Xseed Releasing More Games This Year Than Ever Before

By Spencer . May 19, 2009 . 9:36am


Don’t worry too much about Xseed. They lost Muramasa: The Demon Blade, but a dozen other games will come out with Xseed’s logo this fiscal year.


AQ Interactive, Xseed’s parent company, gave a rough outline of their overseas plans. The green circle in the overseas row represents an AQ Interactive published Wii game. I’m certain that’s going to be Ju-On. The thirteen blue circles are games from other publishers Xseed is localizing this fiscal year. Xseed published six games over the past twelve months which means they’re doing double the work in the upcoming twelve months.


We don’t know Xseed’s entire lineup, but we can identify half the games from previous announcements. Here’s a quick list of all the games Xseed is working on.


Flower, Sun, and Rain
Little King’s Story
Valhalla Knights: Eldar Saga
Arc Rise Fantasia


Gungho Works
Ragnarok Online DS


Digital Download
Drill Sergeant Mindstrong


While officially unconfirmed, Lunar: Harmony of the Silver Star seems really likely. That leaves us with six games to speculate about. Gungho has other RPGs like Mimana Iyar Chronicle and Hero’s Saga Laevatein that seem like the type of stuff Xseed likes to publish…

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  • wario4ever

    rumor i checked gamefly, not there


    Japan’s tactical RPG, Hero’s Saga Laevatein, seems like it will hit NA this year via Aksys Games. XSEED’s Ken Berry hinted earlier in the year that XSEED would not be pursuing the title as someone else was likely bringing it over. Now according to GameFly, that someone is Aksys Games as they have a listing on there for Laevatein Tactics.

    • That’s interesting. Out of about 20 games Aksys has released From the Abyss is the closest one to LT.
      They have a couple unannounced games coming out and I wasn’t expecting this one.

      • Did you forget about Hoshigami?

        • Oh, wow, I did. From what I read, though, it’s best to let it be forgotten. ;)

    • Ah very interesting! Like Matty said Aksys doesn’t localize many strategy RPGs, but I can believe it. Looks like GungHo is really taking off in 2009.

    • Macstorm

      It’s still on GameFly, just not in the search. http://www.gamefly.com/game/nintendo-ds/Laevatein-Tactics/138040/

  • Hero of Legend

    Is the top row from each region for consoles, and the bottom for handhelds?

    The JP one has one Wii game on top, and the rest are DS and PSP below that.

    Thus, XSEED is bringing over a total of…

    NINE console games.

    And five handheld games!

    The total we know of:

    Flower, Sun, and Rain (DS)
    Little King’s Story (Wii)
    Valhalla Knights: Eldar Saga (Wii)
    Arc Rise Fantasia (Wii)

    Gungho Works
    Ragnarok Online DS (Wii DUR I mean DS)

    Digital Download
    Drill Sergeant Mindstrong (WiiWare)

    So four console games, and two handheld so far. All for Nintendo’s platforms as a seperate note. :P

    Now, I’m not certain if Mindstrong counts, is it FROM Japan? Or is that Japanese company that I forget the name of, bringing it to Japan? Do we know if that chart is for localizations, or XSEED branded games as a whole?

    The following games are very likely to be added to the lineup:

    Ju-On (Wii)
    Lunar (PSP)
    Yuusha30 (A Hero For 30sec apparently in EU) (PSP)
    Valhalla Knights 2: Battle Stance (PSP)
    Kizuna (WII) XSEED seems like the one to pick this up, but for all we know it could be Agetec!

    So max two more console games (for a total of six) and three more handheld games (for a total of five).

    So we probably go the whole handheld list, but this still leaves out at least three console games.

    It’s easy to assume that most, if not all of those are Wii games. XSEED hasn’t even really hinted towards HD Platform support have they?

