Will Tales Of Graces Be The Next International Tales Game?

By Spencer . February 26, 2009 . 2:00pm

talesgamesLet’s sort through the frenzy of Tales trademarks shall we? We’re up to six possible names now. Only Namco Bandai knows if all of these trademarks will be used for future Tales games or if their naming committee was indecisive while driving to the trademark registration office.


Out of all the titles it looks like Tales of Gracia will be used. Namco Bandai registered Tales of Graces in Europe which sounds like an international name for Tales of Gracia. Well, its that or Namco Bandai has seven unrelated Tales names in their pocket. Will Tales of Graces be the name of the upcoming Wii mothership title or another Tales game? Since Namco Bandai registered the name overseas Tales of Graces, whatever it is, seems like it is being primed for international distribution.



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  • Vrakanox

    I’m creaming my pants at the thought of a new tales game.

  • Kaoro

    Whhhhhatttt? They’re going from the Xbox 360 to the Wii?


    • Kaoro

      I was not thinking… I forgot the 360 isn’t as popular in Japan.

      • Asamidori

        They have been. (Tales of Symphonia: Ratatosk no Kishi was released before Vesperia in Japan, that’s a Wii game.) Wii and DS seem more like the console for BanNam when it’s not [email protected] (Even then [email protected] made it to the PSP, so yeah.)

      • lostinblue

        Not just in Japan, Wii leads worldwide.

      • Mazen

        Is there someone out there thinks that 360 is more popular than Wii outside Japan?

  • I guess we can forget about Tales of Hearts now? Even the CG version that seemed custom-made for America?

    • I wouldn’t count it out until after E3. Namco Bandai registered that trademark too so at least they were considering it. Right now Namco Bandai’s line up looks light on all consoles too.

      • But Namco also registered Tales of Innocence, didn’t they… ;_;

  • Chris

    Anyone know what Tales team is making the Wii title?

    • lostinblue

      Team Destiny, or what’s left of them, since apparently you have 4 tales teams now.

      Team Hearts apparently got the 2D talent and some Tead Destiny staff, but are a small team when compared to Team Destiny and Team Symphonia, then you have Team Ratatosk who did ToSDotNW, a team of trainee’s and some guys who were from Team Symphonia, and of course Team Symphonia and Team Destiny.

      • Chris

        Great. So, there’s two teams that will release good games in America, one that will get no games released in America, and Team Kiddy Writing/Clunky Combat. It’s nice to finally get a Team Destiny game. Maybe now there’ll be a ToR PSP port.

        • lostinblue

          I dunno about great. Team Destiny and Team Symphonia were fundamentally different (and Wii Tales fans are Team Symphonia fans, there’s no nintendo history for Team Destiny/Wolf Team in Nintendo consoles other than the original Tales of Phantasia), but my point is… They were different, Team Destiny wasn’t about 3D or games catered to the westerners and Team Symphonia wasn’t about the same type of battle system, making their games as you sure know… different.

          But… were does a Team Destiny in full 3D and trying to compete in graphics fit? how do you know Namco didn’t royally screwed them?

          For what I’m concerned, I couldn’t care less about Team Destiny doing a Tales in Full 3D, instead I wanted them to keep doing what they did the way they did. And, full 3D? Team Symphonia.

          I don’t want Team Destiny acting as a sorry excuse for the lack of Team Symphonia, making them effectively a very secondary team. (which they already were outside Japan, but due to Namco’s freaking fault)

  • Wasn’t there a rumour some time ago about a “Tales of Bataille?” Earlier on, people suspected that was the Wii game. Honestly, I prefer “Bataille” or “Gracia” to “Graces.”

    • lostinblue

      that was a 2ch rumor who said this:

      “Tales Of Bataille is the Wii game we seen before. The main heroeis a 19 year old hitman who gets sent on a big mission to kill a very well know gang member and in the process ends up kidnapping his daughter because apparently her dad was nearly gonna kill him so he took her and ran. From here on out he wanders around trying to find another way to kill Mach. The big draw point to the game is that the main character e can talk to random people in towns and enter battles with them for money and stuff I guess that ties in with the name since Bataille is french for Battle. Sakuraba is doing the soundtrack and the artists is apparently Atsuro Yomino who did the Code Geass manga.”

      Total fail, I could make up a better argument in 5 minutes.

      Plus, Bataile wasn’t trademarked (was made up instead)

      • God damn it, that was made up?

        I actually loved the sound of the plot.

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