Hope For Star Ocean: The Last Hope On PS3?

By Spencer . July 27, 2009 . 5:37pm

imageSquare Enix’s first retail PlayStation 3 game might be Star Ocean: The Last Hope. Nothing official, but Gamefly has a listing for said title. (Thanks for the tip Ryan!!)


Gamefly has a good, no superb, track record for leaking games. However, this situation is unusual since Star Ocean: The Last Hope would be announced in Japan first and then leaked by Gamefly. A PlayStation 3 port seems inevitable, but Gamefly is the only retailer with a listing for the game so don’t get your hopes up *too* much.

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  • BlackFreefall

    Where is mah Last Remnant? Hopefully this true. I want some RPG on the PS3.

    • They’ve all but said it’s been canceled. I wouldn’t hold my breath.

      • *if* it still comes out they have a whole lot to improve. I’ve only played the PC demo but… lets just say ut had room for improvement. A lot of it.

    • QBasic

      Ugh. Keep that garbage away from my PS3! >:<

      • Suzero

        like Star Ocean isn’t garbage?

        • QBasic

          Sure it’s far fetched, but fuck’s sake… The Last Remnant makes Star Ocean look like Chrono Trigger.

    • kamanashi

      You could always get Eternal Sonata or Valkyria Chronicles. Last Remnant was very good too me, so I returned it and got Eternal Sonata instead. It was a much better game.

  • The Last Remnant is vaporware now. Give me Star Ocean: The Last Hope it should’ve been on the PS3 in the first place.

    • Ereek

      It’s really too bad about TLR PS3, too. The PC version patched up most of the 360’s problems and it was a decent game then.

      I won’t complain about SO4, either.

      • Aoshi00

        It’s really too bad TLR won’t be on PS3 since the 360 original was so flawed technically dragging down the overall game quality, I was hoping to own the fixed PS3 ver (w/ dual tracks) one day as the perfect version. If anything, I guess it’s a consolation for me since I don’t have to triple-dip (got both Eng & Jpn version for 360 alrdy).

        • kamanashi

          What was flawed about it? I didn’t notice any glitches, but then again, I wasn’t really looking for them either. But still, I would like a PS3 version with Japanese language anyways. The english voice cast makes me want to kill everyone around when I play the game.

          • Hraesvelgr

            There weren’t really any glitches, just lots of texture pop-in issues. There was also nothing wrong with the English voice acting.

          • kamanashi

            Its not that the voices were bad. I just didn’t like the way it felt over acted. Though, the Japanese voices might be the same.

          • Aoshi00

            The constant frame rate drop, slow down, texture pop-in in town (characters disappearing during battles), etc, just hiccups that marred the overall presentation and experience you know. I played w/ HDD install, so I don’t know how much worse it was w/o it from reading the disc. Also PC version has the new fast forward feature to skip watching the long fights.

            I like the English dub okay, some lines kind of make you cringe, like Rush’s “Come on, let’s kick some A!!” still stuck in my mind. Problem is the lip movement was made to match English, just like Lost Odyssey, so Japanese is actually the dub. I like David’s unique accent, otherwise I prefer the Jpn cast (especially Rush), except the lip movement not matching.

        • Hraesvelgr

          Considering TLR runs on Unreal, I wouldn’t expect the PS3 version to be “perfect”, honestly.

          • Aoshi00

            Since I hear most technical issues were addressed in the PC version, I assume it would carry over to the PS3 port. It’s too bad many developers can’t really iron out the Unreal 3 engine issues, while Gears and Bioshock seem to play pretty smooth. Well, I got both Eng/Jpn version for 360 anyway, but it would be cool if there’s an improved console version w/ dual audio tracks and PS3 owners also have a chance to play it.

  • I have no reason to believe this will not happen. There is really no excuse for the lack of PS3 ports of game franchises found predominantly on Sony hardware in the past. This includes so very many Square and Enix titles.

    Methinks tri-ace is letting Sega publish their next game for SOME reason. Upset at something? Who knows. I love conspiracy theories… because they make you look so silly!

    • QBasic

      Hm. I wouldn’t be surprised. Yoichi Wada is pretty well known for being an asian Bobby Kotick Jr.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if he pissed them off.

