Move Over Love Plus, Real Girlfriend Has Face Tracking And 3D Images

By Spencer . November 22, 2009 . 11:12pm

image Thought Love Plus was immersive? Another company is working on a girlfriend game with face tracking technology via a webcam. When you make motions like nodding “she” can respond to you.


Real Kanojo (Real Girlfriend) also supports 3D glasses – stereoscopic, red and blue 3D glasses to give the illusion of depth.




Real Girlfriend also aims to be the most technologically advanced virtual girlfriend game to date. All of the scenes are motion captured, it’s compatible with Windows 7, supports wide screen monitors, and multi-core CPUs.


The game comes out in Japan on February 19, 2010 and (surprise!) it hasn’t been announced anywhere else.

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  • You left out the “Games are evil” tag! As an (indirect) competitor to Love Plus, I think this qualifies. :D

  • Kris

    I’m a bit disconcerted by Japan’s software companies’ constant struggle to make a risk-free computer girlfriend. After Love Plus it’s beginning to seem a bit extreme.

  • this is just getting further and further into lol territory

  • Uh, Japan, this isn’t your birthrate decline ;)
    This is getting interesting. This, along with Le Trung’s quest to build the “perfect woman”, maybe we’ll reach the same lifestlye in Yokohama Kaidashi Kikō sooner than we thought possible. Or, at least Flubber (1997). They’re getting there.

    Then again, it might be better to wait till that one man’s fembot goes through the beta phase. Instead of having a fun time like Mannequin it might turn into Chopping Mall.

    • This reminded me of that first episode of Ghost in the Shell: SAC, where the Geisha bots all go bonkers.

      • True! Even later that season they had a convention of like robot prostitutes or something. Even the Major was getting some on the side, too, apparently. Yikes, what a future!

        On the flip side, ever see Robot Carnival’s “Memories”? If they make these “girlfriends” too real I’d feel bad when they break or something. I suppose I can see some people getting a kick out of that, too.
        Armies of beautiful/creepy fembots.

    • ShinGundam

      Graphics looks better than FFXIII *RUN*

  • *becomes blind*

  • Aoshi00

    Looks like Nagase Reiko from Ridge Racer. Guess Sony’s 3D technology and MS’s Natal would be useful after all. Very cool. No Windows 7 yet :(…

  • PC… that means, possible adult content? This is getting freaky.

    • pressstart

      Novint Falcon control support ;)

  • Do want.

    But, red and blue 3D glasses? Seriously? Why not, you know, go with what’s been going on for the last couple years and move to the clear ones. There is support for that on home PC’s now, it’s not restricted to just movie theaters.

    • pressstart

      Got to leave something for the sequel you know. Like the Novint Falcon control support, with some, ahem, special addons.

  • Missing feature: Supports Touchscreen

  • Joanna

    I fully expect Siliconera to cover the dates and marriages this game produces.

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