Tales of Vesperia Stars Get Ready For School

By Spencer . October 29, 2009 . 11:33am


Namco Bandai added more Tales of Vesperia costumes to the PlayStation Store. If you have the Japanese version you can get school uniforms for Yuri, Rita, Patty, and the entire party – for 300 yen ($3.25) a piece.


So nine characters times nine 300 yen downloadable packs… that’s 2,700 yen ($30)!! Of course, you don’t have to buy all of the costumes. You can pick and choose, but seriously 300 yen per outfit…


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  • thebanditking

    Am-er-ican re-lea-se. Get on it Bamco, your lamness is starting to annoy me.

    • Hear, hear.

    • Hear, hear, hear. Namdai is horrible at bringing games over, in general. Fortunately, they seem fine with leaving Gust/Banpresto to make their own localization decisions.

    • BK0000

      The guy that did the voice for Yuri said it’s coming. He claims that all the actors were called back to record new lines for the new artes, new skits, and scenes with Patty.


      • thebanditking

        Oh I know, I spread that info here after I found out. Still the lack of an announcement is nothing short of lame on their part. People want it, it will sell. Seems like a no brainer to everyone but Bamco.

        • endaround

          No its probably smart. No reason to announce a game during the Christmas (now Christmas January) rush. It would just get lost.

      • Kris

        Okay, I’m psyched now! Its announcement must be imminent!

    • Ya hear that, 876? Don’t make the king step off his mighty throne!
      Seize your lameness!

  • kashi

    Ugh, that’s sorta pricey just for some costumes =_=;

  • nyoron

    If you think that’s bad you should check out some of the [email protected] DLC. Bamco is the master of the microtransaction.

    As for ToV, the guys can keep their default costumes but I can’t say I wouldn’t be temped to buy some cute outfits for the girls though.

  • I want to buy them. We better get this for NA too. I’ll drop $30 if I have an English version of the game for the costumes.
    ToV one of my fave games.

    • Soma

      I can’t wait for this to be released in NA.
      I suppose I could always start playing JC’s copy on the 360, but I want to experience this on the PS3.
      Like, now.

  • That is a bit to much. Like the I think it was 3US for unlocking a set amount of new colors for the BlazBlue characters, or 1.45US for unlocking the unlimited versions of some characters.

    Which you can just spend some time aquiring…

    Some prices for downloadable content is just to much and some are actually worthwhile.

  • america…..

  • vrakanox

    For Tales of? I’d throw down a fat $30. Seriously it’s become my favorite JRPG series. They just need to localize this game.

  • Xeahnort


    Tales of Vesperia (NA version) is coming soon, Kamal from Vgchartz forum had a chat with Troy Baker who voiced Yuri Lowell at the London Expo. he and the rest of the crew had to do additional voice overs due to the addition of Patty Fluer and the fully voiced skits

    Okay I give more of a detailed explanation

    Kamal Have you been working on the localization of the PS3?

    Troy: Yeah should be out soon, we been called back to add additional dialogue to the new character whats her name?

    Kamal: Patty

    Troy: Yeah Patty, that was it

    Troy: Why don’t you get the 360 version is out in europe already?

    Kamal: Nah, I think I don’t want to miss out on additional features

    Troy: Don’t worry should be out in NA soon then Europe after.


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