Resonance of Fate Supports SDTVs And Busy Adult Schedules

By Spencer . November 5, 2009 . 1:19pm


Sega pushed End of Eternity’s release to January 2010. So, how is the international version, Resonance of Fate, holding up?


The official Resonance of Fate blog says the overseas version is moving forward and shared Resonance of Fate’s title screen.


The post also has a list of sales points not covered in magazines, but the programmer believes gamers will appreciate.


  • While the graphics are being optimized for HDTVs, text in Resonance of Fate will be legible on SDTVs.
  • Background music is fully orchestrated and in 5.1 surround sound. The recording was done in a concert hall. During battles the music changes to reflect the flow of battle.
  • You can install Resonance of Fate on a PS3 or Xbox 360. The install is optional and load times have been optimized.
  • There is no disc swapping. Since the cutscenes has to be in real time to support the costume system Sega was able to fit more content on a single disc.
  • Game Over? Not quite. Resonance of Fate has a battle retry option which lets you restart any encounter. The restart feature allowed the developers to put players in a pinch with tricky situations.
  • You can suspend the game and save anywhere, even in battles. The quick save feature was added so working adults with limited time can enjoy the game.
  • Resonance of Fate has a “new game+” like feature where you keep all of your items for a second play through.

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  • epiphaniesarefun

    wahoo, new game plus ftw!

  • This is how RPGs should me made, day one buy for me

    • MisterNiwa

      I second this. This game is going to be awesome.

  • solid278

    There is not a single bullet point that I do not like. Excellent. (Well ok, I don’t mind disc swapping especially if it means lots of pretty fmvs. But this is fine too :p)

  • Saturnus

    “While the graphics are being optimized for HDTVs, text in Resonance of Fate will be legible on SDTVs.”

    I LOVE YOU<3

    • Seriously! More RPGs should support SDTVs, eyestraining HDTV only text for a RPG is game breaking.

      • Saturnus

        Yes! I have to play on my SDTV that’s in my bedroom, and for some games the font is just horrible. For example, on Armored Core: For Answer the font is so small it’s nearly impossible to read some things on screen. : (Luckily it’s not for everything but it can be pretty brutal).

      • Hell, back in the day before I had an HDTV, even games like Dead Rising were completely unreadable for me; making me not play it until I got the newer TV. This can’t be bad for HD users either because, quite frankly, the worst it can do is just increase text font size on HD so that it is legible on SD. Bonus all around.

        I really hope everyone can get their hands on an HDTV soon (they’ve really come down in price). It’s like night and day compared to an SD–especially if you play games that are graphically “heavy” in this generation. You are missing out on so very much. It’s the little things in life…

    • dragonknight

      This is the best bullet point for me. I can barely play a good number of my games on my TV.

  • Pichi

    Would love to see more console RPGs take this route with the saving and stuff. So very useful.

  • Ereek

    During battles the music changes to reflect the flow of battle.Like Skies of Arcadia?I’m not a huge fan of a Suspend feature out of handhelds, I’m one of the “busy adults” they’re targeting, but I suppose more options never hurt anyone.

    • I imagine it will be more sophisticated than Skies, but something like that. The programmer specifically mentions battle “tension”.

  • Could this be the start of tri-Ace’s return to good games? It really looks that way…

    • Hraesvelgr

      Hopefully. Last really good game they made was the first Valkyrie Profile, towards the end of the PSX era.

      • You know, I was thinking about that the other day. I’ve felt awfully let down by VP2 and other Tri-Ace games. I do want to get into SO4 but I still don’t think it will compare to the first two. But playing them so long ago falls under that nostalgia thing, so maybe it’s not fair to judge through my own eyes. Tri-Ace seems to be adding lots of small features that make a good game a great game.

    • Slashlen

      I hope so, but the last couple of Tri-Ace games looked good too…

  • malek86

    Sounds awesome. Looks like something I’ll be getting.

  • Volcynika

    Hey they don’t crap on SDTVs. Awesome. Just got an HD one a couple weeks ago, but before then, all the text sucked to read. :(

    • Ereek

      I still primarily use my SDTV for console gaming. Trying to play Cross Edge on it was nearly impossible.

