Is Kojima’s Next Game Tornado Outbreak?

By Spencer . May 13, 2009 . 12:13pm


An ad teasing a new game from Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima popped up in Famitsu. Guesses range from Metal Gear Solid: Raiden to Mario in the clouds. Our pick? Tornado Outbreak.


This wild guess is partially based on the stormy image, but also because Tornado Outbreak exists… sort of. Gamefly thinks its real and lists Tornado Outbreak in their database with Konami as the publisher. The retailer reports Tornado Outbreak is slated for three consoles: Wii, PlayStation 3, and the Xbox 360. Gamefly has a good record for outing titles before press releases so Tornado Outbreak is probably real, but the connection is admittedly flimsy.


What’s your guess?

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  • Tomba! 3. I don’t CARE that is was Whoopee Camp and Sony. It’s going to be Tomba! 3. Because we deserve it.

    • Tomba! 3 would be amazing, Tomba! is a brilliant game, though, i’d much rather a portable version!

  • No Name

    Tornado Outbreak sounds like something Suda51 would make.

  • Justin Bailey

    Tomba = excellent series

    I vote for Zone of the Enders 3: Kansas

    That’s really it. After years of space battles everybody is exhausted and a truce is declared. All the former militants take out a plot of land in the midwestern US and the rest is pretty much like Harvest Moon.

  • Bryce

    made me think of STALKER

  • Johnno

    According to podcasts in MGS4, Kojima and crew are only recently beginning to see if anyone is interested in ZOE 3. Even a recent Famitsu poll surprised Kojima when he saw many people wanted a ZOE sequel. All that seems to indicate that there is nothing ZOE related going on at KojiPro, but it is very likely that their next project could be ZOE3 based on the amount of interest. So keep reminding them you want it but don’t expect anything about it until much MUCH later, perhaps 2 years down the road…

    • Justin Bailey

      You read way too much into my joke… I thought for sure that bringing up Harvest Moon would make it obvious that I was only kidding ._.

  • Tornado Outbreak is real but it’s being done by another devloper, nothing to do with this. There’s even some art for the tornado game, it’s cartoony for a start…

  • kori

    zone of the enders <3

  • leafpanda

    Am I going crazy or does anyone also see a person of some sort made up of clouds?

  • asyuta

    hmm…somehow the layout reminds me of Duckhunt….you know…like any moment a gigling dog comes out behind that bush :)

  • bokura no taiyou the dark clouds that stole our sun forwii using the forecast channel… thisis myguess, atleast when i saw this ad…

  • If you check the page source, they have “metal gear solid” as one of their keywords…

    ? Could that mean a new MGS?…we’ll see

  • Francis

    I’ll bet my hard-earned bucks on it. The two figures are the protagonist and his “girlfriend”, the house well, the farm. The clouds and the weather, well, duh… it’s about to rain and he has to return to the house before he gets sick. Poor kid has to tend to the farm y’know.

  • TommyTucker

    I Reckon it’s a new Boktai which would be pretty cool
    but only as long as it’s for all three consoles but i have a bad feeling that this will be a wii exclusive as i reckon a boktai game on xbox 360 and ps3 would be awsome

  • TommyTucker

    i just looked at the new teaser website and it’s got alot more sun in it since yesterday i think it’s a definite Boktai game

  • TommyTucker

    Lol third post
    I think it defo could be metal gear 5
    but i think hideo wont be working on this as he said the series would be past on to the younger developers in kojima productions
    anyway my reasoning for this is that whenever a big piece of thunder comes down a number 5 comes visible
    hopefully it will show raidens rescue of sunny that would be awesome being the cool new raiden

    • Tin Cap Britain

      as of now (2:11am UK time), the whole site has vanished.
      maybe the “5” was an “S” for Sayonara and Kojima has caused japan and the entire pacific to vanish under the weight of this colossal cocktease?

  • Shorono

    I think its metal gear solid 5. Beacuse at the site you could see the nuber 5 when a lightnig striked.
    It could be the letter S too.

  • henry e

    Kojima hasnt made any other series up too a number 5 except MGS, and the website has a flashing 5 in the background sooooo…

  • unknoqn

    metal gear solid 5: world war 2 shooter

    play as the boss and cobra unit
    bring down the nazi regime and go down in history
    learn the origins of the philosophers
    and take down some crazy fake nazi weapon that has two legs or looks like shago hod

    my guess

  • chopstick

    Well, if you look at the webpage source, it says…

    Seems like metal gear solid sequal to me…

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