The King of Fighters XII Gets Pricing “Re-Birth”

By Spencer . November 2, 2009 . 4:36pm

image Speaking of The King of Fighters, major Japanese retailer Bic Camera put KOF XII on ultra clearance and re-priced it to 980 yen.


Brand new copies of The King of Fighters XII, the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions, were going for under $11, as reported by My Game News Flash. It looks as if Bic’s is out of stock since the game is no longer in their database.


When The King of Fighters XII went on sale on July 30 it was 7,140 yen or $79, based on today’s exchange rate.

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  • maxchain

    Oh man, what a steal that would’ve been! To hell with the reviews at that price!

    • Aoshi00

      SF4’s price dropped by half in 6 months, so for KoFXII which is flawed in so many ways is not surprising. I’ve heard from friends and played the demo and it really didn’t seem to be that fun, the animation was kind of limited and below par (not good even for a next gen 2D). I’m seriously not sure if I would pick this up even at $9.99 when Thanksgiving comes.

      One shouldn’t blindly follow reviews, but sometimes market price doesn’t lie, it sucks and goes straight to the bargain bin, you pick it up at your own risk. Sometimes a game is just that bad and you want to get your $10 back.

      • maxchain

        Oh, don’t get me started on reviews. I’d backhand the entirety of gaming media and demand an apology to Killer7 if I could.

  • ElTopo

    I would have totally picked this up for 11$

  • ndjn3979

    It’s sad, but with the online right now, Tekken 6 should follow suit.

  • lol What?….Tekken 6 shouldnt do that from a business POV. The online is actually decent with a good connection. Plus the little things wrong in Online Tekken 6 can be and will be remedied.

  • Hraesvelgr

    About all the game’s worth, to be honest. Major disappointment for me in many ways.

  • Not discrediting anyone’s hatred for this game. I just sometimes wonder, especially for a fighting game, how many people are actually knowledgable about the series itself or it’s system (reviewers). I imagine KoFXII is as bad as everyone says because of the huge hatred, but I’d definitely think of spending $10 on it, just to try it out. I loved the old ones and it’d be nice to goof off with some of the characters.

    And to the above dissing on video game reviews. Most of the mainstream media is completely retarded. I’m sure everyone here knows it, but it really does become frustrating after a while, no? Then again, look at who they’re marketing towards… Most society isn’t the brightest to begin with! Morons reviewing for village idiots–how cute.

    • neo_firenze

      I’m a KOF fanatic. I own all of the Neo home carts (no small investment), all of the non-Neo Geo games, and tons of ports.

      KoF XII is indeed very disappointing. The fighting engine itself and the graphical updates are not a problem at all. There’s definitely potential there for a sequel taking advantage of what was developed. The issue with KOF XII is that the game is missing SO much and just feels really incomplete.

      – Smallest ever KoF roster
      – Characters have extremely simplified move sets (they even took Terry’s Power Dunk!) and most have only 1 super. Many characters have only 2-3 special moves, and most characters lose some moves they used to have. It feels VERY dumbed down, KoF ’94 feels positively complex by comparison.
      – Only 6 backgrounds (and two of those are palette swaps) .
      – No storyline at all, single player is just fighting a 5 match time attack mode.
      – No tag system like the previous two main series entries.

      And I personally don’t even care about online play, but they botched that too. It’s nearly unplayable, with massive lag.

      • Thanks! That is the most concise, researched “review” I’ve read yet and it makes complete sense. As a KoF fan who was afraid to take the plunge I thank you for saving me the $10 purchase. It was always throwing me off that most of the complaints I read were geared at the graphics which, frankly, meant diddly squat and seemed interesting to me anyway. That sounds really ignorant of them to deal out that laundry list of changes there. As with you, I don’t really use online play, at least not in a fighting game, outside of some laughs and random matches. Just…wow.

        • neo_firenze

          Glad I could be of help!

          Really, if you actually see the game for $10 it may be worth it if you’re a KOF fan. That price point seems about right actually ;) I’d even say that once it drops to $20 or less at US retail (should be coming soon by my guess) it’s worth messing around with if you’re a big 2D fighter fan.

          It just doesn’t feel like a FULL game, and therefore doesn’t really warrant paying FULL price. It’s really bizarre, feels almost unfinished. The feel is somewhere between a demo and a full game. I wouldn’t have minded it as a $10-$15 XBLA game, but I understand the criticism as a full game. It’s just so lacking in content, feels like a really good tech demo but not an adequate full game. And so you know, I am NOT a person who usually says “oh it should be a cheap XBLA download”. I’m perfectly fine with stuff like 2D fighters and shooters being full price games… when they actually feel like a full game.

          It feels like SNK thought that with Street Fighter 4’s retro appeal they could get away with making a “simple” and back to basics style game with an updated look. But they took that idea and went WAY overboard. They didn’t bother making new characters and they badly neutered most of the cast that did make it to the game by having so few moves per character. There are a handful of characters that feel fully realized, but that’s the minority. The rest feel barebones even compared to the basic characters from second-tier SF2 clones of the mid-90s (stuff like Fighter’s History Dynamite). Retro appeal is one thing, but none of these characters are more sophisticated than characters from the earliest Neo Geo fighters. SF4, on the other hand, has close to the same amount of characters but they have real depth and a more complex game system (streamlined as it may be, Focus attacks, EX attacks, and the Ultra/Super gauge systems give just enough complexity to remain interesting for people who aren’t just casual players).

          That being said, I like the look and the effort SNK made to redraw the characters they did include. The massive characters really do have a unique look – it’s a little different in motion than the original expectations from the earliest screenshots, but they do look good and have some personality. The few backgrounds are nice and the controls are good, and there are even a couple of small game system innovations that are solid (the counter game is pretty good). It really is fun to play around with for fans of the series. Just know that you’ll probably end up wishing that SNK created something more, and you’ll feel a little frustrated at the lost potential. If you want real KOF, you’ll be back to XI, 2002, ’98, or pretty much any other entry in the series.

          Oh, and if you want online play keep on looking. Best to stick to SF4 or Blazblue for that, since those games have solid netcode (especially BB).

          I guess we can keep up hope that they do a KOF XIII. It would be a shame to see a solid engine and the work they did updating the XII characters go to waste. I’d just expect a lot more quantity-wise – characters (a couple new ones too, please), some more single player game modes, a story, backgrounds, add moves to make the characters feel fleshed out.

          • Nice run down there. Yeah, I have no doubt I’ll eventually pick it up for a dirt cheap price. I mean, really, who am I kidding. The fact that Fighter’s History is pulled out on a game from this generation is really an ill omen ;) KoF was always a fighter that interested me and I’ve bought several but never got top level in. Just never had the time to explore that system as deeply as I poured my heart and soul into games like SC, GGX(X), or many others that are even older. As for online play it’s funny you mention those games. I played BlazBlue to fulfill my lack of playing a fighter even semi-seriously in a long time online quite a bit the first few weeks. It’s as solid as I could have imagined an online 2D fighter to ever get. SFIV was not bad at all either. I was pleasantly surprised. They’ll never top local play or tournie play but it was a welcome surprising addition. =) This was going to be the KoF I actually dabbled deeper in, but now it will have to be KoF XIII. Here’s hoping!

  • Kuza21

    Boy Do I feel like an idiot for purchasing it the first day it came out. : (

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