Tales Characters Inspire New Tales of Vesperia Costumes

By Spencer . November 27, 2009 . 11:54am


Other Tales heroes spiritually found way into Tales of Vesperia, sort of. Their outfits made it into the game.


If you have the PlayStation 3 version, you can purchase costumes that make Flynn look like Lukas from Tales of Tempest and change Patty into Mithos from Tales of Symphonia. Each costume goes for 300 yen or $3.47 by today’s exchange rate.


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  • pacanug

    localization plz. kthanxbai

    • Kris

      I concur vehemently.

      • pacanug

        Out of fear I bought the 360 version on Amazon for $15 despite not owning a 360. I’m truly beginning to think this may not make it to the PS3 in the states. I just want the security of knowing that I’ll be able to play this game without scouring the depths of ebay. New copies of Abyss and Symphonia are fetching $100+ on Amazon Marketplace!

        • Kris

          I know, I’m on the verge of re-purchasing ToA, since I’m starting to worry.
          I’ve also been playing quite a bit of the Japanese PSN demo. It seems like a ton of pieces of evidence are pointing to a release, but the fact that Namco hasn’t yet announced it worries me.

  • vrakanox

    Me want. I decided once again to wait. I used my other coupon to get my gf a copy of birth by sleep for xmas. Damn I really hope they localize this!

  • Ereek

    $3 per costume? Seriously?

    Oh, Bamco.

  • The Van and Mithos costumes look awesome. Ahhhh, I want them…

    • BraveWind

      Yeah Van Looks badass and Mithos’ Is cute!
      please localize!!!

  • ForeverFidelis

    God Dangit.

    The least Namco could do for us 360 buyers is release it as DLC for us, too.

    They’d get more money if they had people from both consoles buying it.

    They’ve got almost nothing to lose and alot to gain…

  • Vanilla

    Is that Rita as Leon I see? …I have to admit, I would probably buy it. If the game was, you know, available here.

    EDIT: Wait, I just realized that’s probably Walter, not Leon.

    …I’d STILL buy it.

  • I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I love this game. I’ll buy these if I knew Japanese. I have imported the PS3 version, but I haven’t got around to downloading the Tales of the Abyss costumes…started the game but haven’t done much else.

  • What happened to unlocking the costumes in the actual game? Now we have to pay for them?

    • There are still costume titles that can be unlocked in the actual game, these are just extras to make us pay even more money :P

  • bonafide

    Wow… the cost aside, Yuri has the worse costume by far and Judith, Rita, and Raven are the nicest. I wonder though, how many people will actually spend money on these costumes?

    Oh and… is it just me, or does Repede’s (the dog) costume look a bit like Haseo’s 3rd form?

  • dv8shun

    For us Tales noobs, which Tales characters are represented? After reading this page, the only ones I now know are Yuri’s, Patty’s, Rita’s and Raven’s.

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