Persona 3 Portable Has A Female Protagonist

By Spencer . August 17, 2009 . 10:56pm

p3portShin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 is coming to PSP as Persona 3 Portable, but there is more to this than the standard PlayStation 2 to PSP port.


The Famitsu scan for Persona 3 Portable says the main character is female. Yes, that’s her in the scan and what appears to be a female version of Orpheus. A picture of Orpheus from Persona 3 is below for comparison’s sake.


While it’s too early for Atlus USA to announce Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable, I’d bet on a domestic release.



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  • Zhemos

    Wow!!! Didn’t see this one coming. I think my head is about to explode. Persona 3 portable? A new main character?! Sign me up please. If Atlus doesn’t release this in the USA then they don’t like money.

  • BK0000

    I really wish they would have done Persona 2: Innocent Sin and Persona 2: Eternal Punishment first.

    • Cas

      Agreed. I wonder if this PSP version is an entirely new adventure though. Quite likely, since they changed the protagonist.

    • Jirin

      Honestly I could care less about Persona 2 unless they give it a persona system more similar to 3 and 4. Having to constantly negotiate with demons in a negotiation system with no logic whatsoever just to get new personas is just ridiculous.

      Persona 2’s story with Persona 4’s combat = The perfect Persona. But 2’s combat and persona system is just plain awful.

  • Yeap, time to buy a PSP.

    • QBasic

      Aherm. :P

      Don’t forget the Chinatown Wars port. >:3

      • You didn’t buy it yet, did you. =_=;

        How is it that I convinced Aoshi to buy Flower, Sun & Rain and failed to make you buy Chinatown Wars? ><

        • QBasic

          Now, who said I didn’t buy it? >:3 Maybe I forgot to mention that I found a used copy at my FYE for $17, AND had a 33% coupon on hand…

          Maybe I failed to mention that I made use of that coupon, and the game is no longer on the shelf. >:3

          • Success! :D

            What do you think of it?

            (I love how we derail every comments thread we’re in)

          • QBasic

            Well, I dunno about you, but I have a DS Lite. So, I’m having a hard time playing the game in large chunks since the D-Pad destroys my thumb within 15 minutes.

            But that said…it plays absurdly tight! I thought it was gonna be closer to old school GTA games…but, it’s kind of something different and new in it’s own right. When I think about it, I really don’t think a PSP port would be very fitting… It works really well for what it’s on.

            Also, Jamaican drug dealers DO talk like how I did back then! Trippy!

            (It’s cause we’re total badasses and rebels, you and I.)

          • Ugh, agree completely on the dpad issue. Even playing Crystal Chronicles or Call of Duty is a pain. If I had one complaint about CTW though, it’d be the fact that you can’t do much with your warehouses once you buy them. I really hope there’s a sequel incoming where they give you more long-term goals to try and achieve.

            And yea, those drug dealers are AWESOME. I had so much fun ripping them off. :D

          • QBasic

            I really don’t think they’ll spawn a sequel. The game did horribly at sales.

            And my buying a used copy didn’t help at all. XD

          • Haha, I don’t know about “horribly.” 90,000 at launch for a DS game is likely profitable, and it probably sold a few thousand units every month since then. If they can keep doing that – develop for DS, then move it over to PSP for additional sales – I think the chances of us seeing more CTW-style GTA is pretty good.

            (Yea, I really, really want another one. ><)

          • QBasic

            Meh, what I want is DLC episodes for the PS3 version of GTAIV. >:;3 Place us in the hands of a Michael Weston-esque protagonist (PLEASE tell me you watch Burn Notice…). Ex-spy turned mercenary. Instead of drug dealing and hot wiring, you use the touchpad to *create* crap…like, twigs + duct tape = grenade launcher.

          • ECM

            Yeah, it’s at around 700k to date with no release in Japan (yet) and no holiday season (yet) so, yeah, it’s far, far from horrible.

