Get Pizza Hut In Phantasy Star Portable 2

By Spencer . October 13, 2009 . 12:12am


Pizza Hut is going intergalactic by opening a virtual restaurant in the Gurhal Galaxy in Phantasy Star Portable 2.


This (sponsored?) partnership adds Cheese-kun figures (he’s the mascot of Pizza Hut in Japan) to the game as optional room decorations. Players can also arm themselves with a Pizza Hut brand cardboard box shield and a pizza pan weapon. Delicious.


The store appears to sell three other items: seafood pizza for 2,500 meseta, cheese & cheese pizza for 1,900 meseta, and a cup of coffee for 1,000 meseta.


image image


Cheese-kun Figure


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  • Oh, man, I’d kill to eat fish pizza. With fried shrimp or something.

    I think Pizza Hut has gotten a little boost in the nerd culture after their little spots in the anime Code Geass. Thirty bucks for a large pizza better be soaked with mushroom and pepperchinis 5 inches high if I’m gonna pay that much, though.

    • cowcow

      And you could get Pizza Hut power ups in the Code Geass DS rpg game

  • It’d be so awesome if SEGA snuck in a feature where your ingame avatar bloated up after eating Cheese & Cheese Pizza.

    (Seriously, Pizza Hut’s stuff is so greasy over here. I don’t know what it’s like everywhere else)

    • Ever try Little Caesars? After one bite and you’re practically swimming in greasy cheese, but it’s oh-so-good.

    • You’re totally on point, Ishaan. I’m pretty sure Pizza chains worldwide are greasy beyond belief. Haha. Bloated a la Fat Princess style. “Oh no, I can’t outrun anything! “

    • @Matty: I don’t think it’s called the same thing over here…

      @Qoo: You know, Domino’s isn’t that bad. But their pizzas tend to suck in general. They’re so…dry.

  • MadMirko

    As someone who plays games to escape the real world for a while, I’m really not happy with stuff like this. Better get used to it, though.

    • I’m cool with it when it’s fun and not REAL ads or if it’s strictly comical (Read: No More Heroes’ Pizza Butt). I would have been fine if there was just the Pizza Box available to use as a shield but I actually dislike seeing the sign on the billboard. Then it’s forced on you and in your face. =P

  • kazalt

    “Sell out, with me oh yea, sell out, with me tonight!”

  • maxchain

    I’m going to be furious if this doesn’t stay intact when the game makes it over to the States.

  • Wait, you can equip shields now?

    Ugh, finally. Way to be about 6 years too late, Faux-Phantasy Star.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      That pic makes me miss my little FOnewearl’s (legit!) Tripolic Shield from the GC days :(…

      That box is a whole lot larger than the Tripolic, but I doubt cardboard protects well as ‘newly discovered tripoli’. But if you held that box up to the dragon and let him breathe on it……yum melted greasy cheese pizza!

  • BK0000

    There are Evangelion costumes too. The players use the Lance of Longinus as a weapon. I hope they don’t remove all these fanservice costumes for the American release.

  • Bafish

    I have to agree somewhat. I’m not too fond of in game advertisements. I think for now its “cute” and novel idea, but I’m sure in the not too distance future, it will become more of a “non advertisement edition” for an extra fee or a lower price game featuring advertisements.

    But c’mon on, Phantasy Star?? I can see it in Shenmue or Call of duty, but too me this is just stupid.

    • kazalt

      Yeah, nods to anime and other forms of media are fine, but product placement is where I draw the line.

  • Wow. I thought pizza was enough but Cheese-kun just made it even more awesome. Code Geass aside, Cheese-kun is adorable

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