You Can Download Final Fantasy VII International On PSN… In Japan

By Spencer . April 10, 2009 . 5:27am

image Tons of Square Enix games are part of Japan’s PlayStation Archives collection, but none of them have the words “Final Fantasy”. Today, Final Fantasy VII International joins the party.


Don’t be fooled by the “international” subtitle. This game is completely in Japanese. The international moniker was added since this version of Final Fantasy VII includes extra features like the bonus Weapon bosses and a scene explaining Zack’s relationship to Cloud found in the English version of Final Fantasy VII.


The 1712MB downloadable game works on a PS3 and PSP so you can play Final Fantasy VII on the road if you pay 1,500 yen ($15). Most PlayStation Archives games cost around 600 yen ($6), but Square Enix knows they can charge whatever they want for Final Fantasy VII and it will still sell.

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  • Simon

    LoL charge whatever they want. heh.. funny and true.

  • Malek86

    Already have this on disc (didn’t even pay it much), but can’t play it on my PAL PS3, nor my PAL PS2 anymore. Eh… wasn’t it pretty much the same as the western versions anyway? I guess I’ll just stick to that.

    • Pichi

      Correct, the International version is just the American release with Japanese text.

  • maxchain

    That’s insane! I hate how there’s no rhyme or reason to the pricing of Playstation Archives games. You don’t like the price of a game you want (which is $3 more than that other game you just bought)? Wait a couple months, maybe there’ll be a sale! Or, maybe everything will go up five bucks for no reason! It’s like I’m buying my downloads directly off some sort of bleedin’ stock market!

  • EdgeKun

    Most of the PSone releases on PSN i’ve seen are all single disc, so 3 discs for 15$ seems fair enough. (Though i’m sure as you said, Square knows they can get away with it)

    Most likely this (or the original FF7 anyway) is yet another release that we’ll never see on stateside PSN. If so, i’ll be more than a bit dissapointed in Sony since the demand is definitely there from PS3 owners, but they’re just not delivering. (Sony being cool enough to have Xenogears and FF7 on PSN stateside would almost convince me alone to buy a PS3)

  • Xemnas

    CFW FTW, i beat this game on my psp last year take that Squenix

  • foo FOO Li

    Welcome to the generation of cheap ass gamers.
    $15 dollars isn’t alot of money.
    An yes, I pay rent and I have a job.
    So.. :P

    • memoryofwater

      I think it’s more that the game is over a decade old (not necessarily a bad mark, but let’s face it, FF7 hasn’t aged well) and doesn’t physically exist. But I agree. It’s a reasonable price.

      (Sony being cool enough to have Xenogears and FF7 on PSN stateside would almost convince me alone to buy a PS3)


  • CleruTesh

    I hate to say this for fear of lynching, but I never actually finished FF VII. I dunno, I never liked the look of first-gen polygons, and skill-wise the characters did not seem unique enough. It felt to me as if a character was little more than the sum of their materia. Anyways, ugly graphics always look better on a smaller screen, and something about handheld gaming is somehow inherently more enjoyable to me. I do not recall how much this game originally retailed for, but I would gladly pay $15 to take another crack at it on my PSP.

    • Don’t be afraid of a lynching. Siliconera is a friendly place :). FFVII was originally $50 and it’s not that $15 is a ton of money, but for all of the other downloadable PSN games are like $6 or less. If (when?) Square Enix releases it here it will probably be less.

      • CleruTesh

        Ah, good to hear. I think this is the first forum I have joined since usenet back in the day. The clientele here definitely seem more interesting/civilized than I generally see on video game websites. I actually tried to post multiple times in the past unsuccessfully, but I just recently purchased a replacement for my old, broken PC. Are you aware your forums seem to be incompatible with Wii and PS3? (Or is it just me?)

        • No not aware… I haven’t really tested the site with console browsers. I guess it’s the Javascript stuff that’s blocking it. :(

  • Aoshi00

    Doh, before I read the rest of the post, I thought finally some use for the 1000 yen I have left in my Jpn PSN acct, then I saw the price gouging :(..

    I know it’s 3 discs and all, but I got Xenogears, Policenauts, & Metal Gear Solid all for 600 yen each. Also I still have the original FF7 import, it would be nice to be able to play it again on the PS3/PSP, but at 1,500 yen (~$18 effectively ) I’m not getting it.

    BTW, Amazon has the ACC Blu-ray up for $26.99, doubt it would come w/ the FF13 demo, but I’m definitely getting the US ver, no demo is worth the extra $40. I know I’m price conscious, what can you do.

    • Oh wow, that’s not a bad deal for the Blu-ray movie. I wouldn’t bother spending that much for the demo either especially since I imagine Square Enix releasing it for free on PSN later to push FFXIII.

      • Aoshi00

        Yeah, I mean we’ve seen a lot from the FFXIII trailer, chances are the demo wouldn’t show us much more than that.

        I just pre-ordered my copy from Amazon. It’s kind of funny when I think about it, honestly the movie isn’t even that good since it’s mostly one crazy action scene after another w/ impossible camera angles, then it kind of grows on you. Actually I bought both the Jpn & US DVDs at full price when they first came out, yet I’m still falling for this Blu-ray for the extra ~25 min footage, at least the price is not bad here. The only thing I’m not looking forward to seeing, more whiny Denzel, can’t stand the kid.

  • 2gb mem stick owner

    Ugh need to buy a 4gb mem stick to download it…

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