Buy The BlazBlue Art Book For Cheap(er)

By Ishaan . October 25, 2009 . 11:23am


The BlazBlue Limited Edition artbook is up for sale on cheap on the Aksys store (at the very bottom) for anyone who’s interested. The little item summary on their site made me chuckle.


You may ask, "What is in this book?" That is a valid question. Let me tell you: Art.


Spread across a number of rich, glossy pages are drawings and sketches of your favorite (and, indeed, your somewhat-less-than-favorite) characters from BlazBlue. Its high print quality makes it suitable for your coffee table, and its rugged construction makes it suitable for vanquishing your enemies. It also, as you may have noticed, has a girl on it, if you are into that sort of thing.


While Amazon has it available for $18.76, it’ll only cost you $15 to pick it up directly from Aksys. I have to admit, with a cover like that, it is kind of tempting…and I don’t even own the game.


A hat tip to Siliconera commenter Matty for the tip!

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  • Nite

    This wouldn’t be the ‘BlazBlue Material Collection’ book that has pretty much all the BB artwork would it?

    • ElTopo

      No its like 32 pages, which is the reason I haven’t bought one, its just not worth it. If they released the nice one I would have picked it up ages ago.

  • Kuza21

    The book isn’t even worth $10. It was great pre-order swag but there is no need to buy it now.

    • Aoshi00

      yeah, my friend showed it to me from his gamestop pre-order, an this is pretty much the only nice exclusive picture. The others are just your regular character profiles pretty much.. The Magna Carta 2 artbook was worth it though as it had more illustrations not seen elsewhere.

  • I was all set to get excited… and then I read the FAQ and they don’t ship outside the US. *sniffles*

  • ElTopo

    Its been up there since the game came out actually, people were paying 50$ on ebay and Aksys had it up for 15$. And its gonna ship for about 18$ dollars anyways, so really if I were you I would buy it from Amazon then get something else, total it up to 25 and snag free shipping.

    • mlisette23

      Actually it doesn’t qualify for free shipping, it’s sold by eknight-media and shipping is $6.99. Aksys has the better deal since the $15 includes shipping, I think only people who live in CA have to worry about taxes.

      • ElTopo

        Ah yeah then I wouldn’t get it from them. Those non-Amazon sellers are never a good place to look. A lot of them fix prices, I don’t get how they stay in business, trying to sell popular games for 3-4 times their value.

        The worst is when these sellers are the ones listed on an item, when there’s other much cheaper and better options available.

        • They’re guaranteed to find some buyer out there, eventually. Oh, and those DS bootleggers! My alerts fall to deaf ears…
          BTW, I’m currently in Cali and the tax from Aksys is only 7.750%. Total came to only about 16 bucks.

          Thanks for sharing the tip, Ishaan-man! Although, I was letting Spencer in particular know since he seemed ….inquisitive with Taokaka! I know many people were panicking and getting excited that they couldn’t get it through preordering online through GameStop, so thanks for helping them out!

          • We’re always happy to help, thanks for the tip! I’ve actually been thinking of covering some Jlist stuff on the weekends, too. Problem is, not much of it is relevant to videogames in particular….

  • Dark_Sage

    I wouldn’t waste $15 on this.

  • thebanditking

    Glad to see everyone else is well informed. No one should buy this, its paper thin and contains almost no artwork, and the artwork in there is usually fudged up by text. The other thing is while you get a few concept sketches the pics are paired with a small moves list for each character so in reality this book has about as much art as a strat guide would. The BlazBlue Material Collection this is not, I have the import art book and if your hardcore about the art for this game that is the only accecptable way to get it, it tons of concept art, sketches and for your inner perv, plenty of drawings of the female characters in compromising outfits/setups. Simple break down this book, like 16 doube sided pages the official import book 90+ pages.

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