Rumor: UMD-less PSP Coming This Fall

By Spencer . April 28, 2009 . 8:22pm

image The never ending rumors of a disc-less PSP continue to spark with 1up reporting on a device called the PSP Go!. The new system is said to have a 8 or 16GB of flash memory and a slideable screen.


Since UMD wont exist in the future the PlayStation Store will be the place to get new and old PSP games. Over 100 classic and new PSP games, including the much delayed Gran Turismo Mobile will be available at launch. It’s unknown if downloadable PsOne games fit into the 100+ figure. Owners of archaic UMD media might be able to rip their games at store kiosks, maybe. 1up says Sony plans to release the PSP Go! in Japan this September with a domestic release one or two months later.


If a revised PSP exists, given all the chatter one probably does, there are so many questions to ask. Does the PSP Go! have more RAM/faster processor/better hardware? Will there be exclusive games? Can current PSP owners download games for the PSP Go! and play them on an older model?


E3 is just a few weeks away. Rumors like this should make this E3 2009 a memorable one.

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  • Mr. Mee

    If the PSP GO! does in fact exist, then I would really like to download all of my UMDs on to it somehow or else so can go screw themselves if they think that I”m going to buy it and start my game collection over through digital. If this is the case I’m just gonna have to stick with the PSP 3000 model

    • Mr. Mee

      (correction) sony* can go screw themselves. Sorry, but I love my PSP games but I don’t like the way Sony has been handling the system as of late

  • CleruTesh

    Good riddance to old rubbish!
    That slow, loud, battery-hog will not be missed.
    Whose idea was it to put an optical drive in a handheld anyways?
    What does it hold, about 2 gigs, right?
    Anyways, I do hope that the games will be backwards compatible, as I won’t be buying a new PSP right away without a very good reason.

    • daizyujin

      To people who sit with a stack of UMD games, this isn’t too encouraging. I can’t see too many people that are enthusiastic about paying for games a second time.

    • JeremyR

      The problem is programming, not the drive itself. Yes, some games are really bad about loading, but others have almost no loading. Disgaea, for instance, the PS2 version was a little annoying. But there’s basically zero loading from the UMD. Test Drive Unlimited is also a game with very little loading, I think 8 seconds from the startup menu, and once in the game, almost none. (Compared to the horrible loading of the 360 version). Even the Fast and the Furious had better load times than the PS2 version.

      It’s also not really that much of a battery eater. The real battery eaters are the backlight and upping the CPU to 333 MHz

      This is really a moot point for me, since I have two PSPs with custom firmware. But I have about 45 games on UMD and I actually use UMDs most of the time, at least for big games. Because the loading isn’t that big a deal for most games. And when you do have a lot of games, it’s much easier to pop a disc in, than hook up your PSP to the PC and move files back and forth.

      That said, for smaller games, it is really handy. The various retro compilations (though some are bigger than you think), some of the puzzle games (Puzzle Quest is only about a 100 megs)

  • I hope I can d/l the Japanese games.

    • daizyujin

      If it is like current PSP systems you most likely can but it may be prudent to have a system just for the Japanese store since on the current PSP you can only have one account linked at a time.

  • UFO

    no ty, Sony. Give me my games in physical format or get out.

    I don’t trust all my games being in one place because if it breaks, then I lose all my games. If one of my UMDs break, then only that game is gone, not my whole library.

    They’d have to have a very good and very easy to use backup method or unlimited re-downloads forever for me to even consider.

    • jp

      Your games will be linked to your account and you’ll be able to re-download them when you like, digital is always much safer for your games.

      • MadMirko

        You’ll be able to re-download them when THEY like. Physical copies are safe from administrative errors (your account seemed suspicous and has been disabled, Sir) or from business decisions (we had to shut down our servers, sorry).

        Nobody likes UMDs, they are a sucky format and I acknowledge that. But thanks to custom firmware I can dump them to MS, copy them to a hard disk, and the chances that I actually lose a game I paid good money for are slim to non-existant and entirely under MY control.

      • But, what if you want Japanese and US games, but can’t afford two PSPs so you can have both accounts at once. This would mean you’d have to switch accounts and redownload games whenever you’d want to play them.

        And MadMirko is correct – Sony could decide to close your account or delete the store, and you’d be left with nothing.

  • Remina

    Hmm, is it safe to say that the cost of these online games would be cheaper because we wouldn’t have to pay for the creation of the physical disk and case and the extra price stores like Walmart and EBGames put on it for a profit?

    • If the retail games I d/l are anything to go by, I wouldn’t bet on it. The only thing I save money on is tax and shipping.
      Maybe later on as they become more common, like if they want to push that feature so they wouldn’t have to pay for the physical stuff, but typically the retail tag stays the same from what I’ve seen.

    • JeremyR

      Nope. In fact it means the opposite. It means games never go on sale, because they have to be cleared out.

      I have about 45 PSP games on UMD. About 20 were new and full price, but the rest were all on sale, generally $10 and under.

      The cost of physical manufacturing actually isn’t that much, maybe $1 for the game. (Think about it, UMDs are basically mini dvds, and dvds are what, a quarter a blank? Probably even less in bulk). Shipping is probably the biggest expense.

      Granted, for the publisher, it’s a good deal. Since they have a constant trickle of sales, always at full price, or close to it. But for the consumer, it stinks.

  • Pesmerga00

    I wonder if the PSP Go! will just be a redesign with some enhancements, or an actual new system with exclusive games? If the former, ditching the UMD seems like a bad idea. While it wasn’t the greatest of formats to begin with, just stopping support will cause needless problems.

    It will be interesting to see how Sony will handle previously bought UMDs. They could always go with a one time use serial for download method.