    Well that’s my observation for today, class dismissed! :P

    • lostinblue

      … no fragile love? I’d love to see Kizuna in their hands though… and perhaps some more Wii RPG’s. They used to represent Mevia Vision and their Wild Arms games… Well Media Vision applied for Wii developer didn’t they? (they did) I’d like to see something coming from them soon. I mean, first wave of RPG’s is ending now (arc rise comes out in the beggining of the month in japan and kizuna shouldn’t take long) and now there’s Dragon Quest X in the horizon… there’s bound to be more RPG’s coming… right, right? (besides Inazuma Eleven Wii)

      Other than that, yeah, you made some good deduction work there; as for HD platforms though… I think at least one title will be for PS3 in this final year… but no X360. Why? because PS3 is listed although no game is, but X360 isn’t.

      Perhaps AQ Interactive is staying clear out of microsoft’s way? I remember they were doing Cry On for x360 with Mistwalker (who just got revealed to actually have wii devkits) and Feelplus (who’s doing Ju-On) as well as publishing mistwalker blue dragon games on DS (the last one is published by namco though). Perhaps Ju-on comes in preparation for a Wii RPG?

      • Hero of Legend

        I forgot about Fragile, but because we all know that BN is very “MINE MINE MINE” about their IPs. :(

        As Spencer pointed out in the article right below this one, AQ’s focusing on portables from here for the year. :(

        Kizuna comes out at the end of this month. :)

        I also noticed that AQ’s chart shows the PS2 and PS3 in the legend, but it could just a reference to their recently released PS2 and PS3 game(s)? And not that they’re hidden in XSEED’s schedule? Dunno!

        I wish we knew about what the hell Media.Vision’s up to on the Wii, the news was known quite a bit before that Oz game was announced, let’s hope their plans aren’t dead in the water. :'(

        I also REALLY hope there’ll be more RPGs for the Wii soon, sadly Famitsu’s been VERY shy on Wii game announcements all year… except for what, Ju-On only? Darside Chronicles doesn’t count, as Capcom announced it on the same day or something. :/

        • lostinblue

          Well, yeah… but… XSEED did Retro Challenge and they said:

          “Appreciate the heads-up on Fragile, it’s a title that’s been requested many times before so we’re looking into it. To everyone that’s written in to us, we will expect everyone to get their pre-order in the week that we announce it if we should get lucky enough to work on such a great looking title.”

          Pre-order it WHEN we announce it? sure, they cover it up with some “if’s” but… come on! They wouldn’t have said that if they had a closed door in front of them… or might I add if they weren’t seeing some strong possibility. At best they’re sitting on the title as we speak (fingers crossed)

          Plus, a interview today say’s that Namco is thinking of doing a sequel/prequel or DS game (so… making a franchise out of it), they need to release it out of Japan if they want to make a brand out of it.

          Yeah, regarding Famitsu, they’re too quiet, and I still can’t understand why the hell Atlus said they were focusing on X360 or something. I wanted Persona 5 in 17 months like Persona 4 took compared to Persona 3, and truth to be told that was the only logic choice for Atlus R&D1! Quick development, allowing for experimentation and cheap dev costs while maintaining their development pipeline, but NO they were stupid. and SMT was never about graphics.

          Square-Enix… Nomura likes his belts in HD and takes the whole company after him. Plus, they make a numbered FF13 for PSP but not for the Wii? come on? (I’m not interested in any FF13, but damn that’s stupid). Same could be said about gust and nippon ichi. (although nippon ichi didn’t change anything in their development pipeline)

          Of course there’s monolith RPG, camelot and most likely a new fire emblem coming; gamearts who got derailed into doing brawl and ninja turtles beat them up’s should have a good wii architecture knowledge, Flight Plan, Zener Works, Media Vision, Image Epoch, Vannillaware, Konami Suikoden Team, Matrix Software and Alpha System are also companies that could develop primarily for the Wii. I think I covered the bases that come to mind at least.

          But damn, a lot of these companies must be stupid or something they seem to have no market sense over their rose tinted vision glassed vision. mehhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

          And yeah, Capcom and their new on-rails bullcrap suck. “exclusively outsourced to cavia becase we can’t be arsed to do it inhouse, lol!” it could be worse though… TOSE kind of worse! (crap rising wii)

          • Hero of Legend

            I highly agree that more companies like Gust, Flight-Plan (as I mentioned before :) ), etc need to step up and make some Wii games, for obvious reasons.

