Your End of Eternity Demo Is Ready

By Spencer . December 22, 2009 . 12:36am

imageMaybe you know it as Resonance of Fate instead. Either way, you can sample Tri-Ace’s next game right now.


An End of Eternity demo is up on the PlayStation Store and Xbox Live Marketplace. All you need is a Japan region account to download the file. I grabbed it earlier and it’s in Japanese, but I believe it should be easy to figure out since there is a tutorial. Click over to Newcommer mode to go through the basics.

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  • yes this demo will decide if i want this game :D

  • MisterNiwa

    This game officially rules.

  • Slashlen

    I need to try out this demo. My eyes look at this game and I want it, but my brain keeps reminding me of how Tri-ace games have been lately.

  • Aoshi00

    Awesome! Just d/l’ed on both systems (though I ordered the PS3 ver.), can’t wait to come home and play this tonight, almost makes me want to play hooky…

  • badmoogle

    I’ll try the demo later today.I’ll be very surprised if i end up liking it.

  • Kripasz

    the demo rulz i like the game more than before

  • Xeahnort

    A total Disappointment for me :(

    • cowcow

      Wut? Why? I thought this game was siiiiiiiick

    • I wouldn’t say it was a total disappointment, the combat is somewhat a mix of new and old but it seriously needs more work to it. The tactical formations seem to be good only for big combos but hopefully you get better moves cause at the moment if that’s all I’m doing i’d rather spend the money on something else.

  • Chow

    I saw it last night in a random visit to the Japanese store.
    Playing it, it seems pretty interesting, with the learning curve for the battle mechanics being good. Though I wonder how much better I’d be at it if I could read the instructions. I really liked how you have to set your running trajectory before attacking, but I couldn’t figure out how to stop the characters until you they run into a wall.

    Are there supposed to be any combo attacks? One of the HUD-maps shows an area between the three characters in a highlight, and I can’t help but wonder if that area is important for certain attacks.

    It’s sort of like how I’d imagine a turn-based RPG would be like, if the actions on the screen were dynamic, though it still lends itself to where your characters run to by the end of their turns.

    • Zeik56

      To stop your characters press circle while they’re running. If it’s a low obstacle (like an enemy or a higher ledge) you can just press square to jump in the air to clear it and continue shooting.

      The game has sort of has combo attacks. The one you’re talking about is a Resonance Attack. You can build up your Resonance counter while doing attacks, and when you have at least one you can press triangle to set one up, afterward you press square and all your characters will start running in a triangle formation. If you attack with one character while doing it it will occasionally switch to another character afterward to do a combo. I’m not quite sure exactly what determines when or if someone else will join in, as it doesn’t always seem to happen, though my guess is that it has something to do with positioning. Also a note about raising your resonance gauge, you probably noticed while setting your trajectory the line will occasionally turn blue. Basically it means the character is going to run in-between the other two characters. You have to do this to keep your resonance gauge up, otherwise it will reset.

      I’m not sure if this would be considered a “combo attack” as well, but while shooting enemies from the ground you can pop them in the air, if you hit them enough while in the air they go into some kind of break state where the charge bar will fill up a lot quicker and let you get off a lot shots and pop the enemy even higher. Also if you jump and then attack while the enemy is still in mid-air you can slam the enemy into the ground, which from what I can tell gives you a bunch of extra cash and also bounces them back into the air. If you have good timing you can get some good juggling going.

  • Downloading the PS3 demo right now! I can’t wait to try it out.

    Playing right now: and Eww those are some sloppy running animations…they look like their arms are made of noodles. I hope they fix that up… But uh it’s pretty fun from what I’ve played so far.

  • For me, one word describes the demo.


    I loved the look of it ever since I saw the trailers and this demo just confirmed I want the game. Hell, I want it even MORE now, lol. I was also pleased to see alternate outfits upon beating Normal Mode several times. Level 5 features everyone with glasses, which is awesome to me (glasses fetish, I guess :P).

    I can’t wait to see what kind of customizations and weapons you get in the full game. The demo is definitely worth a try though. I do admit, the characters run pretty weird for such a beautiful game while in danger, lol.

    Their animations makes them look like they came out of an anime or something, but hey. Even the greatest games of all times have flaws somewhere in them, so I won’t hold it against the game since the rest of it seems awesome so far :)

  • thaKingRocka

    thanks to the coverage here on siliconera, i’m going to give this game a shot. i like the direction in which they’re taking it (namely, the “supports … busy adult schedules” aspect).

  • eliel

    tried it liked kinda reminds meh of Valkyria Chronicles but more flashy,(which is a really good thing)i don’t know any jp but it was easy to figure out the controls … although in normal mode i never figured out how to heal…

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