Screens Of End of Eternity’s Characters And Floating Tower

By Spencer . April 10, 2009 . 6:56am

After Earth’s environment became toxic, humans in Tri-Ace’s fictitious future built a massive tower to live in. Affluent denizens live on the top floors while the lower parts of the tower house the less fortunate. Zephyr, Vashyron, and “Subject #20” live in Bazel and from these screenshots they don’t look too happy about it. Subject #20 is the only one that smiles and it’s a slight smile. Odd since she is the only one destined to die. As an experimentally created life she is programmed to at age 20. Subject #20 is 19 years old in End of Eternity.



eoez1 eoez2 eoez3


“Subject #20”

eoes1 eoes2 eoes3



eoev1 eoev2 eoev3



eoe1 eoeb2 eoeb3 eoeb4

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  • Mazen

    Looks amazing! hope its not Sakuraba making the music they are killing that guy from too much work.

  • Wishy

    Ohh this is for PS3 also? Lookin’ good, can’t wait for some more info.

  • I wonder if this draws any inspiration from Ar tonelico..

    • Maybe! I was thinking of the Tower of Babel when I saw this.

  • CleruTesh

    Sounds like some inspiration from Blade Runner to me. Looks fantastic!

  • Aoshi00

    Looks amazing, Vashyron looks like a younger and more handsome Conqueror from Last Remnant. I like the setting alrdy, hope this would play well. Pray they don’t use hip actors to do the voices for the chars, that would be a total waste (I’m looking at you Lost Odyssey).

  • Pesmerga00

    I’m liking the setting for this game. Seems like it might have a darker story/mood to it. I also like the character models so far. They actually have realistic facial proportions.

    The official site is up

    I wonder if any changes from the Tri-Ace norm will result from Sega publishing it.

  • Bah this looks like crap. The character design is all very boring. The only interesting screen was eoeb2.jpg

  • jarrodand

    Looks great, but I’ve gotta say I’m a bit burned out on tri-Ace at this point.

  • Vrakanox

    This looks like it could turn out to be really good. I’m going to wait to see more of course. With a few more characters this could turn out to be a great game. I actually like the design of the main character which is rare for me.

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