Do The Bayonetta Dance

By Spencer . November 17, 2009 . 7:39am

All of the wicked weave beast sequences start with a short dance, performed by an actual dancer. PlatinumGames hired a dancer to do the motion capture work for Bayonetta.


At some point in the game, Bayonetta breaks into an elaborate dance sequence and PlatinumGames posted a look at the prototype.



Will this be the next Haruhi dance?

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  • jason245
  • Hey, Spencer. Have you gotten the weapons “Handguns Bazillions” or “Pillow Talk” yet? This game is filled to the brim with references of other games. I’m not sure I’ve seen this many easter eggs in a game since…ever! I’m currently working on beating each difficulty now. I love all the unlockable content also.

    • MisterNiwa

      Its hard as hell getting Pillow Talk… ,__,

      U know, with the Witchtime Accessoir u can get Witchtime even in Infinite Climax Difficult, when you get hit, lol.

      • I think the Witch Time is actually shorter on Infinite Climax, isn’t it? Even when wearing the accessory. Either way, I try not to rely on that all that much. =) Parry/Counters are too fun. I’m beginning to believe not a single comment in this game ISN’T a reference to another game. <3 Hilarious

        • MisterNiwa

          I love the Accessoir that is like Royal Guard from DMC3! I cant say the name of the accessoir cuz i dunno how they r called in english, since my game is in german, lol.

          Say, Qoo, u got it for PS3? If yes, gimme ur PSN. :D

          • Oh, it’s called Moon of Maha Kalaa. Actually, I have it for the 360. Sorry >,< I could message you my PS3 account name anyway, if you'd like.

          • MisterNiwa

            I’d gladly accept that. Per email? Or something like that? 8(

            Well, seems like u r playin the superior version. ;_;

    • Unfortunately, I’ve only played through Bayonetta once. I moved on to 3D Dot Game Heroes now so I can write about it.

  • MisterNiwa

    Well, if this gets the new Haruhi Dance, u will see a lot of sweating otaku, cuz this dance is a hardcore performance.

    • Sure, you could drop an email here or if you’re on the Facebook group you can just leave a message on there.

      I wouldn’t go as far as saying “superior.” It may be the better version but there isn’t that much of a difference.

      • MisterNiwa

        How comes i get to a Site of the PS2 Game Berserk when i click on your name? xD

        Well, if u like, u can just add me, MrNiwa is the PSN Name.

        • I think it links you there because it’s probably due to being an amazing game about one of the (arguably?) best manga of all time. =) I’ll add you tonight.

          • MisterNiwa

            Thank you. 8D

            And i cant argue with Berserk being one of the best manga of all time.
            Even though One Piece is better.

  • Tofuuu

    lol i think this is the dance that will forever burn into my, and probably everyone else’s who watches this, mind…

    didn’t realize undereneath all that evilness, Wesker was a party animal X3 I don’t know if this is considered work safe material so just watch out :)

    • Aoshi00

      Is there anything Wesker the man can’t do. Oh Albert….

  • Definitely saw some salsa influence there.

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