          • Sadly, I haven’t watched Burn Notice. All I’ve watched lately is a bunch of new anime. I still need to catch up with Lost (gave up after season 3) and start on Prison Break (yes, I know I suck). ><

            I totally understand wanting the DLC on PS3. This exclusivity stuff is bullshit. The same goes for that PS3 Joker-exclusivity in Arkham Asylum. I mean, what the hell.

            I'd actually like to see another GTA London if they do a portable game. Then again, consoles would probably do the London-esque atmosphere greater justice.

          • QBasic

            (Thread Derail #2!!!)

            I really hope you’ve been keeping up with Canaan. :3 The best new anime I’ve seen in way too long a time.

          • Loving Canaan. Have you SEEN Alphard’s calves? Holy shit.

          • QBasic

            Hey…dude, not to be a prick…but, maybe we should stop derailing threads like this too often. XD So here, I’ll slap my e-mail address here (doubles as my MSN messenger account): [email protected]

            Spammers and trolls who add me will die. >:<

            And…to not make this comment a complete waste…While everything about Alphard is as badass as it gets, I'm actually way too entertained by Joji Nakata's nutso Taxi Driver. Definitely his best role to date since Alucard. :D

            It's………HIGH TENSION TIMEEE!!!

          • W00t, thanks! I’ll add you right now. I don’t think anyone really minds the de-railing though. Besides, our second thread below this one redeems it. :P

            And yea, that taxi driver is hilarious. I wish they made them like that over here. Well OK, they drive just as bad, but they’re nowhere near as entertaining.

          • QBasic

            BAD driver!? Dude, comon. That dude is like…Steve McQueen meets Gates from Full Metal Panic! He’s crazy skilled, and insane as hell.

          • OK, poor choice of words. Crazy, not bad. :P

    • Saturnus

      lol, this game has sealed the deal. I’m definitely getting a PSP soon, goddamn…

  • QBasic

    =_= Rrrgh.

    P2 please!!!!!!! >:< (Am I the only one who realized how crappy P3 really was after replaying both P2 games and P4…?)

    • Silence, heretic! It remains the best RPG known to mankind!

      Edit: Erm, thought I’d add some text to make myself seem a bit more credible. I like Persona 4 and its cast a lot but I loved the story in 3 and the atmosphere of tension and gloom.

      • QBasic

        Well, I honestly found the tension to be a lot more solid in 4…even with the insanity and tomfoolery that is to be found when either Kanji, Teddie, or Rise say something, I found the murders to be way more grisly than anything in P3…

        And yeah. The characters in 4 aren’t 40-somethings during their mid-life crisis stuffed into teenaged bodies. >::3 Heehee, nuff said. >:3

        EDIT: Speaking of Kubo…the dungeon Void Quest already bests any and all coolness & epicness that came from P3 altogether…ALONE. >:3

        • But it had Mitsuru Kirijo. :D

          I’ll admit, 4 was better in almost every regard. Cast, social links, battle system (barring the broken L1 Analysis), dungeons.

          The problem is, I found the music and atmosphere better in 3 overall. I love the idea of “organizations,” so the whole SEES thing really appealed to me. Investigation Team never quite gave me the same feeling. I also liked Minato a lot more than Souji.

          I think that has something to do with the fact that Minato had a very passive personality. You could BE him…whereas Souji’s personality was a bit more assertive, so it took much longer for me to relate to him.

          Sigh. Yea, it’s time for me to finish that P3/P4 feature I’ve been putting off for so long. I’ll get it done tonight. -_-

          EDIT: OK, fine. You win on the Kubo argument. That was an awesome dungeon.

          • QBasic

            I detested the poser hip hop of P3…

            If they wanna try that again in P3P….hire Takeharu Ishimoto. >:< If WEWY taught us anything, that fool knows how it's done.

            And….I'll admit. I sorta worked my ass off in P3 just so I can date Mitsuru… XD

            …Ahem. But I was….young, and naive back then!

          • Amazing how you barely get to spend any time with her before you-know-what happens. I hope they fix that in P3 Portable.

