Sony Selling Digital PSP Releases At Retail Prices

By Spencer . September 3, 2009 . 8:31am

imageGran Turismo rolls out on October 1st on disc and as a PlayStation Store download. SCEA announced both versions will cost $39.99.


A stand-alone version of Gran Turismo will be available on UMD and as a digital download on the PlayStation Network on October 1 for $39.99 (MSRP).


This is a shift from Sony’s strategy in Japan, which is selling downloadable versions at a discount. Sony began simultaneously releasing PSP games in stores and on the PlayStation Store in Japan last year. Downloadable versions have always been cheaper there, usually around $10 less. Even third party publishers like Irem are following suit with two tier pricing.


Unfortunately, digital releases of new PSP games cost the same as a boxed game in North America. Shin Megami Tensei: Persona from Atlus will be the first digital/retail release here. It will retail $39.99 in stores and on the PlayStation Store. In addition to getting a UMD, the physical copy of Persona also comes with a two disc soundtrack. It’s easy to see who is getting a better deal.


If Sony is really planning a digital push they should offer an incentive for the downloadable version since it can’t be resold. Well, technically Sony is offering an incentive by discounting downloadable versions, but that’s only for Japan.

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  • lostinblue


    what were they thinking?

  • Serge73

    They’re really making it hard for people to find reasons to get people to want a pspgo over the other models. Between the price of the hardware and now the price of the software…

    • vall03

      this also reminds me of the new PSP-3000 + GTPSP bundle. For the past weeks, Ive been contemplating on whether to get a Go or 3000 though Im more inclined with the 3000. News like this makes me even less interested on the Go and right now the only thing left that I like about the Go is the form factor and the built-in 16GB memory.

      • lostinblue

        PSP-3000 all the way, it’s cheaper, it reads UMD’s and has a bigger screen, plus it’s more ergonomic.

        • daizyujin

          And you can just buy a 16 gig stick for it. There it does pretty much anything the PSPGo does.

      • I’d go with the GTPSP bundle. You’ll be able to purchase games when they drop in price and run all of the downloadable games that come out.

  • Serge73

    accidental double post…

  • M’iau M’iaut

    And the business side of things is CONVINCED consumers and this market is ready for DL only now…….from a dollars and sense defense, I know the cost of publishing and printing is probably the smallest part of the apple, but most consumers aren’t going to see it that; and they still don’t have a solution for when the title you grab is an absolute stinker.

    With GT, it’s not like we’re talking your Fate/Stay Nights and Agarest Senki’s where one might expect a premium price just to “get it here”.

  • ElTopo

    This is why I hate digital releases. There’s all these people in the industry, blogs, writers clammering for this sh*t, why I don’t know. Its not more convenient, cleaning out the refrigerator is something that comes to mind. When your system breaks down in 5 years and the PS4/X720/WiiHD are all out and servers are coming down, your library of games is suddenly gone. Why in the world would you want to trade a tangible, physical product that can be traded, sold, and retain some form of physical monetary VALUE for a packet of data?

    The whole idea behind a digital release is that it avoids the middlemen, it eliminates all production costs associated with printing the game, distribution is null. Costs go way down, hell the game is even delivered directly to the target audience via the various online stores accessible directly from the home console. And yet games STILL cost the same, because in the end publishers are greedy, and people are content with the status quo. The people who support this kind of price gouging are just as bad as the people who buy the 2.99$ DLC unlocks, which unlock data from the product you already payed 59.99$ for.

    Its sh*t like this thats ruining the gaming industry for everyone.
    End rant.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Its that the industry (or a few misguided loudmouths within it) has decided that every bit of their recent struggles are the result of one thing USED GAMES. They speak with an arrogance that shows they know nothing of the entertainment mediums they are so desperate to replace, namely books, music and movies. Every one of these has had to ‘deal with’ the consumer reselling, returning or otherwise turning their nose up at product that didn’t meet desires; there is no justification in game companies thinking they should be treated different.

      When companies say Gamestop, Amazon or whatever should not be allowed to resell their product (their most recent logic thrust being what’s involved is ‘rights’ not a product) companies are telling paying customers they do not have the right to do what they desire with their purchases. Such is not a good thing to do.

      • ElTopo

        I was gonna post something about how imo Gamestop has really benefited the industry, and then I realized I was up to a page of content. So I’ll make it short an sweet.

        Anyone who thinks they deserve a cut on any kind of game resale, is a ignorant, greedy a**hole. They know it too, and they deserve nothing short of being punched in the mouth and forced to take a basic Economics 101 course. Which they did, because they’re probably business majors. So again, just ignorant a**holes.

        The good thing is that no court of law anywhere would hold up some kind of used games lawsuit, publishers would be laughed out of court. Which is why consumers need to shove avoid this DLC and bullsh*t digital releases like the plague, because thats their only other option to force the consumer into only buying new, overpriced products.

    • daizyujin

      Quit reading my mind and posting my thoughts!


  • For every step forward, two back. I really can’t fathom why Sony think DL versions of retail games are “Premium”. It’s stupid. The only reason I think Sony might be doing this is because they’re getting a lot of flak from the retailers. Glad I have a PSP 2000.

  • Digital Downloads on PSN/LIVE/WiiWare – Cool, and gives small companies (and great games) a chance to come out at decent prices, usually below $15.00.

    Games that should be or are physical copies become download only – Give me a damn break. To boot it’s the same price for dual releases?

    Patapon 2, Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman!, and Siren (until I bought the Asian version) all lost my sale due to no tangible media. Both have their ups and downs, obviously. I’ve bought several games on the previously mentioned systems, but none of these would or did have a release.

    /end anti “new age DL” hate that makes a collector bitter.

  • RyuRyuRan

    Wow they just WANT the Go to fail, don’t they? >_>

    First they give the Go a high price, now they sell retail games at the same price when they cost less to put on PSN…

    Way to “Go”…

    ALTHOUGH, from what I understand it’s the game company’s decision as to how much the games cost on the PSN. (right..?)

  • I would assume it would be at least 5$ cheaper since you aren’t getting a manual and box. No deal unless it’s exclusive I guess.

  • tppop

    Seems like it was a good idea to get one of the older PSPs. For anyone on the fence, I would recommend it too. You can make the deal even better with a pack like this one –

  • JeremyR

    This has always been SCEA policy, as far as I know, so it’s not really a shift. And policy for most software sellers in the US.

    It has to do with retailers in the US. They won’t carry products that are sold by the original company cheaper. They literally can’t compete with that (since selling direct cuts out the middleman), so they won’t.

    Electronic or physical, it’s no difference. Only when games start getting out of the retail channel do you see companies sell stuff for cheaper directly.

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