Star Ocean: The Last Hope International Is Extremely Import Friendly

By Spencer . September 15, 2009 . 12:15am

image Square Enix is raising the bar for their “international” editions, which usually have English voice acting and Japanese subtitles. Star Ocean: The Last Hope International also includes English subtitles.


On top of that, this scan from Famitsu says players will be able to choose French, German, and other text options from a menu. You can also choose either English or Japanese voice acting. And since the PlayStation 3 is region free Star Ocean: The Last Hope International is probably the most import friendly Japanese RPG to date.


Mark your calendar for February 4, 2010. That’s when the game comes out in Japan and that’s when you can import.

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  • Kuza21

    That’s awesome! More gaming companies need to do this if they don’t plan on that game to be released out of japan!

    • I’m confident Star Ocean: TLH will come out in North America, but I like how Square Enix is making their “international” editions truly international.

  • geosaferi

    Wonderful! No need to wait for it to come here then! Wish more games would do this.

  • malek86

    Good to know. Now if only they retained the anime menu, instead of the CG stuff.

    • TTTT

      or it would be good if you could choose. I kind of liked the CG stuff from what I saw.

      • malek86

        Yes! Like in the old RPGs, where you could change the color of your menus. Why can’t they let you choose how you prefer the interface? If it’s too hard to change it real-time during the game, they could let you choose before the game starts, like in the options or something.

  • BK0000

    There’s supposedly a new character too, but there aren’t any pictures of him/her/it yet.

  • Randgriz

    What about the menus, this could just be all for the voice acting

    • Its for menu text too. This game is truly “international” in every sense of the word.

      • Randgriz

        Ok so now the question is, will it have trophies lol

        I cant believe the PS3 is still playing catch up with titles like these, but at least were getting new content and a new game. Im very interested in Nier replicant.

        I think S-E should just cut thier losses and make a brand new IP exclusivly for the ps3 (nier doesnt count cause theirs one for the 360)

        • zweii

          Of course it wiil. Trophies are mandatory since January 2009.

  • Ereek

    Wait, wow. How did I miss this news about PS3 SO4?

  • Gestahl

    Will import, I guess, if the reviews are positive. The bloody game should have been on PS3 from the start.

  • It’s as if they want us to import!

  • railgun88

    Cool. If this isn’t too expensive I’ll import it. I couldn’t stand the game for the xbox360. The voice acting drove me nuts. Kay? Totally killed my drive to play the game. If they announce plans to release it in the states, which I’m sure they will I hope to god they keep the japanese audio.

  • Aoshi00

    Nice, multiple languages (text & audio) like Lost Odyssey. I guess all the past FF Int’l weren’t very int’l at all..

    I’m happy it’s coming out on PS3 so no more constant disc swapping for planet hopping near end game (hopefully no freezes either). I actually haven’t finished disc 3 yet, I think I would wait for the PS3 version and play it all over again. And yes, trophies!

    Personally I prefer the CG menu interface, but too bad they aren’t leaving in the anime one, otherwise this would truly be the ultimate edition. I actually liked the Eng. acting a lot, Seeds of Hope >> Fortune Babies :) (Sarah sounds even more annoying in Jpn, lol)

    • Yeah, I think this is S-E’s first “real” international version since Final Fantasy X International but definitely a step in right direction again!

      I put SO4 on the shelf after about 10 hours on the 360 because I had other games lined up and never got back to it. I guess this is a great reason to just pick up the PS3 version.

      • Aoshi00

        I’m actually at near end game on disc 3, but didn’t feel like going on when I heard one needs to swap discs for side quests on different planets. Maybe I should just finish the dang game at least for the ending, forget the sidequests and do those on PS3.

    • Pichi

      Very happy to hear about the multiple languages as well. More people to get a chance to play! I hope this happens with future International games as well!

  • Oh. So now this is going to be released for PS3 as well?

    Why did they release it for Xbox 360 in the first place if they are going to remake it for PS3?

    Another company that is tricking it´s customer… No wonder they have so much money when they pull stunts like this.

    Makes one wonder why I took time to get a NTSC Xbox 360… So far there has only been one game that hasn´t been announced for PS3 later on and that is Spectral Forces 3.

    So it has turned into being a waiting game for when the JRPGs will be remade into better versions on PS3? That is kinda boring.

    • Boring indeed. I’ve always been an exclusives fan but nowadays with so many people who support only one company (read: system-wise) it doesn’t surprise me that they are forced to “spread the love.” So each flagrant fanboy of said system can get their hands on a game.