            I can understand Gust being loyal to Sony’s consoles, having made like 90% or more of their games for them, and like two games for the DS recently, but Flight-Plan’s still sticking to the PS2 for console development, that system ain’t going to be around much longer.

            Don’t forget that NISA did the impossible and actually organized a Wii port of Sakura Wars, yes, THEY, one of the companies most thought wouldn’t do such a thing!

            Media.Vision as we just said has been too quiet about their Wii support. :(

            Camelot just finished up NPC Mario Power Tennis, so who knows? They haven’t released a non-Nintendo console game since Hot Shots Golf 1. I Love Golf for PC got canned.

            Monolith’s doing too much for the DS these days, they’re now working on Dragon Ball Kai, I wish we knew of their Wii RPG at least, hope E3 or Nintendo’s October conference will bring us news about that.

            Never heard of Zener Works. :P

            Image Epoch’s been wonderful to Nintendo fans. I heard someone at GAF say they’re working with Intelligent Systems on something! Could that be true?! O_o

            Matrix needs to get back into Wii development, they only made that Crayon Shin-Chan or whatever game at launch. I emailed jesusraz about that very issue, as he’s taking questions for an interview with them! No reply yet.

            No need to mention Vanillaware. :)

            The Suikoden team, is an odd one. Everyone assumed they were making Suikoden 6 for Wii and PS2, but I guess we were wrong, for now. :(

            Alpha System, now THAT’S is an interesting one.

            Back on Christmas day last year, I saw on Sting (Dokapon Kingdom)’s website, on their Japanese Game Software list of sorts. They listed Tales of The World: Radiant Mythology 2 for the Wii, yet that’s the only non-Wii game on that list!

            They did a major revision of that list, not they just show games that are coming out for the current month. Hmm. I got banned at GAF before because I assumed the list was for games Sting was involved with, I didn’t know why they had such a list. That was why, not because the listing was WRONG, but because of why they even had a list. :/

            Read it here:


            For the recod, I’m currently banned from GAF not for that reason, this is my second ban. Read it here:


            I say if the game doesn’t show up at Namco’s Tales Event next month, it ain’t happening.

            Let’s hope that the Wii gets some more RPGs soon. Let’s try not to talk about this anymore, as this is about XSEED’s upcoming schedule. :P

            Feel free to make comments and such at my blog, I welcome any visitors as long as they’re nice! :)

          • lostinblue

            Well, yeah I see your point with Gust, but Nippon Ichi was the same (I remember they only got DS devkits very late too).

            Either way going by that most companies would have been faithful with Nintendo back when N64 launched but thing is… Sony had the better competing product and so they had to support it, I would have done the same were I a developer. Hence what I said regarding a lot of companies having the wrong priorities here, specially the smaller ones, I really don’t think they have anything to gain from HD at this point (but I think they’re being pressured into it)

            Nisa… I’m quite thorn about that, I’m happy Sakura Wars is coming but I’m pissed that they don’t have a single new game for the wii coming, I usually only think such port is worth it if they’re building up userbase for, say… Sakura Wars 6… I hate seeing the wii being treated as a “greatest hits” platform,. Plus they took the dual audio out of Phantom Brave (I even wrote them a email saying that I wouldn’t purchase it although I might). Plus we don’t know if it was NISA’s idea or Idea Factory (Idea Factory had quite a few titles bombing on X360 already, perhaps they had enough and are building up a wii pipeline?)

            Camelot… did they really participate in the “play on wii” version? either way that shouldn’t have taken too much time to do, I think? add 16:9 and remap some controls, basically. if they were doing a RPG they wouldn’t be hindered by such a part-time task.

            Yeah, I wanna know what Monolith is doing too; ever since Baten Kaitos 2 I’ve vowed to buy their games. I like Xenosaga too, but it was baten kaitos 2 that did it for me, I knew they were basically the Chrono Cross/Xenogears team but damn. BK2 felt like Chrono Cross, and even Sakuraba didn’t sound crappy; which is a achievement.

