PSP Bundles Have “Very Hot” Advertising In Korea

By Spencer . June 30, 2009 . 8:03am

imageSony just announced three new PSP bundle packs in Korea. Two of them contain Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection. The PSP game may be two years old, but it was a huge hit in Korea.


The DMB pack contains a mobile TV tuner (don’t bother importing this, the device is specific for South Korea), a 32MB memory stick, and a PSP. One Tekken 5 bundle has a white PSP, a remote, and headphones. The other comes with a black PSP, Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, a soft case, and a 4GB memory stick. Each pack costs 278,000 won ($218).


And here’s how Sony is advertising these bundles…



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  • TTTT

    interesting advertisement. I guess PS3 is discontinued there because they wanted to prevent importing to Japan? So, they push ps2? WEeeiirrrd and interesting. it is like 2004 over there.

    • They still have PS3s in Korea and new games. The ad is interesting, though.

      Korea PS2s play Japanese games and of course “Asian” releases, but I would be wary about importing a PS2 from Korea because of the voltage difference if you’re in the states.

      • TTTT

        this is what I read about ps3 not being available in Korea

        it could have been a temporary thing?

        • Hmm… that’s interesting. SCEK hasn’t said anything about shorting the PS3 and their promoting it with new games. Perhaps, it is/was a temporary thing?

          • TTTT

            yeah, it kind of was written like it was a temporary thing.
            reverse importing shouldnt be such a big deal. it is only 5000yen cheaper in Korea plus you have the voltage issues like you said. Also, lugging the ps3 on an airplane is not fun. I carried a PS3 from Tokyo to Boston once so I know :)

  • TTTT

    a red ps2 could be nice. what region is Korean in anyway? same as Japan?

    • daizyujin

      Yes, they typically share the “NTSC-J” region on their consoles. I know this is the case on the Gamecube and PS2. I think I read somewhere it is also the same for the Wii.

  • Marco

    Actual size.

    • ThaddeusK

      wow, she’s tiny then.

  • Chad Stines

    I want my tv tuner for psp damn it.

  • Chaddalac

    Want gives sony import psp’s get awesome boxes for packing the U.S. gets poopy packaging. Bring back the cool packing. And one more thing sony if the iphone and the mylo gets a boat load of cool apps why can we get more apps on the psp as well. PSP wants more apps, video player update to at least video 8, 9 would be great or work a deal with hulu or youtube to make app for psp.

  • Chaddalac

    Since U.S. has gone digital shouldn’t we be seeing these turners now or want, SONY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • daizyujin

    Not that I want one or anything but I am curious what makes the TV tuner incompatible in the US. South Korea uses NTSC as it’s analogue standard and ATSC as it’s digital standard so that shouldn’t be an issue unless this uses some propriatary service. Anybody in the know care to explain?

    • daizyujin

      Nevermind I think I found the answer. While South Korea is adopting ATSC for its digital standard for regular TV, they use a tech called DMB for mobile transmissions. This tech is exclusive to Korea.

    • The TV tuner doesn’t pick up NTSC TV airwaves. It picks up DMB signals, which are specifically used for mobile TV in South Korea. It’s like the 1seg service in Japan, but specific for Korea.

      • daizyujin

        It also appears it is being test marketed in many place in Europe, including Paris. Seriously this is the world’s fourth major mobile standard, this is getting worse than the analogue days.

  • fr3ak

    My psp are in problem~so i reformat my psp~but now,i loss all my system~wad can i do?

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