  • xemnas

    SO4? i know the game gets flack but if this is true then SWEET…now Namco just needs to localize Vesperia ps3 and then i have no reason to buy a god damned 360

    • Suzero

      want to punch you so much

      • xemnas

        For what? i don’t want an xbox and that warrants you wanting to “punch” me?

    • Well if all that happens the only reason to buy a 360 would then be lost odyssey and blue dragon.

  • TurkeyPotPie

    Being on BluRay should eliminate the disc-switching from the 360 version (I don’t care about swapping discs if it is only done once as you move through the story, but SO4 wasn’t like that). I also wonder if the game is going to run at an even lower resolution (SO4 360 was already sub-HD) like the ToV port apparently is.

    • Aoshi00

      I still haven’t finished the game yet and the 3 discs are still taking up a big chunk of HDD space for that reason, would’ve been nice if the HDD install would take care of the disc swapping problem. So this is the most practical reason for the game to be on PS3.

      I didn’t know that ToV port would have lower resolution on PS3..

    • Hraesvelgr

      Swapping discs *was* only done once (per disc) as you progressed. However, it was a *massive* issue if you wanted to do lots of crafting endgame.

      • Aoshi00

        And that was a huge issue of course, since it’s fun to explore and do more planet hopping to complete the sidequests at the end… it’s ridiculous they expect people to swap discs constantly :(…

  • doubleO7

    Hopefully they’ll leave in the anime artwork this time. Or at least give us the option to choose whether to play the game with it or not.

  • theunleashed666

    hope it comes true but i likely doubt it this is true please every ps3 owner please don’t set yourself up for disapoinment when square enix denies this and it gets taken down from there website it would cause more pain for the l4d 2 incident

  • Solstice Zero

    Seems possible to me. I mean, I wouldn’t buy it. Last good Star Ocean was part 2. And as far as Last Remnant, the PC version is so much better than the 360 version. Just get that and play it with a 360 pad.

    • xemnas

      ughh Star Ocean 2 is so overrated..i thought i’d have orgasms playing the way people talk about it…SO3 was the best

      • That’s two strikes in one thread, xemnas. J/k everyone’s got their own opinions; so long as there is no strike 3 =p. Maybe you had it overhyped in your head? I thought SO and SO2 were both amazing back in the day. Haven’t had a chance to play the PSP versions yet.

      • Hraesvelgr

        SO2 is hardly overrated compared to SO3, when you consider that more people played it *and* people even consider the abomination that was SO3’s story to be the best in the series.

        • xemnas

          I liked SO3 story..i always chocked up the hate to people being pwned by the plot twist and never getting over it.

          That said it was 3’s battle system that make it the best for me.

  • Ray_Huynh

    By the time this comes out it will be under the huge shadow of Final Fantasy XIII.

  • Divals

    About damn time… Seriously, Square-Enix, how many RPGs have to sell poorly on the 360 before you come back home to Sony? :P

    • jarrodand

      In fairness, it’s not like PS3 game sales are breaking records anywhere either. Really, Square Enix’s platform picks this gen have been pretty spot on (DS mainly, then some PSP, then some Wii). All their HD stuff should be multiplatform though.

    • Hraesvelgr

      They should at least release them on PS3 in Japan. If you pay attention, it doesn’t make that much difference in North America/Europe. On the other hand, if they *really* want sales, they’ll just go with the DS or, to a lesser extent, PSP. That’s where the Japanese market’s at now, after all.

  • iamthebozz

    I thought staff from the game already announced that the game was not being ported due to poor sales?

    • Divals

      That wouldn’t make sense though, [generalization]as the PS3 was generally the console that was bought by all the JRPG fans[/g]. Seriously though, if you want a JRPG to sell well, the PS3 (or PS2) is the better bet for a publisher. At least, that’s what it seems like.

      • iamthebozz

        Well, I dunno about that, when considering target audiences it’d probably be better on the Wii or 360 which have more units in homes across the entire world.

        It’s disappointing that Tales of Vesperia and Star Ocean 4 did not come out first for the PS3, I wouldn’t have bought a 360 had they come out for the PS3.

        • Hraesvelgr

          Going by North American sales of the Tales series, Sony’s consoles are a bad choice to plant their games, but they do well in Japan. Wii still hasn’t proven itself to be anything other than a disaster for third-party devs, tbh.

          • jarrodand

            Not exactly… DQ Swords didn’t do too badly for itself. And WiiWare’s been a big success for SE too.

