Qore Leaks PSP Go, Mentions Gran Turismo And Metal Gear Solid

By Spencer . May 30, 2009 . 10:09am

imageThe PSP Go is out in the open thanks to an early distributed video of Qore. The system has a pop up 3.8″ screen with the buttons underneath it, similar to a Sidekick. It’s 43% lighter than the PSP-3000, has 16GB of flash memory, bluetooth support, and no UMD drive. Users can expand the system’s storage space with a Memory Stick micro.


Sony will release the PSP Go this fall and it will not replace the PSP-3000 immediately. Both systems will be in store simultaneously.


A new Gran Turismo game will be announced along with the system. Previously mentioned games like LittleBigPlanet and Jak & Daxter are shown to be working on the system. John Koller, Director of hardware marketing at SCEA, also mentions Metal Gear Solid is coming for it.



image imageimage

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  • I would totally buy this if it had a UMD drive. No UMD drive, no buy.

    • Ereek

      Me too. I have a good deal of UMDs, I’m not going to let them go to waste.

      • I think we could be seeing a USB transfer tool pop up for the PS3. That can’t be cheap though, at least 40$ for a standalone UMD reader, no?

        • I would be sold if something to that effect was released.

        • That I would go for, but not if it was too expensive. I’m not too thrilled about paying for a new system AND a peripheral for it, just to play the games I already own.

          Plus it’d probably be a while before custom firmware came out, and dangit, I *like* playing classic SNES games on my PSP.

        • Pesmerga00

          An external Umd drive that connects to the PSPGO, and PS3 would be ideal. I would be completely sold if it did two other things. Let me play my PSP games through my PS3 FULLSCREEN (upscaled would be nice), and let me use the PS3 controller. I’d gladly pay 50$ for that.

          So basically a Sony “Gameboy Player” that doubles as a transfer tool. I would absolutely love this, as I like to play on a big screen when I’m home.

          I’m curious as to how all this will actually play out, because I doubt my idea will ever happen.

      • Same here. I expect that they would have thought about it and some sort of transfer tool or download service will become available though. But I still think its pretty inconvenient.

    • jj smokes

      me too

    • jj smokes

      or under 100 to buy (maybe)

  • Wow that looks horrible! I should probably buy a 3000 before it’s too late… but is it really worth upgrading from the 1000?

    And whoa did he(dude in the vide) just leak a new metal gear solid for the PSP?

    EDIT: I should probably be alittle more clear, my complaint is largely with the fold out controls, it just does not look sleek at all like the original PSP was.

    • jj smokes

      meeds new joystick, UMD better screen and games. the 3000 has screen problems. the 2000 is probably the best or the 1000

  • It cannot possibly be for real. It looks like a shitty 20$ Tiger Electronics toy.

    Why isn’t the “PSP GO” logo anywhere to be found on the device itself!??!?

  • MadMirko

    That just has to be fake, it’s ugly and looks uncomfortably balanced when slid open.

    • I know the images aren’t the best, but unless Sony’s official online magazine Qore is wrong its real. The person announcing the system is also from SCEA, I’ve interviewed him before so this is the real thing.

      • MadMirko

        The quality of the pics aren’t what made me doubt, but the actual motive was. After some research it seems pretty much confirmed to be genuine.

        Oh my, it’s like a mobile phone with gaming features. That better be a touch screen…

  • QBasic

    It looks like a piece of crap, man…. :<

  • C.Roika

    What really concerns me is the depression of the buttons to make the sliding work properly. The current psp’s buttons already feel too recessed, if they push the buttons back even farther I simply won’t be able to play. Forget the dual-analog stick, just give me a nice, high, responsive D-pad and I’ll be happy.

  • Pichi

    Will they still support UMDs for future games? I know I heard they will still support PSP-3000, but I want to be sure its like the DSi and DS Lite thing going on.

    • God I hope so… I don’t want to download everything. I like my discs, manuals, and cases.


    Not hating the design, just don’t like how it doesn’t utilize umd disks anymore.

  • maxchain

    I dunno, I think I like it. Leaked low-quality video never makes for the best first impression, though. I’m satisfied with my 2000, but hopefully they’ll finally walk the walk with the downloadable library.

