Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman 2 Is A Double Feature

By Spencer . December 21, 2009 . 12:20pm


NIS America has an awesome surprise for Badman fans. The retail release of Holy Invasion Privacy, Badman 2: Time to Tighten Up Security also includes the original Badman game as a bonus.


In North America, Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman: What Have I Done to Deserve This? was only released as a PlayStation Network download. NIS America tried to drum up support for a UMD release, but ultimately canceled plans to bring Badman to stores. He and an army of Omnoms will finally takeover retail when Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman 2 comes out early next year.


And that UMD includes Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman: What Have I Done to Deserve This on disc. Two Badman games from the price of one? Count me in!


A dozen thanks and two dozen slimemosses go to Denpa no Sekai for the tip. Thanks!!!



  • MadMirko

    Wouldn’t a “fan of Badman” already own the original game? How would he be a fan otherwise? :)

    My understanding was the sequel is just like the previous one, just more “stuff” (monsters, heroes, etc.), or is there more to it?

    • Maybe by playing the demo. Seems like readers here liked the concept, but wanted a physical copy.

      I have the sequel and it’s a scaled up version of Badman. More monsters, worlds, but the same digging/monster management gameplay.

      • Kris

        That’s the boat I’m in. I thought the demo was fun, but wanted a physical game, I’m totally psyched for this.

  • Then maybe finally I can get the UMD version of Badman!! I was a tiny bit late to make that order on Rosenqueen. Otherwise I would have done that.

    But this gives me a second chance. Which is great.

    • kupomogli

      You wouldn’t have got it. They needed about 600 more preorders of the game before they’d print them.

      • I know. They said so.

  • kupomogli

    This is cool because I didn’t buy the original solely because I couldn’t get a physical copy. I was one of those that preordered when they were saying they’d release the game if they got 1000 preorders. Now I’ll get the game a long with the second on one UMD.

  • nyobzoo04

    this is nice, I was going to pick up the 1st game on PSN for $10 but now I’ll just wait and get both

  • Ereek

    Oh? Excellent.

  • Hmmmm I wonder what happened to the previous statements of “we can’t release a combo disc due to rights”?

    • Zeik56

      Maybe they got the rights?

    • It’s more of a “hidden feature” than a “combo disc.” You’ll see.

      • Regardless if unlockable/hidden feature or not..the point it’s include is what matters ;)

      • Ah man! Those sneaky badmans are going to include a DLC code aren’t they? It’s not going to be on disc…

        • JeremyR

          That seems pretty likely, now that you point it out. Nowhere on that page does it say it is on the disc. Instead, the picture of the box also has “Playstation Network” on it.

          Maybe it’s not even an UMD at all? Maybe just a little sleeve with two codes, like Patapon 2 was?

  • Zeik56

    Considering I never got around to purchasing the first this is a pretty good incentive to pick up the second.

  • Thank you NIS!!! :)

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