Falcom Making Ys vs. Legend of the Heroes Fighting Game

By Spencer . November 25, 2009 . 9:52am

image Falcom, perhaps inspired by Dissidia: Final Fantasy, is taking their characters and throwing them in a mashup fighting game. As revealed in this week’s issue of Dengeki PlayStation, Falcom has Ys vs. Sora no Kiseki in their 2010 lineup.


The PSP game has 3D graphics and supports four player fights with a top down perspective. Joshua, Estelle, and Tita represent the Sora no Kiseki (pictured) side. Adol, Dogi and Olha are on the Ys side.


In addition to Ys vs. Sora no Kiseki, Falcom is porting Ys: The Oath in Felghana to the PSP. Originally released for PCs, Ys: The Oath in Felghana is a remake of Ys III: Wanderers from Ys with the gameplay based on Ys: The Ark of Naphishtim. The PSP version is scheduled for April 22, 2010.

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  • Thank you falcom ! Pls keep voice option on and off thank you XD !

  • DudeOnly

    This will be epic they should add characters from the old LOH by the way did anyone read the news about falcom wanting to translate some of their games

  • speedstersonic

    Dammit, it’s sad that this will probably never come here. I’m like the only person I know who loves the Ys series, and the Legend of Heroes games for the PSP. I REALLY wish more of both of those series would come over here. These and the Tales series never get what they deserve.

    • Hey, Siliconera hasn’t posted this story unfortunately, but Falcom are actively looking to publish their PSP titles in North America. So don’t lose hope just yet!

      • It’s not that we weren’t going to cover it, we just haven’t done it yet. That was something I was hoping to save for Thurs/Fri when there will be little news, but I admit I sat on it for too long.

        Again, thanks for the tip and we’ll be posting it soon :)

      • kupomogli

        I was excited for that once I heard about it the other day. Ys 1 and 2, Ys 7, Sora no Kiseki, and Brandish. I’ve wanted these games to be translated for awhile.

        Anyways, Ys vs Legend of Heroes may be okay. I personally would rather get a Tales of VS localization but Namco hates us.

        Now Ys Oath of Felghana getting a PSP port and hopefully also comes to the US too. Falcom is an amazing company. Hope we hear about a PSP port of Zwei 2 next and hopefully a translation.

        The only time I won’t be picking these games up is if these don’t receive UMD runs. If I have to buy a digital copy I’m not picking them up, but that goes for any game.

        • Well, I’m also afraid of the DD-only route, but I mean how common has this been really?

          It’s up to us to send the message to these companies that we REFUSE digital-only release of UMD games. I’m very disappointed Badman didn’t even get 500 preorders, but on the other hand most people who wanted the game probably got it right when it came out and didn’t feel the need for double dipping (it is a very short game). Badman 2 should be UMD based on what NISA are saying.

          Nihon Falcom games are complete products that deserve adequate promotion and widespread retail exposure. The Ys brand is still strong in North America and could be even stronger with a double shot to the PSP’s arm. OiF and Seven are nothing short of fantastic. We’re talking about games that could easily score in the 80% range at metacritics. Why aren’t publishers more actively looking into acquiring these titles? At least now we know Falcom are working on it.

  • Great news, although it’s quite obvious that Adol could kick anyone’s ass just by himself :P

    • Yeah but what happens if Adol’s thrown in jail?

      Dogi is the ONLY one who can bust him out.

      WALL SMASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MEGA


  • jj984jj

    OMG Oath in Felghana is coming to PSP!!!!!!!! Who cares about another fanservice fighter in light of this news? Unless it’s heavily compromised it’s going to be the best action RPG on a handheld ever!

    • DudeOnly

      The pc version of Oath in Felghana is already translated so i don’t think a lot of people will bother with a downgraded version,didn’t u play YS 7 it’s a lot better than Oath in Felghana

  • JeremyR

    It’s odd that it’s only Sora no Kiseki, not the whole Legend of Heroes (Eiyuu Densetsu) series.Then again, maybe not. Since Sora are the only games in the series on the PSP done by Falcom themselves, they can just re-use assets from that, if they included the other games, they’d have to make them.

  • shion16

    Ys music plz!!

  • malek86

    After Dissidia and Tales of VS, we can safely say this is the new “in” thing.

  • now please release it tomorrow and in english

  • Sooo..no characters from Brandish?lol kAfter seeing Tales of VS bomb, which seemed promising, I don’t have high hopes for this. Just hurry up and get to work on bringing Ys VIII to PS3/360/PC/etc. already :/

    • kupomogli

      I don’t know if Falcom will release another console game for awhile. Maybe PC. The only reason I don’t think they’ll go back to console is easy. Look at how many releases they’ve ported to the PSP or made for the PSP only. Look at Ys 1 and 2 for the DS.

      Everything they’ve released lately has been a PSP port, PSP game, or DS game, other than their usual releasing it on PC first.

      • Yup, it’s a known fact that PSP sales have kept them in the black (Spencer’s article should also discuss their recent profits). Part of the reason is they don’t have to spend money and time into new console SDKs. Presumably they’ve got their own PSP framework and are using it for each and every title, which is very cost efficient.There’s also the disputable point of whether or not their graphics engine would hold up on HD consoles. I’m aware the PC games look GREAT but they’ll never match the recent AAA megabusters. Falcom is this weird company that somehow survived the HD transition despite having never produced next-gen games. It’s all about quality products and undying fan support. I’m willing to bet that they still have a bunch of their original employees from as far back as the early eighties.

        In a way they sort of remind me of Atlus Japan. They’re still not giving us “next-gen” games but we don’t really care. It’ll happen eventually but until then I’ll be enjoying SMT: SJ and all of their quality PSP titles. They know exactly who their target audience is and how to reach them without breaking the bank and reinventing the wheel.

  • Tokyo Guy

    Why is Falcom wasting time with this instead of making a new Legend of Xanadu…

  • cowcow

    The chibi sprite graphics look horrible. That may fly in a retro style RPG but for a fighting game? No just no

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