Final Fantasy VIII Packed In One 1.78GB Download

By Spencer . December 17, 2009 . 6:58pm


As a consolation prize of sorts, Square Enix released Final Fantasy VIII as a PSone Classic.


Now you can experience Squall’s tale of love, memory loss, and “…” without switching discs. The entire game is stored in 1.78GB download that’s PSP and PlayStation 3 compatible. Not sure if import PocketStations work with the digital version though.


Final Fantasy VIII costs $9.99, the same price as the Metal Gear Solid Digital Graphic Novel and Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman.

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  • Biggest PS1 game to date on PSN. :( Nearly 2 gigs son, 2 gigs!

    • Wait til Agarest comes out…

      • Agarest isn’t a PS1 game though.

        • Not exactly the point of me posting what I said, though…

          But anyways, it shouldn’t ever be over 3 gigs for a PS game since, as far as I know, there were no games that went over 4 discs. Considering there’s a max of 700MB per CD, that still wouldn’t reach 3 if you somehow had all of them full and uncompressed.

          • malek86

            Riven was 5 discs. About 3,3 gigs uncompressed, I think. But i don’t know if any game ever went over that.

          • [snaps finger] Oh yeaaaa…I forgot about Myst series for whatever reason when I was typing that out.

          • malek86

            Probably because the PSX versions were horrible. Well, it was on 5 discs on PC too. Awesome game. A tad too difficult compared to Myst.

  • Ereek

    In before the hate.

    My physical copy is somewhat worn out, so I’ll probably get it.

  • BarnabyJones4evar

    Finally I can realize my dream of playing FF8 on the can.

    A dream ten years in the making, mind you.

    Also, Holy Invasion at $10 makes me a customer.

  • Aoshi00

    I wish FFVII & III would show up on Amazon’s limited PSN store.. I got like $20 promo credit and have nothing to spend on, bought Flower, Numblast, MvC2, and SFII HD before alrdy.. I don’t NEED to get VII & VIII again since my discs are still fine, but I wouldn’t mind using those credit on digital copies of these 2 amazing games.

    The thing I remembered the most about VIII, Squall’s nonchalant “whatever”, lol..

    • Divals


  • cowcow

    pocketstation? They still make those? I think mine is buried in my closet somewhere. I could never get it to work again even after buying new batteries for it…

    • Tokyo Guy

      The Pocketstation has been discontinued for a LONG time. And no, IIRC this version of the game does not support the device.

      • Chow

        I thought the content in FF8 that related to the Pocketstation was never removed since it didn’t really matter if it was there or not, considering the Pocketstation was never released in North America.

        • malek86

          True. The american version supports the PS. Of course it was never released in that territory, but if you have a japanese one, you can use it. Of course, it can’t be attached to a PS3 or PSP…

  • Randgriz

    Just need ff9 and then you got the whole set

  • malek86

    Just give us a standalone Triple Triad game, Squenix. The rest I don’t really care about.

  • rinshu

    LOL, I still have my import pocketstation back from the games original release. I paid more for that damn thing than I did the game :P

  • might get it. To lazy to get the physical PAL version going. For this price I can get it.

    Question is if I want to. The damn draw system still irritates me, but it´s a nice story so… I´m confused with what choice to make.

  • thebanditking

    I picked this up as soon as the update went live. FF8 was my favorite, Squall is a bit of a jerk at the start but I understood him as a character and really loved all the locations and the music was fantastic.

  • Far and away the best modern (aka post FF6) Final Fantasy. Can’t wait to buy it again!

  • Nice, I have my brother’s original discs in perfect condition, but I’ve never actually had a chance to play it. I might just pick this one up!

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