Resonance of Fate Sort Of Has Dual Voice Tracks

By Spencer . August 5, 2009 . 1:00pm

Sega’s first project with Tri-Ace, Resonance of Fate (aka End of Eternity in Japan), will have a Japanese voice option. However, the English voice track won’t be complete. (Thanks for the tip Pesmerga00!!)


Speaking with, Jun Yoshino, Localization Producer at Sega, says, “We will have English American voices. Unfortunately, just to squeeze it in, because we wanted to keep the gap small, some things will be text. But we know that a lot of JRPG fans just play with the Japanese voice overs on with the subtitles anyway.”


Yoshino makes a point, but having a fully voiced English track would be nice option too since, you know, this is going to be released in the West.


Resonance of Fate is slated to come out in Japan in winter 2009. Sega will release the game in North America and Europe in early 2010. Would delaying Resonance of Fate until mid 2010 for a full English track be that bad?

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  • I don’t care either way. I generally scroll after I finish reading anyway… unless I reaaaally like the voices, or am suuuuuper interested in taking my time with a particular game.

    • Ereek

      Exactly, I feel the same way. Almost all the time I end up reading faster than the voices can say the text and I end up impatient and just click forward. Though to be honest, I really appreciate games where you aren’t given the option to click forward until the dialogue is finished, like Star Ocean 2 PSP. You can change the settings to where you can click forward, but when you don’t it forcefully slows you down. In a way, it’s nice.

      Voices do not make or break a game for me. If the game is good I can enjoy it even if the voices are horrible. Grandia PSX, for example.

      • I also agree. When not given the option to read/scroll forward, I’m totally fine with listening.

        And take it easy on Grandia! =P The voices weren’t TOO terrible, but… the timing between each line of dialogue was really, really poor.

    • Wow, I thought I was one of the few people who did this! I tend to skip through voices in games with “floating heads” unless I love the cast. I want to know what happens next and I can read faster than characters can talk.

  • Pichi

    Don’t like the idea of leaving one track incomplete. Also don’t like the idea that all JRPG fans like one track over another. Full complete tracks would be ideal.

  • Interesting. So, the English track is limited by the memory?

    • Pichi

      Either that, programming problems, or they are too cheap to have a full English track. It’ll be a NISA thing all over again in the case of not having enough money for a full English track.

      • Totally agree with this. This is a brand new JRPG and studio time is expensive. If Resonance of Fate was an established franchise guaranteed to sell millions of copies Sega would spend the extra money for a complete localization.

        While disappointing I would rather have an incomplete English track that’s good than a full track that’s grating.

    • I think how voice acting works is you pay for time in a studio or the actor’s time (I may be totally wrong). If Sega doesn’t think it’s financially sound (as in, TONS of dialogue, niche game, or something), they’ll try to get as much done as fast as possible. So, you could have 2 hours of really well-done dialogue, or 6 hours of single-take-despite-delivery dialogue.

      …Basically, what Pichi said, but a little more detailed. Accuracy in detail aside.

      • I see. I figured it would be that, ’cause if it had to do with the hardware that would be pretty sad.

        • No kidding. Sega has experience with the PS3 architecture, so that wouldn’t be the case. It just takes devs one try, then they realize, “oh, the PS3 is quite powerful”. Hooray convoluted non-PC architecture, or whatever.

  • Jirin

    I only care about voices if it’s full FMV.

    If you’re seeing text on screen and there are voices that just go along with the text, what’s the point? I get tired of waiting for the sentence to finish and just advance the text anyway. If it’s not FMV, I’m happy with just text.

    And it has to be natural sounding voices. I can’t stand it in games like Star Ocean 3 where the voices talk slowly with one sentence at a time then have long pauses in between every sentence. Seriously. Either make it like watching a movie, or let me move through text at the pace I can read it.

