Super Street Fighter 4 Adds Eight New World Warriors

By Spencer . September 28, 2009 . 9:37pm

super4 Capcom, going back to their Street Fighter II business plan, announced Super Street Fighter 4 for spring 2010.


The expanded version of Street Fighter 4 includes eight more characters, three of them have been revealed. T. Hawk and Dee Jay from Super Street Fighter II return. Newcomer Juri, a Korean Tae Kwan Do master, is the third character. That leaves five characters left, which may be a mix of newbies and old favorites. Come on Yun!


Just to be clear, Super Street Fighter IV will be a separate retail game and won’t be online compatible with Street Fighter IV. Characters are being tweaked and Gamespot brings up the possibility of some kind of lobby system. As a consolation to fans, Capcom won’t release Super Street Fighter IV as a full price game. However, Capcom hasn’t announced a price. Would be nice if Capcom released it as a Greatest Hits / Platinum Hits game a la Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition.

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  • Guest

    There was also a mention that there will be a a surprise for people who owned the regular street fighter 4 game. hopefully we get to keep our costume download content or have the full roster to play with from the start of the new super street fighter 4 game. only time will tell.

  • Strike_Man

    You mean Game*Spot* ;)

  • fermented

    It’s finally official, but will it be Spring 2010 arcade release or console release?

  • not so happy about this…UNLESS….shull-o-mania, kairi or garuda are one or more of those characters!!! then i’ll be happy.

    • Moriken

      Skullo would be like totally awesome, but since SFEX wasn’t made by Capcom…I doubt we’ll ever see anything out of that series in the main SF entries…
      (on a sidenote, I really liked the game system of SFEX…too bad the graphics were terrible; it really hasn’t aged well)

  • vall03

    Ingrid pls!

  • QBasic


    Huh. Pretty weird…aside from Dan, my fave Street Fighter characters have always been the three chicks introduced in SFIII…

  • Man, it would be great if they included Dudley or ANY SFIII characters.
    Or, if they want to continue the Final Fight crossover tradition, Haggar! The circle will be complete…

    • thaKingRocka

      they can’t put haggar in because he’s already there as zangief. when i first played sf2, i was amazed at how similar the moveset was. haggar was my favorite in ff, so i really enjoyed playing as zangief.

  • I think the full roaster will be available from the start, looking on how capcom commented about unlockable chars not in style nowadays.

  • So now the milking begins…

    Wonder when the Super Turbo HD Remix will arrive?

    Why not just release all this as downloadable content for a lesser sum or even for free?

    Oh well. Good for people wanting to buy it again. I´m not one of them so I´ll just ignore it.

    • because laypeople only hear the words “adding 8 more characters” and automatically think, “oh its an expansion.” just make it DLC…. like Fallout3 and etc

      Quite honestly, the big changes that make it worth buying are the character tweaks and balance changes, new moves for old characters and tier changes. Small minute changes like this to the old characters will change the overall gameplay as well as adding new characters.

      This is not like adding 8 new songs into your Rock Band 2 songlist.

      • Is that the impression you get from the comment? Nice for you.

        But the big impression you miss is just that what you write. The tweaks, making some characters less powerful(Sagat hopefully along with Zangief cheap loops).

        New moves, can´t seem to find that many new moves that wouldn´t break the game.

        As I said, the people who are pumped for this, go ahead and buy it. I´m not going to. I don´t have funds or interest for it. Going from original SF2 to SSF2 was a big misstake as it got boring.

        With SFIV being the way it is I just can´t seem to find a good reason to release it with tweaks, new moves and new characters as a completely “new” game with a Super added to the title. I just can´t. To me it would have been easier to release it as downloadable content.

        In the disc area where no HDD or downloadable content was available it would be handy and dandy. But now it feels as if they want to make changes, that do not mean changing button layouts or some other mechanic stuff that needs a whole new disc for it then it should either come as free or for a minimal cost as downloadable content for the old game.

