That’s A Ton Of Persona 3 Portable Swag

By Spencer . November 2, 2009 . 11:08pm


Some "Siliconerites" already have two versions of Persona 3. Persona 3 Portable, if Atlus chooses to release it here, would be a third version of the game. Seems like a lot of Persona 3, but that’s nothing compared to one Persona 3 uber fan.


As seen on Hachimaki, one person bough six copies of Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable including the limited edition netting a ton of goodies like cards and… is that a couch sized Aigis pillow?


Atlus has a good selection of potential gifts for Atlus Spoils. Well, if they decide to bring Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable here.

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  • holyPaladin

    Wow if I have money I would buy that too =p
    Anyway good collection

  • BK0000

    Someone has way too much money.

  • ndjn3979

    I don’t think I even like Tekken that much….damn.

  • That’s pretty cool. You could probably fill your entire living room, turn it into the Velvet Room and all you’ll need is an Elizabeth.

    I’m the same way with Etrian Odyssey. If it has the name on it I’ll eventually nab it; CDs (officail and fan made), comics, artwork, figures, and my most prized one – a 21×32 promo poster of EOII.

    Oh, and I also have a body pillow of Kirari from Kira*Kira
    And don’t me started on Yotsuba…

    • ElTopo

      I wanted those damn EOII figures.

  • ElTopo

    I’ve seen a lot of posts with japanese gamers buying way too many copies of the same game to go out and pick up the extra bonuses that come with them. Seriously, thats like what 5200 yen each? All for a few cheap phone cards?

    What a waste of money.

    • Hraesvelgr

      They’re hardcore, bro.

    • They shouldn’t buy ALL those games just for the phone cards. I think you could be just as hardcore if you wanted them all to just buy them on YJ Auctions, but I guess it’s no guarantee then… Maybe they return them later!

      • ElTopo

        I was thinking that too…but I have a feeling they don’t. Good way to pick up all the pre-order bonuses from places like gamestop, although some places (sh*tbuy) might turn you away even if you have the product new/sealed and with a receipt.

        • Aoshi00

          BTW, the Best Buy rep I spoke to on the phone just happened to be an A-hole, later I rec’d e-mails telling me cancellation for full credit is A-okay. So I just returned the next day Uncharted 2, NGS2, and most importantly cancel Demon’s Souls (game that I didn’t want to touch). I figure I’m in no urgency to play the other games at all, so I’ll pick them up again after price drop down the road. They’re not that bad, this is actually the first time I had any trouble for return, those stupid people on phones..

      • Aoshi00

        Yeah, Yahoo auction in Jpn (ebay equivalent) is definitely the way to go. Though it’s a bit of a toughie to convince those Jpn sellers to ship overseas (most of them don’t bother, which is understandable). I go on there sometimes for stuffs that I just can’t find anywhere else. Of course I had to try my best to write in Jpn since most of them can’t read or reply in English well, and sending international money order is kind of a chore. But Yahoo auction is my absolute last resort.

    • well, is not your money so dont worry about it, everyone can do whatever they like with they money they have…. seriously, {{{whatever}}}

      • ElTopo

        My money or not, it doesn’t make it any less idiotic, because 6 copies of PSP Persona 3 is just so practical and games retain so much of their value.

        • i think is more idiotic to buy women for 1 hour of pleasure, and its done more times than this

          • ElTopo

            Thats a stupid argument. There’s a lot of things stupider then buying 6 PSP games because you wanted all 6 phone cards. Like getting addicted to heroin. But thats probably done more times than this, so clearly my argument that dropping way too much money on several copies of the same game which will all be worth 10% of their brand new value is now moot.

            Its the same as the moron who bought 22 copies of Love Plus, or 39 Nintendo N64s; congratulations you have a completely idiotic collection of a single game/item.

        • Aoshi00

          I agree w/ wildarms, it’s really not anybody’s place to judge, to you it might not be worth it. Just like some people are satisfied w/ a vanilla game, but some are willing to pay extra for LE, which are luxurious items.Even us who spend so much money buying games, to non-gamers, they might think our hobby itself is a waste of money, and time, too. But who are they, or we, to judge.If this guy happens to work hard and have lots of disposable income, and this is his way of treating himself, more power to him.

  • Ereek

    I wish I had that much disposable income. There are some adorable figures and attire out there, but I’m just unable to spend the money on it. Every time I visit Rosenqueen I want to purchase the cute little figures they have on sale, especially the absolutely lovely Ar tonelico 2 ones, but I just can’t spend $40+ on a figure. I did, however, break down and buy the Annie Premium Box and now have some adorable little Annie and Pepe figurines above my PC. The game is great, too.

  • CIN

    Oh come on, I bet they’re not gonna keep em all forevaa. Most of them buy numerous copies only to get hold of all those bonuses. Since the game’s still fresh there shouldn’t be any problems in selling it back to 2nd hand-shops without losing much of its initial price.

    • Aoshi00

      Agreed, I’m sure this guy has no problem putting these extra brand new copies on Jpn Yahoo auction. He might keep the ones w/ different covers, I know I bought both the metallic Best buy cover and regular cover (Amazon’s Shinra UMD case, though not very well made) for Crisis Core and the Gamestop LE metal case / regular version for FF XII. The second copies I waited till price drop of course, but both of them are still sealed :)

  • If i could i would also get all that…. *sniff*

  • EdgeKun

    Not sure I could justify the 6x copies of P3P, but lordy do I want that Aegis pillow. ;o;

  • Sure, I understand it’s his money and everything, but damn. This sort of thing kind of gets under my skin. He’s off buying 6 copies of the same game, plus getting some additional stuff with those copies and here I am, waiting for my birthday and Christmas to arrive before getting this much stuff.

    Even then, I probably won’t be getting six games (well, unless most are used that is, but certainly not brand new!). He can do whatever he wants with his money, but even as much as I love P3, I still see a lot of money that was wasted in this picture.

  • nyoron

    Preorder bonuses in general can be nice, but I really hate it when they split it up like that. ESPECIALLY when it’s in-game content. When it’s keychains and tshirts and other physical items at least you’re still getting the complete game. Nowadays they force you to decide if you’d rather have the Gamestop exclusive gun or the Best Buy exclusive car or the Wal-Mart exclusive character. Disgusting.

    In this case I’d take the pillow and leave happy, nothing else looks all that interesting. As for Atlus Spoils, we’ll probably just get a soundtrack. Whoopdeedoo.

    • Aoshi00

      Yeah, like Yoda and Vader, though eventually they are made available as DLCs on both platforms, but it’s an incentive to get people to go to different stores… I’m not a big P3/4 fan, and I usually don’t care much about game/anime related merchandises, but the pillow’s the bomb. I just caught sight of this FFXIII Shiva T-shirt on NCSX which I thought was so cool (not to mention there’s size M, L, & XL, not one gaint size for all). don’t see myself spending ~$50 on this, just thought it’s extremely cool, imagine a cheaper version of this shirt as a pre-order bonus from gamestop or something,…Beats the pink Lightning on the LE Slim if you ask me…

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