Dissidia: Final Fantasy Gains Arcade Mode For North America

By Spencer . June 3, 2009 . 6:55am

dispsp Square Enix added a new feature to the North American version of Dissidia: Final Fantasy. Arcade mode is designed for quick play. The computer automatically sets your stats, attacks, and lines up five enemies to fight.


I played the arcade mode and it does not set the last fight. Sephiroth won’t automatically appear as Cloud’s boss. When you beat arcade mode you’re rewarded with Chocobo Cologne which can be used to boost your story mode characters.


Dissidia: Final Fantasy uses the same voice actors for all previously voiced Final Fantasy characters. That means you’ll hear familiar voices from IV, VII, and X. Just to check, I asked about Japanese voice acting which expectedly isn’t in the North American version. The representative who answered my question was quite candid about her response and said she thought the original voices were better. You don’t get brutally honest responses like that everyday!

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  • pressstart

    Ouch, talk about an unexpected response. FFVIII had voice acting? Or did you mean FFVII? I liked the English voices of FFIV and X though.

    • Yeah I meant VII. :) She was specifically talking about the new voices. Like Ultimecia has a seductive voice in the Japanese version that she doesn’t have in the US release.

  • constraint

    He probably meant Final Fantasy 7: advent children voice cast.

  • Entropy

    Ugh, I have to listen to Tidus again. That VA ruined FFX for me.

  • Happy Gamer

    i really wished they kept the voices if they could. i wouldn’t normally mind english voice but the roster of VA’s in Dissidia is just really amazing. megumi hayashibara in it alone got my vote. speaking of megumi, its one of the reasons i got Lunar japanese version back in the day.

  • Crazed Phantom

    Meh, the Japanese track isn’t all that great. And who cares? That’s her opinion.

    • Pichi

      That’s how I feel about comparisons(and reviews) in general is that its an opinion. I like both from what I heard, so no problems for me.

      • Aoshi00

        I don’t mind Eng. voice acting too if it’s good, like for FFX, I like both the original Jpn voices and US dub, I never minded James Arnold Taylor as Tidus. Of course Yuna and Seymour sounded a heck of a lot better in Jpn, but the US Jamaican accent Wakka was so fun and adorable.

        But I’m more familiar w/ Jpn seiyuu in general, come on, Ishida Akira as Kuja and Paku Romi as Zidane! And you have Midorikawa Hikaru, Seki Toshihiko, all an all-star cast.. too bad the Jpn dub is not included, I was always expecting that though. I would imagine the same for FF XIII, which is why I’m importing (though I like what I hear from the Eng dub alrdy).

        I’ve always thought Squall has a voice too cool that doesn’t match him, since Ishikawa Hideo also voiced Auron in FFX. Then again I always think Sakurai Takahiro is way too cool as Cloud the moper as well :)

  • Crystal-Heart

    I think I’ll like Dissidia’s voice cast. Most of the characters are returning voices from previous entries and Kingdom Hearts. I know that Steve Burton returns as Cloud Strife, Yuri Lowenthal returns as Cecil Harvey, George Newborn returns as Sephiroth, James Arnold Taylor returns as Tidus, Gregg Berger returns as Jecht, and I heard that Squall’s Kingdom Hearts II VA, Doug Erholtz, will reprise his role. Grant George, Kilik from SoulCalibur IV, plays Warrior of Light, Johnny Yong Bosch, Ichigo from Bleach, plays Firion, Bryce Papenbrook, Jack from MÄR, plays Zidane Tribal, Christopher Sabat, Vegeta from Dragonball Z, plays Garland.

    • AllenSmithee

      Yeah, sounds good for me as well.

      Nice informative post there, as well. Thanks.

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