        Adding characters doesn´t seem that big of a change if you ask me. Tweaks are closing in to the big change sure. Adding new sprites or animations to moves would require a chunk of code to be rewritten and then you´re really close to making it a new title.

        Still, just feels like milking the franchise again.

        • cowcow

          FYI they said they wanted to make this DLC only but had no choice to make it a separate disc because the content was too much to add to make it DLC only in terms of programming.

          • What can I say? Sony said that PS2 backwards compability wasn´t something the customers wanted either…

            It is ok with a new disc. Don´t get me wrong on that. And with how big the changes seems to be I can understand that they have to release it again.

            But one thought of mind that I have: If they wanted to make the character rooster grow and make changes to the play wouldn´t they have thought about it from the beginning? If they didn´t intend to release a new version…

            Oh well, I´m just overthinking this. Wonder what moves they have taken away from T. Hawk and DeeJay?

          • fermented

            They had to test the waters first with the initial release of SF4 to see if a 2D style fighter could still sell and how the new gameplay mechanics in a 3D graphics engine would play out with the fans. That and the time and budget constraints was what probably prevented them from making the game with all of the features and characters they wanted to in the beginning. You don’t even know what Yoshinori Ono had to go through just to convince Capcom invest his project.

          • fokkusuhaundo: With Guilty Gear and other 2d fighters there was no need to “test anything”. Had it been a new title, then more so. But with a classic series like Street Fighter? No need for testing there.

            The 2.5D graphics sucks. Which is something I said from the very start. That doesn´t change the gameplay one bit.

            So they have a budget constrain but they can make the same game and add all the previous characters and new moves and probably new outfits later on when they have sold it? Wouldn´t it be the same seat as before?

            What Yoshinori had to go trough? With all the interviews and what not I´ve read about how SFIV started out? I know what he had to go trough.

            And still, it amazes me it took Capcom so long to go back to SF2. Not that it is any bad idea but wow. Took them some time.

          • what fokk means is that, Ono is disliked within Capcom. Before SF4 Ono’s other recent fighting game projects consisted of SF3 3rd Strike, and Capcom Fighting Jam, and both games were flops in terms of userbase adoption.

            if sf4 wasn’t a success, i guarantee that Inafune would have fired Ono in an instant.

          • scott: Well, Capcom disolved Clover Studio so… It´s not easy to please them.

            With how the things are, it seems as they need remakes of old titles to be satisfied.

            SF3TS is more technical and needs more practice than SF2, therefore it wasn´t as well received for the main player base.

            Fighting Jam is one title I have no knowledge of so I can´t say anything about it.

            SF4 was a success as soon as they started saying that they used SF2 as the role model.

          • Even though they said that, i personally don’t believe that they ever planned it as DLC.

  • cowcow

    I NEED Fei Long in Game of Death yellow track suit with Kareem Abdul Jabbar footprint on his chest. Capcom make it happen damn you

    • pressstart

      PC version, costume mods.

  • thaKingRocka

    there will have to be a third version of sf4 as they refine the game with the 8 new characters. however, i don’t see this as a bad thing. i would have preferred balancing limited to the current roster (a la vf5 and its multiple iterations), and new characters saved for a proper sequel, but i can deal.

    edit: oops, i just realized that this will be the third version. i meant a fourth version will be needed to correct all the imbalances that will pop up in this version.

  • Brojasu

    I’m glad it’s not DLC, I think the way Capcom updates their SF games is fine.

    And we need SF3 characters please. 3rd Strike was a continuation of normal 3 storywise, let this do the same thing for SFIV. Have it lead into SF3.

    Maybe even give a character or two a Parry skill? Pretty please???

  • nobitakun

    This is nice, it’s more than 8 characters…but that means they will charge $40 for it? I mean, there is OBVIOUS refurbrished content taken from SFIV. Are we gonna pay for those again? well, thinking how capcom is…(I mean RE5 versus mode…)it wouldn’t be crazy to think they’re gonna charge $70 again.

    Long life to Capcom!

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