What’s Inside The Lunar: Silver Star Harmony Limited Edition?

By Spencer . December 18, 2009 . 12:35pm

lunarIn the spirit of Working Designs, Xseed announced a limited edition for Lunar: Silver Star Harmony.


The package contains a soundtrack CD, 13 “bromide” cards featuring the girls of Lunar, and, of course, the PSP remake in English. OK, so you’re not getting a Lunar branded planetarium, but this bundle is only $39.99, the cost of an average PSP game. A standalone game will also be sold for $29.99. Both versions are scheduled to ship in Q1 2010.


Lunar: Silver Star Harmony has a brand new localization, which in the words of Jun Iwasaki, President of Xseed Games, keeps “the heart of the original outstanding localization intact.”

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  • 311

    I love this

  • Japanese voices in the north american release?

    • JohnCasey1

      This nonsense yet again…

    • Hraesvelgr

      Doubt it. Maybe, though.

      • So basically no news on this yet? Besides them saying they were looking into it way back when they announced this game… Well if it doesn’t happen, here’s hoping for an Undub, like the Star Ocean 1 and 2 PSP games.

    • Slashlen

      I wish, but I’m not holding my breath.

  • ShindoW

    Would’ve preferred an artbook, but awesome anyway! <3

    • I agree.

      There’s still hope for a pre-order artbook, right?

  • ok i will get this

  • No puppet or pendent this time around? ;)

    This is cool. Although, I think the Vicster might think the two sets may not be the “heart” of things…
    But, I’m set on grabbing the LE, so eh!

  • Ereek

    They changed the name to Silver Star Harmony, then? Any reasons why?

    • nyoron

      You think they should have kept it as “Harmony of Silver Star”? That doesn’t really sound right. Maybe “Harmony of the Silver Star” would have been better…

      But this way it parallels the original “Silver Star Story”

      • Ereek

        Hmm, everywhere I’ve read has it as Harmony of the Silver Star. Of course, the sites may have changed it in their articles for the sake of removing the “Engrish.” If it was originally “Harmony of” then neither are really better in my eyes.

    • Yeah, I think they changed the official name awhile ago. Might be a good question to ask them if we get a chance to do an interview.

      We have another Lunar bit of news coming soon too…

      • Ereek

        You’re such a tease. Now I’ll be F5ing all day long. Or all week.

        • Oh it’s not *huge* or anything, but I think readers here will appreciate it. Check back tonight-ish.

  • Pichi

    After seeing some English screens, its in the spirit, so that’s good they got it that way. Hope they have the songs in English.

    • Zeik56

      Agreed, I’d be very disappointed if they just kept the Japanese songs, as they just aren’t the same. Of course given that the old songs were done under Working Designs they may not have gotten the rights to them, which means they’d have to get a new singer, which may not be any better. (Well it probably would still be better than in Japanese, if only because having Luna start singing in Japanese during that boat scene would feel completely out of place.)

  • Soma

    Not as awesome as the Working Designs releases on the PSOne, but still awesome none the less. =3
    I will definitely be buying this. I think have just about every North American release of Lunar. That includes the GBA version. =P

  • Slashlen

    Anyone know if the music is the same as the PS1 version? I still have that CD(great music), and I’m wondering if I’d just be getting the same music again.

    • Ereek

      It’s “similiar” in that they’re all remixes of the original and are arguably much better versions, at least in quality.

  • holyPaladin

    Oh Galleon really give me hard time when I still in primary school ^^

  • thebanditking

    This shall be mine. I almost paid for the import soundtrack thinking we would not get a LE, thankfully my better judgement told me to hold off.

    • Ereek

      On the negative side, I believe it isn’t a full soundtrack. The picture says “Musical Selections.” Though I’d really like a full one.

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