Meet The Belmonts In Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

By Spencer . August 19, 2009 . 6:01pm

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is a Castlevania game, which means somehow the Belmonts are involved. One of the characters in of Lords of Shadow, doesn’t seem to be a fan of the legendary family, though. In the latest trailer you can hear someone say, “I will wipe the name Belmont from this world forever.”


Konami also revealed details about the “God Mask” used as a teaser image, which has the power to raise the dead. Gabriel seeks to obtain the mask and revive his wife, Marie. This quest pits Gabriel against supernatural creatures like werewolves, but we haven’t seen Dracula… yet. Perhaps, the series’ nemesis will make an appearance in a Tokyo Game Show trailer.


Castlevania: Lords of Shadows is slated for release next year on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.


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  • Name

    “Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is a Castlevania game”

    Konami still hasn’t convinced me of this.

  • EvilAkito

    Castlevania in name only.

    Between this and Castlevania Judgment, I’m convinced that Konami doesn’t really know what to do with their Castlevania brand anymore, so they’re just tossing it around. The series really deserves better.

  • Soma

    Anyone else think a Castlevania that bases elements on the Legend of Zelda series will make a better transition into 3d than the Devil May Cry like style of play? Been playing the PS2 Castlevania and dear god it shows they can’t move the series greatness in 2d to 3d….

  • I will reserve judgment, but will admit that I enjoyed the other 3-D Castlevanias… not as Castlevania titles, but as action games. Castlevania is best served in 2-D, much like Metroid games (again, opinions), so if this game is at least fun and remotely connected thematically, I’m sure I’ll enjoy it on some level.

  • fallen

    I’ll not consider this a Castlevania game until I heard some input about it from the developers. Something like, “This was always meant to be a CV game, they just didn’t call it so at first to test the waters.” Until then, it’s obvious they just tacked the CV name onto Lords of Shadow to increase sales of an otherwise unoriginal (albeit seemingly quality) IP that would have easily been overlooked like so many other games of its ilk.

  • maxchain

    If I were a betting man, I’d say the Gold Mask’s going to end up getting used by the villain du jour to revive Dracula without having to do the usual paperwork.

  • leeorv

    I actually think the best castlevania game they can develop at the moment would be a remake of Castlevania 3 into the PSP’s Dracula X Chronicles 2.5D style, it’s one of the longest (if not the longest) action based castlevania out there, has a great story to tell if dialogue was revised and vocalised, and has multiple paths and characters to choose from as well as OMFG good music.

    • Advent_Andaryu

      I agree completely, Konami should focus on Castlevania remakes instead of new titles that don’t fit the series at all. Or even specific sequels, like how Dawn of Sorrow preceded Aria of Sorrow. The original character designs are amazing!

      A remake of C3 would be sweet, 2.5D or 2D. I’d like to have all of the original titles remaked… Not just for PSP though. DS, and even for virtual download like on the PSN.

      With Hideo Kojima involved, Lord of Shadows will be awesome… Just not like the old Castlevania we all love. Ayami Kojima should really be put back into the character design / artist for the series…

  • CrisSpiegel

    Why is his head so small and shoulders so wide? :-P

    Now, seriously, they only keep classic franchises name for marketing reasons. The only thing that remains is scenario style, but the most important – gameplay style – is thrown away. Maybe a good game itself, but not a Castlevania in the usual meaning.

    But people keep complaining about “more of the same”, so I’m afraid the days of ye olde are almost gone.

  • A lot of people talk about the original Castlevania that they cherish so much, yet it sounds like everyone STARTED with Symphony of the Night. Castlevania has gone through some overhauls a couple of times and I don’t think they are in the wrong for trying this game out. Lament of Innocence was not terrible and a better approach at the 3D than both N64 games. Maybe everyone just wants SotN clones for the rest of their lives.

    I think 2D and 3D Castlevania can both be good but they have definitely had more problems on the 3D side. I think this game will be better for the series than worse. Especially after Judgement.

    Has Castlevania ever had an exact formula since the beginning? I won’t even go into the differences as I’m sure a lot of people already know.

    • I played the series since the NES titles and I don’t mind either designs we’ve had before. This is clearly a reboot so I don’t mind this as well but I want at least classic enemies showing up.

  • BobTheCat

    Doesn’t look like Castlevania to me and the main character reminds me a lot of MacLeod from Highlander.

  • jarrodand

    Trailer looks great… even if it’s not “really Castlevania” it looks good imo. Besides, purists will probably get another DS Igavania and probably a M2 WiiWare Re-birth title anyway.

  • I’m not sure how “Castlevania”-like (?) or good this game really is going to be, but:

    – So much applause for a older, burly-looking main character. (Even though I like Ayami Kojima.)
    – I hope this dude is from one of the organizations mentioned in Ecclesia.
    – Patrick Stewart ♥

  • dj-jellybean

    OMG, has nobody else noticed the fantastic cast?! Patrick Stewart, Jason Isaacs and Robert Carlyle! Makes me proud to be British!

    Jason Isaacs is my lord and master! – Lucius Malfoy – Harry Potter
    Captain Hook – Peter Pan
    DJ – Event Horizon

    It looks beautiful…..

  • at first i thought the main chara were dracula before his change into that alchemist( which is before his change into drácula) i thought that would make a nice game =.=

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