            Zener Works is the developer who did Okage for SCE, they’re a low budget developer, but Okage was great in the light hearted RPG sense. it has some cult following too. No way they could go HD though.

            I hadn’t heard that… I hope that on Image Epoch is true. I also feel interviewers have been jerks on them, always asking “why wii?” and implying they did a wrong decision (gamasutra did that, I intervened against in the comments and they deleted them) no one asks “why not on the wii” to any hd rpg developer (and yet, stuff like lost odyseey haven’t even broke the million mark!) and perhaps they should. but I digress.

            Oh, Matrix also ported FFIV: The After Years for the Wiiware. I miss their allundra days. and I still have to buy Avalon code. jesusraz the cubed3 dude? I think I kinda blew up on him just now with the fragile interview and the hd consoles obligatory dumb question :S

            The suikoden team… I remember that Konami had a “wii rpg” listed a while ago and that never got revealed… I hope that’s Suikoden 6 tbh. (I had never heard the PS2/Wii Suikoden 6 rumor)

            Radiant Mythology 2… PSP graphics sure aren’t up to Wii standards (not even PS2) and I hated the first radiant Mythology so I wouldn’t purchase it. I think it was probably a typo, and unaceptable to happen at this point in time, but who knows.

            speaking of Tales… I wonder if Namco will ever put Team Symphonia on a Wii project (tales fans outside japan are team symphonia fans, and tales of symphonia is what did put tales on the map… on a nintendo console no less) and if Team Ratatosk got disbanded.

            Anyway, Sting is doing Evolution/Evolution Worlds 3 for the Wii supposedly.

            I heard of your GAF banning btw (and know your blog :p). I myself never got a approved account, tried once, took months only to be told I didn’t comply with their requirements or something. Applied again with no expectations and I’m waiting now. Not that I need a neogaf account, but it comes in handy to be able to use the search function and there’s a couple of nice members in there, I guess.

            Oh yeah, this is the XSEED roadmap.

  • lostinblue

    hmmm, they have a circle for a PS3 game in the end of the thing but not on any games… so I’m sure there’s at least one coming.

    The piece is pretty dificult to read though, confuses me.

    I sure hope one of those wii games is fragile (i’m begging!)

    • Aoshi00

      I just rec’d my import copy of Fragile yesteday and spent an hour w/ it, it’s actually not as great as it’s cracked up to be. The control is very clunky, it’s hard to turn the character around and aim at the enemy. Yet I was curious despite the negative reviews from almost everyone, since I went in expecting excellent atmosphere and music but not so great gameplay. The control could definitely use some improvement if it’s ever brought here.

      I totally got this because of Kuwashima Houko, the VA who voiced Seto. The narrative so far has been interesting, hopefully it would be enough for me to finish it (heard the dungeons get long and boring in the 2nd half.. game is about 10-12 hrs long)

      Long story short, Fragile is actually not that fun to play, but a good novel. I heard the story/ending is not very strong either, but I would have to reserve judgment until I finish it.

      • lostinblue

        Well… I expect clunky controls and lousy combat, but I still want it; I feel the story is a little different from the average RPG and that attracts me I guess, that’s the main quality that makes me want the game, oh, and the music.

        But I don’t expect something to be regarded in the lines of “game of the year” by any means.

  • M’iau M’iaut

    If atlus doesn’t announce it at E3, I’d call growlanser also a possibility and given how natsume wants to seperate completely harvest moon from all of it’s related games, something rune factory might be there too.

    If we allow for US ports for consoles, they would always be under consideration for niche stuff that still doesn’t have an announcement. We’ve heard nothing from agetec on the PS3 Disaster Report and you would think someone’s going to announce either or both of the PS3 Yakuzas.

    • lostinblue

      ^ I don’t think for a second that XSEED could end up with the PS3 yakuza’s…

      Those titles need to come out of japan ASAP though.

  • Mazen

    Please people support Xseed they are trying hard.

    • lostinblue

      Plus they have the best customer service ever by far.

      Pretty much the only publisher I’ve emailed and always got a personalized response, as well as maintaining a good conversation, they love this industry and they love us gamers, really. big props to them.

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