  • Kaoro

    Hopefully Sony proves me wrong at E3, but they really had a lack of foresight and planning if they think people will rebuy their UMD games to play on the system. That’s assuming the entirety of the current UMD game library is even available for download. If not, I see the device being very niche.

    If I could somehow load up my UMD games to it, however, I’d be more interested.

    • lostinblue

      some games, like Monster Hunter allow you to install the game on a memory stick to decrease loadtimes.

      Would be really nice for a “standard” option to have; although I doubt I’d use it

  • CleruTesh

    My PSP is gathering dust. If it wasn’t for Steambot & Persona, I would have sold it by now.
    The UMD drive is noisy. It does not fit comfortably in the pocket. And it needs a better library of downloadable games. PSP Go addresses all of these issues. I do not see why more people aren’t behind this.
    While I guess this isn’t the popular opinion, I think all portable games should be in downloadable format. When you’re on the go, and grab your game system, don’t you want to take your game library with you as well? I know I do.

    • Yeah, I don’t like UMDs either, but I have so many of them. I don’t want to have to re-buy all 20+ of my games. I totally agree that handheld games should be available in digital format. But the other PSPs can download games too. The only real advantages the PSP Go has are internal memory and size. For most PSP owners, that just isn’t enough to warrant an “upgrade”.

    • JeremyR

      Well personally, I don’t use my PSP on the go all that much. I use it at home, albeit outside.

      I’m not one of those persons that can sit for several hours in front of a monitor or TV, 2 hours is pretty much my limit. The PSP let me play console quality games wherever I wanted to at home.

      Also, much of the problem with UMDs is simply programming. Many games has no loading or noise at all hardly. Disgaea, for instance, has no loading (as opposed to the PS2 version). Test Drive Unlimited is another game that is very very smooth, even though it’s streaming from the disc.

  • Anon

    The lack of UMD is troubling. If you can somehow transfer them than I’ll be more inclined to pick this up.

    Though, the stick and start/select buttons are in an awful position.

    • CleruTesh

      I always found the positioning of the stick on the PSP to be quite uncomfortable, particularly when also trying to use the R1 button.
      The PSP Go may be no better in that respect, but I doubt it will be any worse.

  • BraveWind

    From All the PSPs…ALWAYS something which makes playing very relaxing is missing, The Grip XD
    I mean really. I want a DuelShock-like grip on PSPs.
    Yeah I know I can find those on online shopping sites, But it’s something that should be essential on Sony gaming platforms.

    Won’t you agree.

    Also no UMD drive just ruins it =

  • chrono

    all i wanted was a touch-screen on the psp. i didn’t care for the second analog stick that much, but with out both i just feel like is not the next step sony should go with the psp handheld

  • chrono

    i hope that this is a fake or a prototype, because i don’t feel the love from sony to it’s gamers follower’s. i want a touch-screen plz! plz! plz! plz!, come on sony you can do better. i know you can make a better model

  • Charlie Maib

    Right now Sony does not support MAC OS. You if you are a Mac guy, Sony just F*cked you.

    • TTTT

      I would have that problem if I didnt have a PS3. But, anyway, I guess you can take your PSP with you to a store where they have a download station. Just that same as you would go to the store to buy the UMD. so, should be no different. Maybe Sony will be smart and start supporting MAC OS.

      • CleruTesh

        You don’t need any particular computer or a PS3! They added support for the PSN store to the firmware a while back. So who cares?

  • Aoshi00

    The design looks a little tacky, but if it weighs only half the 3000, that’s very light. Wonder if it uses the same batteries as PSP or non-replaceable ones like the DS.

    It would be nice if they figure out a way for this to play all the old UMD games w/o buying them again digitally. No touchscreen is a blow since even iphone has it now.. will need to see where this goes, for now I’m happy w/ my 2000 (my first one had 3 dead pixels that drove me crazy).

    One reason I got the 2000 was because of the video out, but the 8 ft component cable is too short when it goes around the back of the TV, so I can’t sit on the sofa across the living room anyway..

