Demon’s Souls Rises With North American Servers

By Spencer . July 6, 2009 . 5:09pm


Atlus announced their version of Demon’s Souls will have a few differences other than pre-order spoils. Their localization team is polishing the menu text and building untarnished servers.


While Demon’s Souls has an online component, it’s mostly passive. In Demon’s Souls you can examine bloodstains to view the last seconds of another player’s life, from another game far far away. One of the core concepts of Demon’s Souls is players can learn from each others deaths.


Adventurers can also write and rate messages for each other. These can be helpful hints or, if you’re a griefer, booby trap tips. Instead of being filled with bloodstains and messages the North American servers will be a clean slate. Unfortunately, this also means anyone that imported the game won’t be able to play with people that own Atlus’ version of Demon’s Souls.

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  • Ereek

    Destructoid mentions that one of the reasons for this was the Final Fantasy XI mixed servers. Did ATLUS elaborate any on this? I played FFXI for five years and other than a few extremely racist players, on both sides, and never encountered any problems.

    • Funny, that you mentioned that!

      Yeah, Atlus mentioned the FFXI servers and how the worldwide servers were packed with high level Japanese players. It wasn’t anything about racism, but more about how Demon’s Souls would have tons of tips lying around for players to follow.

      • n.n

        Is it really a problem if the tips are in Japanese??

        • entrydenied

          The tips won’t be in Japanese. Players choose from a preset list of words/phrases/sentences. If you’re a Japanese player, you’ll see the tips in Japanese. If you’re playing the Asian copy and is on the English setting, these will automatically be translated and you’ll see the English translated tips.

  • UFO

    Aren’t beginners also the people who need the tips?

    • I believe the idea is for newcomers to struggle through the game together. If all the tips were lying around what incentive would there be for newcomers to add tips of their own?

  • Dorf

    “While Demon’s Souls has an online component, it’s mostly passive. ”

    what the hell?

    • What I meant by that is Demon’s Souls passively brings individual game worlds together. Messages, blood stains and even PvP red demons appear without you inviting them in. Even in the co-op mode you can’t actively chat with other players with voice chat.

      Also, during the presentation staff that worked on Demon’s Souls explained they wanted to make a single player game with some multiplayer elements rather than a straight out MMO. A MMO would be an “active” game.

      • Dorf

        And where does, say, Resident Evil: Outbreak fall?

        (and no, I won’t accept “inactive”)

        • Active. Perhaps, we should agree to disagree and call it a day.

          • QBasic

            Whoah, Spence. You could very well be on your way to discovering your first enemy; the one with the e-blood vendetta and all. Since, you know, he won’t “accept” your statement.

            Whatever that means. X3

          • Dorf

            It means I wouldn’t accept the obvious joke response, although it’s apparently not as obvious as I thought.

          • QBasic

            Nope. =/ You’ll need to work on that. The part where it’s supposed to be hi-larious, that too.

          • Dorf

            Just because something is a joke response doesn’t mean it’s supposed to be hilarious.

            It’d also help you understand if you had a passing familiarity with Resident Evil Outbreak.

          • QBasic

            It helps a lot of it’s funny, you know…

            Besides! I did play Outbreak; it wasn’t so much of a joke response as it was a really bad pun. :3 But I won’t argue the matter; I like bad puns, on occasions.

  • Mooglepies

    How irritating. I’m in the UK so imported the Asian version. Considering I’ve played 3 player co-op with invading phantoms with no lag I cannot see this decision doing anything but splitting an already small community. This game will probably not see the light of day in Europe either…

    • If we can get Agarest: Generations of War here, then we can get -anything- : P

  • Volcynika

    This doesn’t affect my purchase at all. I’ve already seen some people say they’ll not buy the US one and recommend other friends to import, which is a GREAT (sarcasm) idea to get the notion that this effort is for nothing. What’s wrong with Atlus letting everyone die together? :p

  • This is a good idea. Keeps the high level players off my game so I only have to worry about dying from my own stupidity.

    • Mooglepies

      High level players can’t do anything to you. To participate in another player’s game, for good or ill, you have to be within 10 levels of each other.

      • Oooh, good to know. Thanks for the clarification!

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