Tales of Vs. Has A Robust Character Customization System

By Spencer . June 24, 2009 . 1:12pm

Like tweaking stats? Then you’re going to love Tales of Vs. A new video showcases the character edit system where you can equip weapons and tailor character attributes with grade points.


The video shows stats like HP, attack, and defense being leveled up independently by spending grade points. Players can also spend grade points to upgrade specific skills. Weapons are bought with gold. Finally, you can equip passive abilities like dash, long jump, and defend to create the custom Colette of your dreams.



Not a stat junkie? Don’t worry, at its core Tales of Vs. is all about combat.



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  • QBasic

    Even though this looks like mad fun….truth be told, I keep getting this eerie feeling that this game is just a catch-up method to get on board the Dissidia flight.

    • pressstart

      At least it doesn’t have the over the top flying nonsense that KH and Dissidia has. I’m pretty sure it’s fun, but just watching those videos irks me because of it. All star games like Smash and Jump Stars are great for fan service though.

      • QBasic

        Eh….the lack of all traces of logic and principles of gravity and physics of any kind is what makes Dissidia a fun trip. At least for me.

        I don’t play videogames so I can re-experience the laws of our world. But that’s just me.

  • UFO


    Excel spreadsheets exactly what I want in my fighting games.

  • Same here.
    Not to tell that Square-Enix seems to do a better job spreading their Final Fantasy
    characters, turning them into memorable ones than Namco does with the Tales of series. Not that I agree with this “memorable” label, Tales of still has its charm :)

    • Hraesvelgr

      Final Fantasy has memorable characters? Outside of VI and maybe, just maybe, IV?

      • What I’m saying is that is easier to remember from Kefka, Cloud, Cecil or any other character from FF than someone like Stan or Yuri. Don’t get me wrong, please, I’m not saying that Tales of sucks or anything like that. Just the obvious, Final Fantasy is much more famous than Tales of :P

  • Advent

    Its like Brawl + Dissidia! With so-so graphics! Now I know graphics are not everything, but the PSP can do much better than that.

    I bet the fun factor is gonna be through the roof though!

    • Totally agree on the graphics and the fun factor part, if you can find three other players.

    • Hraesvelgr

      Come on, man, are you really gonna compare the graphics to Dissidia? Namco Tales Studio pretty much puts out decent graphics and great games, whereas Square puts out great graphics and mediocre games.

      • Fonic

        I’d rather have lesser graphics and four characters in play at once than better graphics and only two.

      • Razi

        God damn dude, hop off the fanboy train.

        Anyways, this reminds me of a very terrible game that was released for the PS2…*CoughOnimushaBuraidenCough.* I hope it’s a lot better than that was.

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