Classic Dungeon Trailer Has Classic Console Music

By Spencer . December 3, 2009 . 11:31am

Nippon Ichi officially unveiled Classic Dungeon with a trailer detailing the gameplay and character creation system.


The game stars nine heroes in the land of Manoakaz. You could choose one of them or make your own by picking a class warrior or dragoneer, customizing a sprite, and giving him or her a name. In dungeons, only one character fights laser shooting giant eyes, but your allies travel with you and level up depending on where you place them with the magic formation system. Dungeons are randomly generated so loot collectors will always have new treasure to find and traps to dodge. At the end of Classic Dungeon you’ll face a last boss, which you get choose. That’s a first!


Classic Dungeon is scheduled for release on February 18, 2010 in Japan. Thanks for the video link Denpa no Sekai!

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  • eliel

    day one buy for me, im really digging the music, the sound track is gonna rock!… as well as the game…

  • FireCouch

    Looks awesome.

  • Code

    rar, the conflicting styles to the characters/backgrounds/hud kind of gets to me, but the ability to make customize your own sprites is like something I’d absolutely adore. I’m definitely digging aspects of the game, just I figure it’ll take time and more screens/trailers for me to get use to the look of the game. Still definitely on my watch list.

  • shion16

    in this moment
    Nippon Ichi is the psp master

  • gontrand

    I want it,im a retro-gamer and i hope it gonna make its way here

  • malek86

    Do want. Possibly in english.

  • Pixels have never looked so lovely. The music at the end is very nice, too.
    The gameplay might be interesting, NIS always has a little twist to traditional style games. The custom sprite feature is nice to have, and I’m loving that Prinny in the video (1:38).

  • …I’m pretty shocked that NIS isn’t re-using the same Disgaea-style color palette/graphic style/sprites for the umpteenth time. This game is so much more aesthetically pleasing than 3D Dot Heroes and its bland current-gen palette + bloom/crazy depth of field blur. Looks like there are many more colors to choose from in the sprite editor, too.It’s still NIS though, so…not sure if want. 3DH probably plays better, despite being in 3D.

  • nyoron

    I had thought this was going to be a rougelike so I wasn’t paying attention, but wow this looks great!

  • Kuza21

    This game looks really awesome…I hope it gets localized.

    • Well, if the “NIS America” tag is any indication ;)

      • Kuza21

        Yeah. I saw that….I just was testing you guys. Your a smart man. -___-.

      • let’s not get our hopes up… well if NISA’s reading this, let it be known I will gladly pay 39.99$ for a physical copy of this game (and absolutely NOTHING for a digital download). Everything so far looks AND sounds like it’s right up my alley.

      • No, don’t get your hopes up because of the tag. I was reorganizing some of the tags, and that was a mix up.

        Sorry :(

        • Yeah, I definitely figured that ’cause it’s way too early to guarantee anything (unless it’s something like Witches Tale, yet, even then…). At the very least I just pointing it out! ;)

        • MightySpoon

          Awww noo :(

  • LastFootnote

    I’d hazard a guess that the reason this game looks so much different than most N1 games is that it’s developed by this ‘System Prism’ that you see at the beginning of the trailer. I don’t know what System Prism is, whether it’s a team within N1 or a studio outside it.

    “In dungeons, only one character fights laser shooting giant eyes, but your allies travel with you and level up…” What does this mean? If your allies don’t fight with you, what do they do?

    Also, I’m not sure the NIS America tag necessarily means it’ll be localized. I hope it happens, though. The game looks very interesting.

  • so cool!

  • Man, one more reason for me to look into getting a PSP…

  • this game looks immense

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