Capcom Bumps Up Juri’s Bust

By Spencer . October 1, 2009 . 11:02am


Capcom modified their Super Street Fighter IV site – most notably Juri’s page yesterday.


Japanese blog Hachimaki reports Capcom altered the site, changing the title page and Juri’s bust size. Previously, her measurements were B75/W56/H85. Now she’s B83/W56/H95. Both descriptions say she likes spicy foods and spiders.


Fan reaction to Juri in South Korea, her home country, has been less than positive. Critics claim Juri looks too much like Chun Li and shares similar moves, fast kicks.



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  • HDTran

    That comment about being similar to Chun Li is just silly. Just like how Balrog plays exactly like Dudley because they can only punch and are boxers? What about Elena who only kicks in SF3, she must play like Chun Li and Juri as well.

    • Kuza21

      Typed the words right off of my mind. People can act like such idiots at times.

    • No the fact is both Balrog and Dudley are black and box. Just like Juri and Chun Li are both Asian fighters. All Blacks only box, and Asian females can only fight Tiger Style. This is where the King of Fighters Series pawns Capcom games. In character design and story. There guys are more orignal with out offending anyone.

      • cowcow

        You forgot about DeeJay & Sean. Both Afro Brazilian (aka Blacks that live in Brazil)

        DeeJay kickboxes and Sean is Ken’s student :P

      • internetexpert

        King of Fighters has several Korean characters and–surprise surprise!–they ALL use Taekwon-do.

  • MisterNiwa

    … Hrm, delicious.

  • Stupid. Besides, Tae-Kwon-Do is mostly a kick based martial art. Why complain about Capcom trying to keep things semi-real?

  • I think you guys all need to understand that as a stereotype Koreans, Chinese, and Japanese will use anything to complain about one of the other 2 as a whole. It’s just fact.

    What’s up with the glowing pink eye? No one has mentioned that yet.

    • cowcow

      Developer mentioned it. Its some type of power enhancing tech given to her by the people who work with Seth.

  • ryukazama

    She got the eye from S.I.N.

    Personally, I don’t like her design much but her way of fighting seems interesting. If I were Korean, I’d be disappointed in that design, too! For the record, I don’t think she looks like Chun-Li. At all. What nonsense.

  • maxchain

    She… she likes spiders?! Oh god, oh god, I’ve got to delete that folder!

  • ElTopo

    Capcom should just take this criticism from Korean gamers and pull the character. Here they are throwing them a bone and giving Koreans some representation, and they have the nerve to bitch about her design. Right because Tae Kwon Do isn’t entirely about fast kicks or anything, or is it? Yeah it is.

    Bigger boobs are always much appreciated.

  • Aoshi00

    I like how Juri looks and her fighting style, in fact she looks even more interesting than the other new SF4 chars together.

    • Yeah, she seems interesting to me, too. I haven’t seen any video footage of her yet but I’m very curious as to how she plays.

      @ryukazama: Thanks for the info. I don’t pay attentiont to the SF storyline anymore so it’s nice to hear any tidbits from people who do. It looks cool.

  • asdf2asdf12

    She is original enough in design. Also tae kwon do is very kick oriented.
    Kors should know that, lol.

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