    • Aoshi00

      The few text-only FMVs in Infinite Undiscovery were pretty out of place, the characters were moving their mouths but nothing came out, looking very unnatural. Also player needs to pay attention to the text and not miss the dialogue while watching the FMV at the same time. I hope it’s not like this here. But I’m going to listen to the Jpn track anyway :)

      • So, they “talk” like in Phoenix Wright? ;-P

        • Aoshi00

          No, it’s not like Phoenix at all, where the characters on screen are pretty much static, and you can read the text at any speed you choose to. At the very beginning of UI, there was an intro jail break cutscene where Aya is talking to Capell, it has full voice over for a minute, then in the next 15 seconds, the characters are running in the same FMW, mouths moving w/ subtitles on screen, except no sound, looking extremely out of place. Good thing that there weren’t that many of them, otherwise it would be really annoying.

          • Oh. Well, that’s very weird, then.
            It won’t bother me, too much, I suppose.

  • Ok, so now we have this comming where the English voices are thrown out?

    Is it so hard to make an option for each language? If it is part of a space problem. Then why not make like Sakura Wars where they have two DVDs?

    • Ereek

      Money. This was covered in a post just above yours. English voice acting is expensive.

    • Actually, lots of Japanese games are trickling in without English voices. Muramasa: The Demon Blade, Yakuza 2, The Onechanbara, etc.

      Voice recording is expensive and getting games without English voice acting is better than the other option, which is not getting them at all.

      • For the games that I´ve played there has always been english only or dual language with an option of which I wanted to use.

        And I have played neither of Muramasa, Yakuza or the Onechanbara so I didn´t know.

        Now I know that there are actually games that are only in Japanese.

        And money, the eternal motivator… getting them without the English voice acting or not getting them is an easy choice. Getting them without English voices.

        Don´t get me wrong. I really like it when there is Japanese audio.

    • I’d sign for English voices thrown out. Although voice acting here really is getting better.

  • Hraesvelgr

    Really. I was under the impression that, while those who prefer Japanese voices are certainly outspoken, they were nothing more than an outspoken minority. Of course, the language options have been very limited until recently…

    • Ereek

      I’d agree with that. Those who prefer the Japanese voices definitely seem to be the not-so-silent minority.

    • …I’m not sure that this impression is correct. Granted, the North Americans who watch anime and the ones who play JRPGs aren’t always the same, but the overlap is pretty large.

      While I haven’t bought an anime DVD in years, even I’ve noticed the increasing trend of sub-only releases (a quick check on the internet yields Clannad, Kannagi, the Lucky Star OVA, Maria Watches Over Us, and more) All these series seem quite popular, and if the majority of their audiences would prefer an English dub, I’m pretty sure they’d get one.

      • Hraesvelgr

        Most of those series are more “niche” in North America, though. It’s kind of like how they go out with more popular titles like Fullmetal Alchemist and then cut limited edition releases of Lucky Star because of “poor sales”. Likewise, the North American anime market has shrunk considerably over the past few years and most companies probably can’t afford to dub everything anymore.

        Of course, I’m not going to say I’m an expert on this issue, but I still think the majority of people playing these games either don’t care or prefer to play them in English.

        • Yep, that’s basically it, but the N.A. anime companies are getting it bad from both ends; the N.A. market and the Japanese companies (they’re in worse shape on the long run).
          Believe me, I was irked when Bandai-Et. cut the last LE short of Lucky Star, but it was better than not getting it. Then again, I’m not surprised it didn’t sale as they were hoping, but *I am* surprised they didn’t learn their lesson after the first run of Haruhi.

      • Pichi

        Its a money issue in the anime industry for some countries. Some on another forum would like a dub as well, but like in this possible case, they can’t afford one. In the anime industry, they need to see alot more copies and going sub will save them money.

    • Aoshi00

      Well, anime have had dual audio tracks for years ever since the invention of DVD, rendering the ancient “sub vs. dub” war moot, pleasing fans of all preference. So it’s sad to see games actually regress to one track only w/ the advent of Blu-ray. Also it’s not like they need to do anything extra other than leaving in the existing Jpn track, the only factor is space for DVDs on 360, and even so there is no excuse since multiple games (RPGs or otherwise) have included both the original track and the dub.

      • Hraesvelgr

        Well, I can see why they’d cut back a bit. The “golden age” of JRPG popularity is starting to pass and, since games are also more expensive to make, it may not necessarily be worth the money. Unless it’s Final Fantasy, of course. Then you’re pretty much guaranteed good sales.

