Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Refined With Online Play And Extra Characters

By Spencer . June 2, 2009 . 7:18pm


Capcom more formally announced Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All Stars. The crossover Wii fighting game is scheduled to come out in North America this winter with features not found in the Japanese version.


Worldwide online play over Nintendo Wi-Fi is a key addition. Players can choose four modes: friend, rival, free, and ranked battles. When you fight online a title is shown for the world to see. Titles can be customized by earning points.


Five new characters will join the spectacle in the North American version bringing the total roster to 26. The Japanese version had 22 characters, not including the boss. The downside is one character from the Tatsunoko side was lost due to licensing issues.


I played the US version today and can confirm all of the Tatsunoko characters except Hakushon Daimaou (the genie) were playable.

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  • LordGeo

    Though I would hope to see characters like Strider Hiryu and Tekkaman Blade to be added in, I’m going to guess that the characters who were original considered are most liekly to be added in… That’s OK, since I’d be happy if characters like Tekkaman Evil, Joe the Condor, Charlie, and Braiking Boss are added in.

  • That’s really cool! I wonder if the characters that didn’t make it to the original are showing up here (Arthur, Leon, etc.)?
    If not, I’m crossing my fingers for Tron Bonne and Guido Anchovy!

  • CriticalFury

    OMG!!! yes my prayers for online was answered.it’ll be sad if daimou doesn’t make it but 5 new characters in the roster is really awesome. now i’m hoping ibuki and speed racer are two of the 5 new characters that were added. in my opinion though the game needed more villains.

  • Lol no wonder they cut out the Roll/Daimaou glitch, he isn’t even in the game. Sad to say I used him in the JP version, but I hope that these 5 new characters make up for his loss.

  • Aoshi00

    Not to sound like a sour puss having just imported the game a couple of weeks
    ago. But worldwide online play, does that mean Jpn players are left out in the cold then? Would an online patch be possible, for the Wii? In actuality, I don’t even play online that much, but it sucks to miss out on this big feature.

    • Sorry to hear that :( I think we’re left out in the cold. By “worldwide play” I think Capcom means Europe and the US.

      • Aoshi00

        That’s what I thought.. As fun as this game was, single player gets boring fairly quickly w/o online matches, like any fighters. You want to pull those flashy special moves on someone like Marvel vs. Capcom you know.. oh well. Like I said though, good thing I’m not big for online play.

    • That’s a good question. Could they do updates on that somehow?

  • ryne11

    Are the 5 characters likely gonna be mostly capcom entries or Tatsunoko?

    • No characters were announced, but if I had to guess three would be Tatsunoko and two Capcom to balance the roster.

  • What was the one lost character?! God I hope it wasn’t Gold Lightan, or Casshern! Those are the only two characters I care about!

    • pressstart

      Spencer already said it was Daimaou. At least that doesn’t make the Japanese version obsolete, since this one will be like the Championship edition of TvC.

      Awesome news BTW!

  • ryne11

    Do extra characters mean any extra stages?

  • QBasic

    Dante. NOW.

    • ryne11

      Weren’t they considering Nero? Why would they want filler characters [lol] when they could put the real protagonist to represent the series? Was it just to promote DMC4, or is Nero really popular in Japan?

  • daizyujin

    Perhaps I have missed something but of all the characters I would have imagined would present a problem, Daimaou was the last one. Don’t think I have ever seen this even liscensed in the US.

  • Shwa

    Major typo in the screenshot that Capcom should fix.

    Voulnutt it’s Rock’s name in Japan.
    In NA and everywhere else, it’s Megaman Trigger. D:

    • NaelAM

      This is a screenshot of the North America version. It’s the correct name for the version.

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