Front Mission Evolved Is Being Made By Double Helix

By Spencer . May 29, 2009 . 11:31am


Just like we sleuthed, Square Enix has a new Front Mission game. Unexpectedly, Front Mission Evolved isn’t being made in Japan. Double Helix, the team that developed Silent Hill: Homecoming, is working on the project. This makes Front Mission the first Square Enix owned property outsourced to a Western developer.


Also, this game isn’t a strategy RPG. Front Mission Evolved is a third person shooter where players pilot wanzers (read: customizable mechs) in single player missions and online. Sounds like MechWarrior set in the Front Mission universe.


Front Mission Evolved is slated for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.

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  • badfish

    Not interested. They should make the strategy games they use to. This game is living on the name alone and nothing more.

  • TurkeyPotPie

    PC version eh? I certainly approve of that. The Last Remnant on PC was quite an improvement over the 360 version. I hope S-E continues to release future games on the PC as well. In particular I’d really, really like to see FFXIII get a PC release, however unlikely.

    I don’t doubt many will be upset that it is not a strategy game though. The online multiplayer better be robust at least.

  • ReturnOfSomeDude

    Psh. Double Helixes are so last era. If it was being developed by Triple Helix, I’d be interested.

  • jarrodand

    In other SE news, it seems cavia is making NIER…

  • Trotmeister

    One of my favorite TRPG series, “evolved” into action game.

    What the [email protected]$k, Square, WHAT THE [email protected]$K?!

  • MadMirko

    How sad.

  • Pesmerga00

    I’m very disappointed this isn’t a SRPG. I was looking forward to a new Front Mission too. Oh well, maybe there is still a Front Mission 6 in the works, and maybe it will actually get localized.

  • So Front Mission is trying to best Armored Core at their own game? That doesn’t sound like such a great idea. As different as I’m sure the new Front Mission will be, comparisons to Armored Core will be inevitable – and AC has very much got the customizable mech + 3rd person shooter system down after a dozen or whatever games.

    But, I do like Front Mission. I guess I’ll just hope for the best…

  • I will buy this. I mean, sure the strategy games are good and all but I could NEVER say no to a new mech sim! I’ve played Armored Core 4 to bits. It probably won’t be BETTER than AC but not everything has to rule out the other.

    In any case, if the franchise gets a boost like this again I’m pretty sure the standard series will continue as well.

  • omgsqueenixwtf


  • Symytry

    Double Helix? No thanks.

    • Zuga

      Pass. Not interested. When they decide to bring over Front Mission 5, wake me up.

  • n.n

    Jury’s out. They might actually come up with a really good game, or it might be a generic dull MechAssault-alike. All depends on how much they want to dumb down the mecha-action genre for the mass market.

    The pacing is really important; MechAssault has this plodding sort of pace (not so much as the previous MechWarriors, though, although those were nice) whereas Armored Core (especially the latest ones) is ludicrously relentless. I’m hoping they manage to nail a certain ebb and flow to the combat – possibly a slow-charging boost meter? An FPS-style sighting system (autoaim or not) that expands when boosting? Shields wouldn’t fit with Front Mission, but in terms of pacing it really does need that sort of deliberate but not plodding feel – dashing from cover to cover while spraying to keep the bad guys’ heads down, carefully aiming and popping off shots, then rushing in to deal the damage at melee range. If they can get the feeling right, this could potentially be great.

    • n.n

      Oops, forgot to mention – by “shields” I mean energy shields, not the physical chunk-of-metal type which is indeed in FM.

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