  • Hraesvelgr

    Nice that they fixed the “OF” in the logo from the Japanese version. I just couldn’t stop looking at it as “END FO ETERNITY” because of that.

    In any case, with the graphics we have these days, I’m glad for real time cutscenes. No real need for FMVs anymore.

    • Aoshi00

      I still think it’s cooler than the US title though. t’s disappointing they’re not using this pic as the actual cover art, I thought it would be so cool like an Ico feel,

      I’m okay w/ real time only since they are so good now anyway, but I wouldn’t complain about the occasional awesome FMVs either.

      • Hraesvelgr

        I prefer the title “End of Eternity” as well, but I couldn’t stand the “FO”.

  • pedrron

    While the graphics are being optimized for HDTVs, text in Resonance of Fate will be legible on SDTVs. <—- Best new's i've heard all year! I stopped playing Dead Rising due to not being able to read text w/o standing next to the tv.

  • Aoshi00

    I love the save any time feature, all games should have that (I know that would defeat the challenge of getting to the next save point for some games). How many times I found myself trying to fight my closing eyelids at night but I still can’t save..

    If there’s no disc swapping, I might give the 360 ver a chance, not because I’m lazy to change discs, but I make multiple saves to go back to view cutscenes, so if the game is spread across 3-4 discs, that’s actually a big hassle, like I feel like going back to watch this cutscene, “put in disc 2”.

    I don’t care about SD TV, but they should make the text’s size easy enough to read from a reasonable distance, sometimes the font is really tiny even on a big HD TV, like Dead Rising, and you find yourself sitting a couple of feet away from a 46″ so you wouldn’t miss anything important…

    But wow, this adds to my must-have next to FFXIII/Mushihime-sama/Bayonetta. Really awesome. And really, I know lots of people think Tri-ace wasn’t quite up to their stuff, but I’ve actually enjoyed their last several games even though they weren’t perfect.

    • thaKingRocka

      i have the same problem with the text being too small. i know i need to go get new glasses, but even when i’m close up, i think the text is often ridiculously small. i’m currently playing dead space (in very sporadic bursts), and i haven’t read a single text log because i simply can barely make out any letters in those things.the other features are great, and i can’t believe that it’s 2009, and we’re singing the praises of a company that finally got it right when this all should have been implemented at least 4 years ago if not more.

      update: oh yeah, by the way, i had absolutely zero interest in this generic-looking game until reading this post. i had even seen vids from the jp marketplace, and written it off. now, i’m actually taking notice.

      • Aoshi00

        That sucks, I just picked up Dead Space for PS3 and am about to start soon. I still can’t understand why they would want to make the text so small, for aesthetic’s sake? It’s not Professor Layton that has to cramp all the text in one screen. Is it like anime openings and closings in recent years where they get rid of the on screen lyrics to make it as clean as possible (and you can’t even sing along and fansubs actually put the Jpn lyrics back in..). The worst is for RPGs, Lost Odyssey wasn’t so bad, but the Jpn text is huge compared to the Eng. text.

        It is ironic all these features really should’ve been implemented a long time ago.. I’ve always been interested in this game because of the guns and tower setting, but it’s always in FFXIII’s shadow, so.. glad this seems to be shaping up.

  • ndjn3979

    I like how SEGA isn’t beating around the bush with this game. If the story’s just a bit above Valkyria in quality, I might consider it.

    On a side note, do we always have to sign in everytime we want to make a comment?

    • Ereek

      SEGA isn’t developing it, Tri-Ace is. SEGA is just publishing it, something that SE has done for Tri-Ace in the past.

  • Kevin_Levin

    YES! Finally you won’t be controlling a emo character with a big **** sword and that has weird hairdo. Sorry Cloud fans, no offense.

  • Xeahnort

    Just meh. After playing IU and SO TLH, i´m a bit skeptical about EoE. Tri-ace has been doing nothing but shitty games this gen (Sorry, Tri-ace fans).

    Tri-ace games = Squeaky-voiced JRPG cliché nonsense + Same character design + Great gameplay + Dull Story + annoying characters

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