      • I´m more of a sharing guy. I want as many people as possible to be able to play the game.

        What I don´t like is that some companies tend to rerelease their titles to other systems with loads of extra stuff or single countries. Tales of Symphonia for PS2 is a good example.

        Tales of Vesperia for PS3 also a good example and now even Star Ocean 4 is being remade with more stuff for PS3.

        For some reason it just feels wrong. Why is one console often given more stuff than the other just because of time?

        Or why if the release is in another country that means more waiting time is it given more stuff that other versions that are basically the same but just another region. ZOE2 for PS2 PAL got a lot of extras over the NTSC version for example.

        I don´t give a damn about what console the game is released for. What I want is that the same version is released to all consoles. Which in this age should be done. But for some odd reason it isn´t.

        I just feel irritated to this behaviour from the companies.

        • Aoshi00

          I actually don’t mind exclusives either since I own all systems, it’s like I turn on 360 to play Gears and PS3 for God of War 3, each system serving a purpose.

          While I’m glad more people could get to enjoy this game on another platform, I do feel very ripped off too a superior version comes out in such a short time. So far I had to re-buy Eternal Sonata, and planned to re-buy Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, Vesperia, SO4, etc (and that’s not counting having bought the US/Jpn version of many 360 RPGs since they lack dual tracks).. Since PS3 just launched Slim and should be catching on, I might rethink about getting the 360 version on day 1 and forced to wait for the eventual PS3 port w/ tons of extra contents.

          Very glad SO4’s finally coming out on PS3 though w/ all the improvement and extras, this would actually be my third copy…

          • Well, since I´m mainly into JRPGs it makes a bit of a difference for me :p

            I got a NTSC X0 since I wanted to play Vesperia/SO. They both got released outside of US just shortly after I had played them.

            Vesperia got remade for the PS3 with so much extras that I sincerely hope that Namco will release it outside of Japan so I can get it for my PS3 and I hope that they include a dual language track. With SO I´d love to hear the Japanese voices. But I do not know if I want to get it again.

            It was the same with Eternal Sonata, just as I bought it then it was big news that it would be ported to PS3.

            As it stands now I just have to rethink it all, I might sell my X0s since with how things are now I don´t have a reason to keep them. All the JRPGs that are comming are sooner or later remade or ported to PS3. It´s all a waiting game.

            I want to spend my money on new games, not getting the same game over and over again.

        • ShinGundam

          3rd Party company Can’t charge 60$ for year old game without
          new and notable content

          • easy solution: Release them at the same time for both consoles.
            Simple isn´t it?

            Now MS seems to be a “beta” version if I should use the term that is fluently used over at Sankaku Complex. Which is pretty lame.

            But yes, that is a most valid reason. But it is boring to see that they have to do such things. Why not if they want to release it as free downloadable content to the other console?

            Can´t be done with the difference in programming and space available I´d bet. On the discs I mean.

            But now it just pays of to wait. Which is not something I´d imagine the companies wants the customers to do.

          • this comment is useless since it is all written at the comment under this one :( My stupid internet connection played a trick on me.

  • Hraesvelgr

    Doesn’t matter to me, the game still sucks. And the Japanese voice work isn’t really any better than the English voice work. Why? Bad script, bad story, bad characters. I don’t think any amount of great voice acting could save it.

  • Kris

    Clever move, Square!

  • nyoron

    Too bad Bamco couldn’t do this for ToV.

  • Akimitsu

    So wait, all of the menus, moves, items and stuff will have an English option?! Score!

  • vrakanox

    Best news I’ve heard in ages. Star Ocean 4 is one of the best Jrpgs I’ve played to date and with all these bonuses It’s going to be even better.

    All I can say is “Hell YES!”

  • OMG I must have it. I am happy it finally happened PS3 SO4 where it truly belongs. The Japanese shouldn’t get too mad about this one coming.

    • Hraesvelgr

      Games belong only on whatever console they make them for.

      • and that’s where you are wrong my friend. If the original series started on said console and try to jump it to another it will be a disaster especially a console that has a lot FPS games and the console that some people don’t like at all (Ex. Japanese).

        • Pesmerga00

          Star Ocean 1 says “Hi”. The goes into the corner to weep with it’s square gray friend.

          Console jumps are ridiculous. Just look at how SO2 turned out.

        • gar3

          Ah, the PlayStation generation. You can always spot ’em ;-D

  • Really interesting and well written article

  • BK0000

    Square Enix just put out a press release. Star Ocean: The Last Hope International comes out in North America on February 9, 2010.

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