• http://www.youtube.com/user/xxHiryuuxx Hiryuu

    Well sure, if I’m playing something competitively and I think something cheap just occured, I’d love to see an avatar of mine get all rrrrrRRRRAAAAAEEEEEEEEGGGGGGG!

    I see fighting games benefit from it…because I have a feeling the opponent would be ‘amused’ in response.

  • http://twitter.com/matty_125 matty

    So, if I can’t beat a boss after the seventy-gazillionth time, the boss will eventually cower away after it senses me rambling like a madman? That would be useful.

    I’m pretty stoic while playing games, but this could move games in an interesting direction. Hopefully, it’ll be stable unlike the speech recognition used for Lifeline.

  • Daszeuzo

    Sony creating a laughter detection device

    this joke writes itself so easily that UK Resistance could make it their last update ever

  • http://shmups.system11.org/ UnscathedFlyingObject

    Those patent pictures are always so funny.

    • Serge73

      Yeah, especially the contraption that the man is watching on the TV, haha

  • lostinblue

    they should bundle this idea with that horse seat Nintendo just patented.

  • http://www.sonyaibo.net/ Shanie

    Haha, that has to be the best patent drawing I have ever seen! XD

  • VinLAURiA

    The picture on the TV is pretty funny, but overall something to “identify emotions” to identify what triggers each emotion scares me a little.

    With all that data collected, developers could just put in elements that have been proven to trigger a certain emotion and they’ll never need to exert any effort again and there will never be anything original or made with actual care anymore.

  • mgal

    well no one can predict what will sony do next….

  • cepee

    Generally (technologically) I find it thrilling and definitely it has great potential to make games more real.
    But also theres a big potential for game makers to hook people even better to that game. Those games could become a real drug then (“give me that feeling only you can give me”) you know what I mean?

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