Cody, Adon, And Guy Confirmed For Super Street Fighter IV

By Spencer . November 24, 2009 . 12:40am


Famitsu spoiled Capcom’s new fighter announcement and introduced three new fighters. Adon and Final Fight pals Cody and Guy are playable characters in Super Street Fighter IV.


These three World Warriors previously appeared together in Street Fighter Alpha 3. Adon, like Sagat, is a master of Muay Thai. Guy is trained in Ninjutsu and Cody is still dressed in his prison garb from Alpha 3.

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  • Guy: awesome
    Cody: okay
    Adon: meh

  • Julius

    where’s Dudley

    • Kris

      I’ve got a feeling that he’ll be announced soon, so far the leaked character roster has been spot on. :)

      • Didnt they say there were only going to be 6 new characters though? :<

        • Nite

          Capcom said there was gonna be “approximately 8 characters,” but the leaked info says 10.

    • Code

      Agreed (Not an SF player myself but my friend is, and he plays Dudley) frankly Dudley is one of the funnest characters to watch — Also I approve of your avatar greatly! rar, Mother 3 <3

  • See that right top corner box in yellow? it shows guy focusing against a kunai….

    gee i wonder who in the SF cast throws kunai?

    • urbanscholar

      You heard it here folks, Ibuki is confirmed

    • Guy is a ninja, so he CAN throw kunais

      • urbanscholar

        I don’t know appears he is deflecting one being thrown at himself. I’m pretty confident she will be revealed on the next character update in december(?)

        • pressstart

          There’s always another Guy you can fight, so he can throw the kunai himself. Just saying.

  • kazalt

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Makoto, Yun, or Q back.

  • jarrodand

    Ibuki’s kunai!

  • vall03

    still hoping for Ingrid…

    • raymk

      me too but i’m happy the leaked list is turning true. At least i know ibuki and makoto will be there now if the follow through

  • Oh lovely. Jaguar (read: JAGGER)-dude is back.


  • Awesome! SFA3 was my favorite. I hope Capcom lets you use the DLC outfits from SFIV for SSFIV… that would be lame otherwise… :

  • UnleashTheCasey


  • Kuza21


  • kupomogli

    They should put all the Street Fighter Alpha characters to make everyone happy. I’d want to play as Rolento.

    Too bad they don’t just skip Super Street Fighter 4 and make a Street Fighter Alpha 4.

  • thaKingRocka

    Nice! Surprising choices, but I’m happy with Cody and Adon. I never liked using Guy, even in Final Fight. I don’t expect to see Dudders and Boxer in the same game, so not much hope for him to ever show up. :(

  • oyepapi81

    Hmm more Alpha characters in SSF4? That was unexpected. But then again they do Have Rose & Sakura. I wanna see Ibuki, Elena, Dudley & Yun from SF3. Also another new character wouldn’t be bad ;-)

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