Mode Expansion pack should have been included on the disc. I think people could have waited a couple extra months for a complete game. After this news I’m more excited for SNK Playmores KoF 12 than SF4.

    • pressstart

      Costumes, I’ll agree with you, but Championship mode? Who’s to say it was absolutely ready before the discs went gold?

      So extras being downloadable (and some for pay) knocks off your excitement for a game? The game didn’t even change.

      KOFXII needs more coverage, but doesn’t seem like SNK giving much out afaik.

  • Aoshi00

    Chances are these are on the disc but they’re locked out. It’s like Gundam Musou 2’s free DLC missions, they’re all 108K in size each. The game itself is pretty expensive, multiple outfits should be unlockables to encourage multiple playthrus, like Soul Calibur 4, you fight to earn money in the game to unlock stuff. After what they pulled w/ Megaman 9, this isn’t surprising.. got to hate nickle and diming, especially if the contents on the disc are locked away.

    The Femme Fatale pack would probably sell like hot cakes though.

  • Khan

    DLC sucks, it did for Fable 2, the Naruto games, Castle Crashers and now also for SF. Paying money just to fight with a diffirent look? Honestly anybody must be really insane to spend money on THAT!

  • daizyujin

    Argh…….Capcom, it is like you are baiting me into just saying f*ck you and renting the game for a week. I am sick of this crap. Seriously, day 1 and you want to charge for it? I had the special edition reserved which is already $80. That makes this $100! Are you serious? Go to hell.

  • RO?

    Note to all the fools considering to buy these: Your costume won’t be a substitute for your scubiness.

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