            Kinda makes you wonder…will this retcon 3 in any way? Since we know 3 and 4 take place in the same universe, I wonder if there will be a game that ties it all together. Some mysteries like Igor and those blue butterflies (we all know what those are supposed to be) are dying to be solved.

          • QBasic

            “I hope they fix that in P3 Portable.” I hope you realize what that means considering this port has a female protagonist. XD (aka…I’m game! X3)

            And yeah, definitely would like some allusions to P4…maybe have Naoto or Adachi pop up somewhere or something.

            And yeah…blue butterflies…Philemon definitely needs to show up THIS time around to really slap this game back to the Personaverse. =_=

          • I think everyone thought the same thing when they heard “female protag.” XD

            Unfortunately, this probably means more male characters to establish social links with…provided she is a replacement for Minato and not something else, of course. Dying to learn more about this game. I just hope they don’t let this retcon everything we know completely and make an effort to keep a timeline.

          • QBasic

            Hmm…Aigis is a pretty neutral character. I wonder how they’ll handle her with Social Links this time around…

    • BK0000

      I played Persona 2 first, so Persona 3 has always been horrible to me. As far as I’m concerned, Persona 3 and 4 are Persona in name only.

      • QBasic

        I can see and understand why a lot of people would prefer that one, since I did as well. :)

        But, Persona 4 just somehow clicked with me personally. I won’t rank it as high as Eternal Punishment, my fave SMT game by far, but it’s definitely high up for me.

    • Enact

      I kind of had similer feelings to you actually. I mean, I like P3 and all, but I prefer the dark introspective story of P2 and the cast of P4 a lot more then anything in 3 in retrospect. I also thought that after the PSP Persona remake that would automatically lead to a P2 remake (maybe bundled together or done as seperate games like the Sora no Kiseki games), but maybe if this does will it will justify it.

      Also there is no shame in wanting to date fictional characters….as long as you keep it in game :p.

  • Nabe

    What the? This is a pleasant surprise — moreso with P3 being my favorite of the bunch. It’ll be interesting going through the game as a female!

    Pretty weird announcement though, it came out of nowhere…

  • CocytusX

    I’m so pissed that they skipped over 2, way to milk Persona 3, Atlus.

  • Nekobo

    Uh, wow. I like P3 and all, but please don’t skip P2 on the PSP. :/

    So does this mean you can finally date dudes in a Persona game? Fan girls can finally have it their way! And yeah, I know about Tatsuya’s possible bromance in Innocent Sin.

    • Cas

      Yea! Need a PSP port of both P2 games! That will definitely be an indication that I NEED a PSP.

  • Ereek

    Interesting. But I already own two copies of Persona 3, Vanilla and FES, I’m not sure if I need a third. Especially with a perfect file on FES.

  • malek86

    I already have P3… but if they change the battle system so you can control everyone manually, I’m going to buy this.

    • Ereek

      What would also help is not having to talk to each character to change their equipment or see their status.

      • malek86

        I liked the whole concept of the 25th hour and Tantalus more than the murder mystery, but I couldn’t really get over the lack of control of my charas, so I stopped playing after the second boss. And yes, equipping them and seeing their statuses was a pain as well.

        So I would especially like it if P3 were remade with P4’s battle system. Would also make it more accessible to new players, which is probably what Atlus is trying to do lately anyway.

    • Ooo… I forgot about that as well.

      Same here. Especially if they also change the fact that dungeon-crawling fatigues characters. That’s what kept me from continuing the PS2 version of Persona 3.

  • MadMirko

    _Persona_ again, huh? Persona _3_ again, huh?!


    • Hraesvelgr

      Exactly what I was thinking. Sheesh!

  • ElTopo


  • She’s a fellow student. I wonder if it’ll turn out to be that girl with the parent issues when you talk to her near the stairs on the second floor, ’cause it kind of looks like her.

  • Cloud_ST

    I hope they remake P2 and it’s other version as well after this one.