        • Saturnus

          I’m not so sure the 360 is outselling the PS3 is Japan (Have to double check).

          The majority of the 360 fanbase, in the west, probably didn’t buy the 360 to play Star Ocean let alone RPGs in general. From the ~13 people I know who have 360s, none of them play RPGs (Some don’t even know what those are). Though even the few other PS3 owners I now, only a handful play RPGs either. Yet overall, many PS2 owners most likely jumped to the PS3 and the Japanese (I believe) would much faster pick up SO4 for the PS3 than for the 360. (FFXIII is not going to be in JPN on the 360).

          SO4 on the Wii? Yes, now let’s port FFXIII to the Wii too… It’ll totally work. The Wii really doesn’t have the specs to be first pick for a majority of hot-sellers (at least for 3rd party devs).

          • jarrodand

            I don’t see much point in either/or arguments as both bases are pretty lacking and have seen mainly 3rd party games in the genre with mostly middling sales (Tales of Vesperia, Valkyria Chronicles, Disgaea 3, Eternal Sonata, Last Remnant, Star Ocean 4, Enchanted Arms, etc)… really any HD RPG should probably be on BOTH 360 and PS3 going forward.

            Wii snagged DQX, MH3 and Tales of Graces, so in the big name JRPG arena I’m not sure you can really say it doesn’t have what it takes to attract the genre. The problem was that things have been so late in getting started, but that’s pretty reflective of Wii’s 3rd party situation in general. In terms of actual mechanics and game design, RPGs are one of the few genres Wii can do just as well as the big boys actually.

  • vrakanox

    Sweet Star Ocean 4 for PS3 and to top it all off Crowe is confirmed as playable! Haha jk. Man this really takes me back to the gamefaqs days of Crowe talk.

  • flcldaniel

    I would love to get SO4 on the PS3. We need more RPGs.

  • flcldaniel

    I hope SO4 makes it to the PS3. Day one purchase. *Imagines all the extra fan service*

  • bonafide

    I see a lot of people getting excited about Star Ocean 4 being released on the PS3, but was the game even that good in the first place? I played the first disc on the 360 and I’ll admit the gameplay is pretty good, but the story and characters could’ve been MUCH better (as far as I’ve seen anyway). Did anyone else play it on the 360?

    • Hraesvelgr

      Nope, it was pretty bad, to be honest. I thought it was a slight improvement over the last game, but still pretty bad. I’d rather see a *new* RPG being made for the PS3 rather than a port of a mediocre game.

      • xemnas

        Not everyone got to play the game…whenever a sony exclusive gets handed over to microsoft the response is “now more people can play it” well that should be the same in this situation..mediocre game or not i’ve played the first 3 and i want to finish the series (if it truly ends here) and play this one as well.

        • Hraesvelgr

          fyi, if SO4 were released on the PS3 first and 360 later, I’d be saying the same thing. I’m not against games being ported, I’ll even buy them again if they’re worth it, but bad games should be left alone.

  • ReturnOfSomeDude

    Ugh. This game was pretty awful on the 360. One of my top 5 worst stories in a video game, all-time.

  • Sambuque

    Didn’t some Squenix VIP said that game that don’t sell well won’t cross platform (or did they realize that squenix low sale (so not so low) still manage income)

  • Chris

    I found Star Ocean 4 pretty awful. I could forgive the fact it has the most bland forgettable cast in RPG history and obnoxious Sesame Street level ‘importance of friendship’ lessons if they didn’t totally butcher the combat.

    It’s like they wanted six year olds to be able to play it so they took the great combat system from Star Ocean 3 and gave it a total strategectamy. Blindside is pretty much a glorified tech you can’t unequip that amounts to a lot of free damage from anywhere on the field at will. Then there’s rush break. If they were going to copy one thing from Final Fantasy games, why did it have to be limits? Limits were a bad idea in FF7, and they’ve been an even worse idea in every game that’s copied them. It’s like, forget the need to aim, use tactics or plan strategy, just take a huge amount of free damage at set increments. Then having you auto-guard whenever you’re not moving? Yeah, ten year old me called. Bestest game he’s ever played. Me, I’ll pass.

    Maybe with a port they can put in some kind of option that makes it a *little* tactical. Like, turning off blindsides and rush breaks completely, and adding back in more interesting techs.

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