    Its something Sony wouldn’t care about, but this could cause a lot of problems buying used games. How could you tell if an old UMD had already been registered for download? Or new games for that matter, Gamestop is fond of gutting their games, something that would leave an opportunity for dishonest employees.

    The kiosk thing seems like a really bad idea. It won’t be just a machine to rip games, as people would just rent them, then rip them. I could see it keeping the game disc, though that would have it’s own problems as well. Even if all this could be worked out, could you imagine sitting there with a stack of games waiting for the thing to rip them to your PSP?

    Also 8GB doesn’t seem like that much considering each game is about 1-1.8GB each. Ideally there would be an add on for the PS3 allowing you to rip and manage your games using your large PS3 HD on your TV. This would also be a great opportunity for upscaled TV-out for PSP games.This however, is just wishful thinking.

    I know I’m living in the past, but I’m a collector. I will always want some type of physical media. While they may not look pretty, I can still play my Atari and NES. Will I still be able to re-download obscure PSN games 30 years from now? Maybe. Maybe not.

    Wow, that was a lot longer than anticipated. Sorry for the wall of text. : )

    • JeremyR

      It really depends. As someone that has custom firmware, I rip some games to my memory stick. Some are big, but others are actually really small.

      Of course, it’s the games with good production values (graphics and sound) that are big. Syphon Filter, GTA, all are one gig and up. Medium production value game are closer to 600 megs, and small ones, like puzzle games and retro compilations are generally 100 megs and below.

      For the latter, digital distribution is a good thing. But not for the flashy stuff.

  • Happy Gamer

    call me old school but i am really disliking this trend in digital distribution. im a big fan of collecting Vinyl LP records, CDs, Tapes and games for their box art and manual art (when manual was actually worth looking at unlike these days). I remember all the neat little maps and stuff that came with the game back in the days also.

    Don’t get me wrong I do understand benefits of this but trust me, it benefits SONY more than the customers than anything. I distribute exclusive and non exclusive music thru a independent company and when the royalty checks come, digital distribution which I tried since about 2 years ago really helps me with profit. but personally I would still love to print a 12 inch vinyl single or CD despite these advantages.

    im looking this as a pure artistic and personal way tho not bashing the potential positives of the UMDless PSP.

    i love buying games with packaging and going eye shipping to look at the box art before buying the game.

    Has anyone considered how this would affect gamestop and stores in the future? I love going out to look at tons of games lined up on the wall and picking em out…

    ok enough of the rant and psp talk lol.
    i hope the Go! like most people expect have a longer battery life somehow but even when the optical drive is not used on my PSP it seems to not make that much difference.

    im sure it’ll be lighter…im both excited and worried at the same time from this announcement.

    and i loveseeing my PSP games lined upon my mini shelf lol

    • TTTT

      I totally see how you feel. I also haver bunch of Vinyl CDs etc. I dont care a bit since DVD packaging is terrible and bluray/ps3 even worse. although I am not crazy about the UMD design itself(mine often break) the casing is very nice.

      having said all that, in the case of the PSP, games cases etc are not very portable. that kind of defeats the purpose. when I get on a plane and have my PSP case with 4 UMD games in it they get crushed and all kind of fall out when I open the case(probably why some of my UMDs are broken) perhaps I should stick to one game, haha.

      another thing, with digital distribution, you cannot go to a Game Stop etc to look at all the casing but maybe you can go to a net cafe, bar, etc and meet up listen to music, play games etc. in US, I think too much social activity revolves around going shopping anyway. withouth Brick and Mortar shops, perhaps more healthy social options will come about?

      I am slowly coming to this conclusion with my music movies and games. for some music, I may want a hard copy, fortunately, you can get new releases on vinyl that come with a CD or MP3 which is a nice balance.

      Hopefully, they will release PSP classic and PSP GO and we can all choose.

  • Malek86

    Man, I just bought a PSP. But, it doesn’t matter. There are still too many UMD games around that I may want to pick up, so…

    Anyway, I hope we’ll hear about it at E3. It’s always good to have something to talk about.

  • Bovadose

    If Sony is going to release this new PSP then they should support it and the UMD models. Start slow by giving the publisher the option of having the game for download only or a UMD/download release. In time if the UMDless PSP catches on more publishers will abandon a UMD release.

    I would also hope that old games that people have bought can be put on the new model.

    • I totally agree. I prefer UMD releases and hard copies of games, when it comes to portable systems.

  • jarrodand

    DD only is the future, but I’m surprised to see it happen for PSP so soon. Still, I expect they’ll continue having the 3000 an UMD releases alongside this for the foreseeable future, at least giving consumers the option.

    I’m mostly curious about pricepoints. I mean, there’ll have to be an attractive retail margin, think PSP Go! might move over $199?

  • Wishy

    What?! I’m a bit sketchy on a harcopy-less console… And didn’t Sony release an updated PSP a few months ago / a year ago? I’ve been wanting to get a PSP, so I’ll see how this plays out…

    • jarrodand

      Yeah, this will actually make the 4th PSP revision. PSP’s now matched Game Boy for number of revisions (in half the time!) and beat out GBA and DS.

      • Akirap

        Beat out DS? In Revisions, yes, but not in sales.
        Acording to IGN’s reports on US and JP markets, sales of DS Phat, DS Lite and DSi outcome every matching version of PSP. They had strong months for the sales, but DS always manage to return in sales =/

  • ryukyus

    Here goes again sony shooting themselves in the foot, what about people who likes to collect the games, I can clearly see, this will not be a success, and I’m going to laugh my nuts off when they fail, just like when ps3 first came out for 1k how smart was that.

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