    • MadMirko

      I heard they are aiming towards smaller downloadable games as a priority, but that internal flash can hopefully house your games. One possibility might be to connect your old PSP to the PS3 via USB and dump the UMD games to the memory stick of the PSP Go.

      The DS battery is replaceable, BTW.

      • TTTT

        that sounds great to me but it also sounds like a DRM nightmare for Sony. It wouldnt dump the info since UMD is a write only drive. But, maybe if somehow it regonized the game could download a copy of that game from PSN to the PSPgo.
        Unless there is a unique code or something on the UMD that would prevent it from being copied more than once, I dont think it will happen unfortunately.

        there was some talk about a kiosk that would copy the game. hmmmm, I am skeptical of that too though. Their argument will be that the classic is still available so you can play your UMDs on that I bet.

        • TTTT

          sorry I meant read only drive. but, I am confused anyway. since it is a read drive it would potentially be able to stream data out by that logic. sorry!

      • Aoshi00

        Right, I just meant the DS’s can’t be easily replaced w/ proprietary ones like PSP by just opening the cover. I don’t want to risk stripping the screw, which I pretty much did when I upgraded my PS3’s HD to a 320 Gb, used the wrong screwdriver the first time. I was wondering if the PSP Go would use the same kind of PSP battery since I bought the 2200 mAh one, it makes the 2000 last much longer, but the trade off is it feels bulkier and heavier again like the 1000. So usually I have both of them fully charged and carry them as a back-up, but the DS is more of a last resort and you don’t mess w/ the battery unless it dies or something.

        • MadMirko

          No, don’t worry. The screw and neccessary screw driver are bog standard Philips head types. Even if you strip the screw you can just walk into the next hardware store and replace it for a few cents. If you don’t want the original Nintendo battery (15 dollars), there are third parties selling batteries with a screw driver inlcuded. :)

          What extends the battery life of a PSP more effectively is custom firmware, as there is no need to spin a disk at high speeds when you have dumped your game to a memory stick. I’m guessing the PSP Go comes with a smaller lighter battery because of this.

    • CleruTesh

      RCA cables are cheap. Just a few generic cable and some double-female connectors you should be golden.

      • Aoshi00

        By RCA cables you mean the white-red-yellow ones right? That’s only good for watching UMD movies on a TV, but playing PSP games on a HD TV requires a component, that can be extended too?

        • CleruTesh

          shouldn’t be a problem. it doesn’t actually matter what colour the cables are, so long as you match the right input to the right output. Extra length might cause some signal degredation, but it’s only 480p, right? Any cables you have lying around should be fine.

  • Clyde

    People you do realize this is not the psp2.. It’s just another redesign and I guess it’s a way for Sony to test the downloading of games, no umds and such things. I’m sure when the psp2 comes out one day it will have the touchscreen, dual analog; etc etc… Maybe..

    I do like the look of it. It looks like that mylo(?) thing Sony has out ( which I always thought was a cool little thing .. Useless, but still neato looking.

    • Safiel

      I think that’s the part that makes me the most upset.. it’s not a psp2. They’re jumping ship on a major portion of their game delivery system half way through the console’s life. Feels like if they announced tomorrow that new ps3 consoles won’t play bluray disks.

      I think that umd was a stupid idea for a portable console (noisy, drains the battery). But I’ve already bought a lot of umd games (think I have about 40), and I’m not going to re-buy them now. I’m also not a big fan of digital games if any drm is involved (I’ve imported games from europe to get physical copies). For me the psp will be a dead console to me once there are no more umd disks to be had.

    • Aoshi00

      I thought the whole point of PSP Go is to counter DSi? But then the DSi does play all the old DS games you own and only forgoes old features like the GBA slot. If there’s indeed no way to play all the UMD games that one alrdy has other than buying them again digitally, I don’t think this model is very viable.. I mean the 3000 can also download Patapon 2 w/ a memory stick. I didn’t think the UMD was that bad, might be noisy to play on a bus.. and w/ the extended battery pack on the 2000 (not 1000), it actually last like 7-8 hrs, instead of 3-4.

  • KCdash

    well…as long as they (and I guess they probably will) keep it as a sidegrade to the psp 3000 I’ll be fine with this.

  • looks rather uncomfortable and ugly imo.

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