    And I hope that the remake is 100% the version it was in the PS2,only with graphics a little lower of course.

  • ShadowYuri

    Here’s hoping they won’t make juste a port, and we’ll at least get something different in terms of S. Links. And I’d like the updated gameplay of P4, too. But really now, I fear they will skip the P2 remakes, and I didn’t get to play any of those yet, so…

  • maxchain

    My fingers are crossed. I’m sincerely hoping Atlus will do the right thing and keep the option to romance Aigis (from FES, at least).


    A good reason to try out Persona 3, oddly enough I waited so long for the game after the japanese release but never ended up getting it. Will get this version for sure :)

  • Enact

    I think sometimes I’m the only one not particularly bothered by the sudden push with the Persona series, mostly because all megaten spinoffs are treated differently and as seperate franchies for the most part really, even with the common mythos and demons. That and as far as I’m concerned, more megaten = good thing, no matter what form it comes in. Either way, this looks really interesting, I wouldn’t mind going back to P3, even though I prefer P4’s cast (Namely Yukiko and Rise :3) over any of the characters in P3. That and when I see this, I keep thinking Persona 3: Otome Game editon :p.

  • reisey

    My brain. There’s smoke coming off from it.

  • WHERE’S. MY. GROWLANSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    At minimum I’m hoping this new port includes the FES improvements, since I never really played through the “expansion pack”.

  • Hm. Then it looks more buyable.

    Otherwise it would mean I have to buy it a third time. I already got P3 and P3:FES :p

  • Zuga

    I don’t think I’ll be buying this………….still haven’t finished the PS2 game, and frankly I’d rather get new games aka Growlanser then get a port of a game that was released just a short time ago.

    • But, isn’t Growlanser an enhanced port?

      • jj984jj

        Yeah it’s not new… but it never came out in English before. :(

      • Zuga

        That’s true Spencer.

        However, I’ve already had the experience of playing Persona 3, and since it was released only 2 years ago, it’s not an old nostalgic game that needs a remake so soon. I’m already glad I waited a few months and got FES instead of the original.

        Growlanser is a PSX game and supposedly one of the best in the series. Plus it hasn’t been released over in English before. I just have been questioning Atlus’s localizing decisions lately – why localize Class of Heroes, The Dark Spire, Tokyo Beatdown, Steal Princess – which likely have more niche audiences than a series that has a dedicated following like Growlanser.

        I appreciate remakes when they’re games that were great in the day and can use a graphical overhaul – i.e. FF4 DS and Dragon Quest IV and V, but anything less than 4 years old is way too quick to get a remake/port.

  • Strangely I’m not interested in buying this game for the 5th time. I would have much rather had a P2 or P4 port with new material than this.

  • Man, lay off the PSP shit Atlus. Please?

    Oh well. I’m happy for those of you who have one :).

    • Ereek

      If you’re complaining about ATLUS releasing games on the PSP, that obviously means you have interest in two or more games already released for it. Contrary to popular belief, the PSP does have quite a few games, my library is actually bigger than my DS library, if you do some research.

  • I already bought Persona 3 twice. It’ll have to be a big addition (to a PSP version? I’m doubting it) to make me want to slog through it again. I love P3, but seriously, not for a third time.

  • kurono

    I’m psyched for this! But, damn you Atlus! I already own several versions of Persona 3!

    Persona 3
    Persona 3 FES
    Persona 3 FES w/ Artbook

    Looks like I’ll be adding to that.

  • I want it. I absolutely definitely want it. I wonder if the social links will remain the same for her?

    I hope they also fix the party members that get ‘sick’ after a little dungeon crawling. Toughen up! XD

  • YuRiAe

    You think you can date the guys??? *______*

  • Jirin

    Wait, so it’s not just a port? Or is it the same game except you date the males instead of females?

    Must…resist…buying…another…system… If this and VC2 get announced here I will finally be forced to go out and get the cheapest used PSP I can find.

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