Marvelous Updates Us About Their Future Projects

By Spencer . July 17, 2009 . 4:03pm


Little King’s Story is on deck. Beyond that Marvelous has many more games coming to North America and I asked Marvelous rapid fire questions about them.


What is happening with Marvelous USA? Last year you were setting up a base and this year Xseed is handling all the publishing.


Yasuhiro Wada, President: We were planning to do it, but the most important thing is to have our titles released in the US. Because of the situation of what’s going on in the economy and in our company the best way was to give the titles to Xseed and have our titles published that way, for now.


In Arc Rise Fantasia we’ve seen the Luminous Arc characters appear in the game. How do they fit in?


The characters from the Luminous Arc series, you can challenge them during the game and even after you finish it you can keep challenging them. One of the main crossover characters will appear as a really strong boss.


Little King’s Story has Hell Mode, will Arc Rise Fantasia have any new features for the US?


We’re still creating the US version so nothing is set in stone, but I’ll convey your message to the development team.


I guess this is more of an Xseed question, but Arc Rise Fantasia has an awesome pre-order bonus. Are you planning to promote that in the US?


Jimmy Soga, Public Relations Manager: We’ll definitely have some kind of incentive.




Half-Minute Hero is such a unique title. Didn’t the project start as a flash game?


It was a small game for flash and it was a half-minute, just the hero part. On top of that you have the Knight mode, Princess mode, and Evil Lord mode [in the PSP version].


The whole story is about a saga about a five hundred year battle. The first hundred years is about the hero. The second hundred years is about Princess, and so on and so forth. When you play all of the different modes you can see the big picture of what’s going on.


Yoshiro Kimura, Producer of Little King’s Story: Within thirty seconds you can go through a hundred years. In a 150 seconds you go through five hundred years!


It’s seems kind of like a risky title to develop.


YW: Little King’s Story, No More Heroes, they’re all considered risky titles.


YK: Titles like Half-Minute Hero, Little King’s Story, No More Heroes, everything relies on Wada-san’s decisions. The greatest thing about Wada-san is that he counts on us to finish the titles, he lets us finish what we want to finish. 


Have you ever thought about making a sequel to Chulip then?


YK: I do want to make it! I want to make a game with an urban area and have a little kid going around kissing people. I want to have a little kid basically going around kissing beautiful women, gay people, straight people, everything.


Actually, can you ask someone else to make it for me? Because I want to play that game.


image What’s Discipline about? It looks really strange. [Editor’s note: Discipline is a WiiWare game created by Kazutoshi Iida who worked on Tail of the Sun for the PsOne.]


YK: You’ve been talking about risk, this is our riskiest title, but I love it. Worldwide, everyone will be shocked. The genre is an adventure game, it’s a game that you enjoy the world view.


Is Xseed handling this?


YK: We want to release it in the US and Europe, but it’s a risky title so Xseed might say no. [laughs]


How’s Rainy Woods coming along?


YW: The project is still going give it a little more time and we can talk about it.


For No More Heroes 2 is there going to be a difference in the level of violence between the Japanese and American versions?


YK: With No More Heroes and Little King’s Story we’re always thinking of the US and Europe first for those type of titles and then bringing them back to Japanese and toning them down for the Japanese audience.


Little King’s Story comes out on Tuesday with new features like an extra hard difficulty level and a never before seen monster from the US art contest.

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  • Shame you couldn’t ask about actual new projects, or will that be for a future interview?

    Like ask about the possibility of say, Avalon Code, Luminous Arc, Steel Princess, etc getting Wii-entires. I think those are the only recent IPs on handhelds that haven’t gone to Wii yet.

    And address that comment about them being sad about their Wii sales. And of course about the shockingly big success of Reel Fishing Challenge, being #1 downloaded WiiWare title in the USA last week, wow! :O

    • lostinblue

      yup, a more wii future centric interview would be nice after all the shots in the foot they said/did recently regarding their future support for it.

      They should explain the situation regarding nmh2 being the last on wii no matter how well it sells (is it going to other platform? is it going on hiatus? we ought to know) and other stuff, as well as if they’re gonna keep supporting the wii with JRPG’s. (whom they really should)

      Their problem as aforementioned is their promotion of the titles, and Rising Star distribution. They ought to back their titles better, like… doing a arc rise fantasia anime? they have a anime studio, unlike say… Sega, and yet, Sega did a anime for World Destruction, infinite space and… valkyrie chronicles… now that’s supporting their titles.

      Either way I’m grateful, the games are awesome even if the promotion is lousy and I want them to sell… but I also want to be rewarded, as a fan, for purchasing them, rewarded with more games. I actually even imported arc rise fantasia in japanese and don’t regret one bit.

      Arc Rise Fantasia 2, for the Wii would be my most anticipated title instantly might I say, even higher than stuff like Tales of Graces, Arc Rise Fantasia is just that awesome.

      • But, we’re not a Wii centric site…

        • lostinblue

          Of course. But no one said questions for other platforms shouldn’t be in ;)

          The word “centric” wasn’t well used on my part, because it applied to the interview as a “whole” whereas it should be that the interview needed a Wii centric part.

          I meant the last news from Marvelous weren’t good regarding their Wii support and they still have upcoming games for it (and awesome games at that) games that they need to hype within the userbase, rather than jeopardize and say they’re past it and focusing elsewhere.

          It’s only natural to want to see that addressed/explained a little better in a interview, and as a Wii owner I’d like to get reassured they’ll continue delivering good games for it, if they can.

          This said we don’t know when this interview was done or if Marvelous would want to answer that, but still.

          Sorry for making it sound like it did.

  • jj984jj

    I hope they polish Arc Rise Fantsia on the technical side for the NA release instead, things like getting the framerate up/more stable throughout and the game running in 480p, rather than adding more content. It seems to be a pretty packed game already. It’d be nice is XSEED could do a 2-disk set so we can have dual-VA if it’s not too much trouble, I’d prefer than the minimal OST.

    • lostinblue

      the game doesn’t have much slowdown, at least up to the point were I am. Diamond city has some wierd slowdown at parts but nothing major (it is wierd though, seems to have something to do with the number of npc’s moving rather than geometry?)

      either way, I rather see them using that “time” to prep up a arc rise fantasia 2 :drools:

  • Oh my god if he makes a sequel to Chulip that will be awesome, and insane.

  • yay, rainy woods is still around.

  • jarrodand

    Discipline lives!

  • thebanditking

    I would have liked you to dig a bit deeper into the possibility of some of those games getting HD ports to PS3/360.

    • This interview was done way before we discovered that in the financial report. Perhaps, in a future interview we can do that.

  • Randgriz

    I want rainy woods

    • Craig T

      Good God, I hope that Chulip sequel happens :D
      One of the most underrated games ever.

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