        • Pichi

          That’s what I think as well. I wouldn’t be surprised if it went the way of the anime industry nowadays.

        • Aoshi00

          JRPG’s popularity has definitely been on the decline and more niche in recent years, other than than 90’s boom. In Japan they also include dual audio for most games like Uncharted, Heavenly Sword, or Gears for fans who prefer original Eng. in their Western games, but some only sport Jpn track like Bioshock (it’s quite a cool dub, of course it doesn’t have the art deco feel like in Eng.)

          I don’t know what criteria they based that on. If space is not the issue, I guess the only thing left is effort, like if they feel like doing it.
          I can’t imagine it could be all that hard, look at Ninja Gaiden, Sonic, Project Sylpheed, all dual tracks.

          I guess it’s just me, I thought it’s a natural thing since most hollywood DVD movies have at least Eng and French (sometimes Spanish), while they should give the option to gamers who want to play games originated from Japan in its original language.

    • I agree with you, but thanks to Blu-ray and DVDs publishers now have the ability to stuff two language tracks on the same disc.

      Choices are always better, but if publishers want JRPGs to be mainstream again they need to invest more in localization. Then again there are some games like Super Robot Taisen OG Saga, which are incredibly niche here there’s really no point in trying to localize them with English voices since those have a very specific audience.

  • QBasic

    I think it’s a space issue, not money.

    • How is it a space issue? The game is gonna be on PS3. And I doubt the whole game is bigger than a bluray disc.

      • QBasic

        No it’s not. It’s multiplat. It’s gonna be on both the PS3 and 360.

        And besides. Look at FFXIII. The PS3 version could handle dual voices, but not the 360 version; hence they’re stripping it altogether.

        Similar story here, probably.

        • Aoshi00

          I don’t think it’s a matter of space though since Blue Dragon (3 discs) and Lost Odyssey (4 discs) had dual tracks too, LO even has 5 languages for both in-game text and audio. So it’s probably money and time constraint for localization.

        • Yeah, but I don’t see why they have to play to the 360’s lack of disk space. Sure it’d piss off some 360 owners, and probably isn’t worth the money to record the rest of the English acting for just the PS3 version, but still, haha.

          Regardless I’m not one to complain, as I could care less about English voice acting, if a game gives me the option to switch it.

  • Is now buying this game!

    • Aoshi00

      Awesome news :) I’ll hold off importing and wait for the US version then. Can only devote myself to one RPG (FF 13) at a time anyway, unless the Jpn version has some really enticing pre-order goodies..

  • Informer

    “COUGH” XBox 360 still uses DVDs “Cough”
    Although I see no reason to use up another DVD, but then agan Star Ocean last hope had 3 DVD yet didn’t have japanese voices. Thanks Square-Enix for some ear grating helium induced voice actings…

  • epy

    Don’t really see why people get so surprised when the people that watch anime in japanese also preffer to play their Japanese RPGs in japanese… You might think we are an outspoken minority, but a ton of people that rather play the games in their original language just stay away from the troll wars and play with the cards the publishers give them.

    Also, as a friend said to me today, it’s funny how SEGA knows people like the option to play the games in japanese, but Square-Enix acts all surprised when IGN asked them about it.

    • Geosaferi

      Do you know where I could find this Ign interview with square by any chance?

  • BraveWind

    I wouldn’t mind the Japanese Voices.
    But they better have all the cut scenes in English because I can’t read AND watch at the same time xD
    Yes I have two eyes but can’t focus on two things at once, and Let’s hope the voice actors are good.

  • While extra audio tracks are nice (read: fun?) I always prefer the original language. Also, if it would delay the game for ONLY adding English voice overs to an already Japanese voiced game, give me the game instead. If you postpone the game to fix it up that’s another story.

  • thebanditking

    Doesn’t bother me at all, Ill take what I can get. Still I just wish companies would just fully localize the game for the JP releases so that way I don’t have to play the “will they, wont they localize” game like I have to with many of Namco and Sega’s games, I am more then willing to pay the import premium.

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