How About Rez On The PSP Instead?

By Spencer . October 28, 2009 . 10:31am


After receiving an influx of please port Rez HD tweets, Q Entertainment responded with “Porting Rez HD to PS3 would be more work than you think.” Bummer.


But, there may be a consolation prize! Q Entertainment also tweeted, “And for it to be playable on PSP, perhaps the original Rez might be more apropos?”


Sure! I’m fine with a PS2 to PSP Rez port. Maybe Q Entertainment can throw in a beta level of a song from their Project-K build to play with as a bonus. Send them with tweets If you want to see Rez Classic for PSP!

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  • Rez on handheld? How can I say no to that?

  • EdgeKun

    I can’t picture a portable port of Rez being anything short of amazing. . .

  • malek86

    Rez on handheld? Why would I care about that?

    Rez was all about the music and visuals. Synesthesia, like they said, and it was true. The reason why I was happy with Rez HD instead of a Wii version was that, just in this one particular case, HD graphics and Digital 5.1 were going to be more important than a IR pointer (actually, moving the crosshair with the thumb kind of increased the whole rhythm feeling). Graphics and sound over gameplay? Never thought I would say that, but just in Rez’s case, it was true. The game itself (the shooting part) wasn’t even that good anyway, it was all about synesthesia.

    A PSP version would lose a lot of that. Especially the sound. Maybe I could play with headphones, but having a surround system pumping sound from five directions was really a lot better.

    So I’m still rooting for a PSN version. Maybe I’d actually buy it again.

    Of course, if they are just not going to do that, I guess a PSP version is fine too…

    • pressstart

      Never really got into Rez, but I thought rumble was part of the experience? Or is that just some naughty thinking on the minds of the people that kept saying that (mag editors)? No rumble for them handhelds.

      • malek86

        Aside from the ludicrous vibrator (that was more like marketing, I believe), the controller pulsing at rhythm did indeed help the experience. Everything in that game was done to stimulate your senses. I never really use the subwoofer for the other games because I don’t like it much, but in Rez it was just necessary. I wonder why they didn’t put at least Pro Logic 2 in the PS2 version.

        PS. I guess an eventual DS version could use the Rumble Pak… though I keep hearing that thing is just broken… :P

  • ECM

    Enough! No more Rez! Work on something new for God’s sake!

  • nyobzoo

    why not just on PSN, we can wait. At least they’ll get more sales on PSN instead of chancing it to Piracy on the PSP

  • If they could make it look at least as good as the Dreamcast version then sure, why not?

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