An Animated Atelier Rorona Movie

By Spencer . May 1, 2009 . 12:31pm

Many Gust developed games have animated cutscenes. Atelier Rorona is no exception. This trailer shows a hand drawn Rorona mixing chemicals in a cauldron before flashing battle scenes.



Atelier Rorona’s improved in game graphics are easy to notice. It also looks like the animated scenes also got a production boost. The art, animated and static portraits, are more vibrant and detailed to the last console Atelier game, Atelier Iris 3. Not quite a fair comparison since that’s a PS2 game to a PlayStation 3 one, but it seems like Gust is sparing no expense with Atelier Rorona.


Thanks go to tireless YouTube uploader Volcynika for the trailer!

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  • Do want. It won’t be the NIS game announcement coming up, but I’m confident it’ll eventually leave Japan.

  • Volcynika

    Only thing I’ve heard out of NISA is that they’re very interested in localizing Rorona (check out Nao Zook’s comments in the PS Blog entry about Badman). I hope they do!

    (And if there are any bugs, they can patch it out! :p )

    • I’m pretty confident NIS is going to bring this over. They double as Gust USA. If they don’t another publisher like Xseed or Atlus will snap Atelier Roronoa up in a heartbeat.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      I’ve been told by my store Sony rep (but can not confirm beyond his mention) that Roronoa is already on their internally announced titles. If so, NIS definitely has a busy console season for the second half of the year, needing to find time for Roronoa, MK2 and Sakura Taisen whatever, as well as Disgaea 2 PSP and Witch’s Tale for the DS. Perhaps they may look to Atlus or elsewhere for help if all Atlus has ‘unannounced’ is Persona PSP — but you KNOW that can’t be the case there….

      The company that has popped up on my recent radar is Gajinworks, Vic Ireland’s long dormant new company. He’s already announced that Gaijin did the localization on the Konami VN Miami Law, which is out sometime over the summer. When finally announcing the Miami Law release, Ireland noted he had other products also in development. His interest in Sakura Taisen goes back to the Saturn.

      @ Spencer….so when can we expect to see your thoughts and guesses on E3 announcements?

  • CleruTesh

    I always consider it a tease.
    While these games tend to have great anime cutscenes, there are always far too few for my tastes.
    Here’s hoping they take advantage of all that Blu-Ray space… pack in a few hours of those would be great!
    This is the only “killer app” for PS3 to me at the moment. Really looking forward to it.

  • I love the artwork here. If it ever comes to US, I’ll be sure to buy it. I liked Gust’s games previously.

    • CleruTesh

      I had not thought of that possibility. If this game fails to come to the US, I will literally smash my PS3 with a sledgehammer.

      • lol
        I doubt it’ll be Japan only. Gust’s games made up a good chunk of NIS’s releases, they’d be crazy not to pick it up when they have the chance.

  • CleruTesh

    I just keep watching this it looks so great.
    Speaking of Atelier, what’s the word on Mana Khemia 2?
    I pretty much loved everything about Mana Khemia save the storyline, which was unbelievably meh.
    Will it have a more developed story? And when?

  • I loved the new “features and styles”. It makes it more appealing to kids and kids-at-heart.

  • Awesome. I just recently started playing the Gust game Ar tonelico 2, but there are many times I had wished the game had higher production values. Like some older generation RPGs, you sometimes really have to suspend your disbelief because the game’s engine can’t always accurately portray what the storytelling asks for…

    I think that exact cel-shaded 3D style risks becoming a new JRPG cliche that everyone will do to death following the success of Tales of Vesperia et al., buuuut I’ll just swallow that and put my faith in Gust’s art direction.

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