This Stuff Comes With The Retail Version Of Patapon 2

By Spencer . April 14, 2009 . 5:06am

image Ars Technica and their always informative retail mole leaked shipped copies of Patapon 2 would be a download voucher inside a UMD case. Sony later confirmed the rumor explaining the $20 retail game will also be available on the PlayStation Store on the same date for $15.


Last fall, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan introduced a similar strategy for first party games where downloadable versions would be simultaneously launched for a slightly lower price. The difference is retail versions of Loco Roco 2, Bleach: Soul Carnival, and Patapon 2 came with a physical UMD disc.


Copies of Patapon 2 found in US stores will not come with a UMD disc. The extra $5 goes towards cover art, box (need a spare PSP case?), voucher, and a demo code – if you reserve Patapon 2 at Gamestop or Amazon. The demo sounds worthless since you’re buying the game, but completionists may want it. Beating the demo unlocks a special hat that transfers over, along with the rest of your items and earned experience, to the final game. The only way to get the hat and collect everything in Patapon 2 is to play the demo. Sony Computer Entertainment America may release the demo later on, but have not announced any plans to do so.

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  • This makes me sick.

  • I agree with Denpanosekai. I’m all for a cheaper downloadable version, but if I’m spending the extra money at retail, there’d better be a physical copy of the game!

  • MadMirko


  • I really love this whole ‘preorder to get the demo’ thing they’ve been doing recently.

    I’ve actually not bought some games I was planning on getting because it’s so insulting. I can wait for used.

  • Vino (Tim N)

    This is their way of slowing easing us into the digital downloading era? Its crazy and just a really weird way to do it.

  • Raccoon

    This just plain sucks, methinks :-/
    If I’m not mistaken, in Europe we got the actual game on UMD, but with a 40€ (about 53 USD) pricetag >_<

  • jp

    What exactly is despicable? PC has been doing it for years. Guild Wars’s CD only contained a link to download the game client and nobody complained, same with WoW afaik. If you don’t like it, nobody’s forcing you to buy it. Really now, give your heads a good shake you close minded commenters.

    • daizyujin

      Take a moment to clean the crap out of your head before you smash everybody on this site.

      There are several huge differences here.

      1. A lot of people don’t really “equate” a bought PSP game with having to download it over the net. Like Spencer said, this needs to be on the box, like half the size of the cover. Had the direct download version been cheaper, I could have seen this, this of course is not the case. The PC and PSP game markets are considerably different beasts, something you apparently don’t understand.

      2. Those games you mentioned are subscription based online MMOs which nobody could give two craps about having a physical copy since the loss of the network means the loss of the game anyways.

    • daizyujin

      Ok I see I missed the price. It is only $15 on the network. Though now I don’t quite understand what the point is of paying $5 extra for a code. Do you get a book or something?

  • I’m glad they’re finally putting new releases on the PS Store. I didn’t expect this though.

  • If I’m understanding this correctly, I would need a PS3 to actually download the game, right? If I only own a PSP then I’m screwed out of Patapon 2?

    • No, you can still get Patapon 2 without a PSP. The new PS firmware is directly linked to the PlayStation Store. As long as you have internet access you can get Patapon 2. I hope the “box” warns customers about this, though.

  • I was doubtful of this report, so I checked on Amazon. Turns out it’s true!

    From Amazon’s product details:
    Available only as a download from PlayStation Network
    The flexibility of the ‘Patapon Hero,’ a prized, fully customizable fighter that can be used to unlock new abilities, weapons and masks.
    Gameplay variety including 80+ specific missions, multiple duties, numerous environments, 22 bosses and hundreds of new items and weapons.
    A new enemy tribe, the ‘Karmen,’ and many new creatures to battle using three new Patapon warrior classes, as well as all the warrior classes from the first game.
    Package includes activation code (instead of a UMD disc)

  • Strike_Man

    So in the end, the extra $5 only goes towards a case and demo access?

    I guess I now have another $20 to spend on a DS game instead.

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