German Retailer Stocking PS3 Tales of Vesperia

By Spencer . January 4, 2010 . 2:19pm

imageNamco Bandai hasn’t announced it, but says a localized version of Tales of Vesperia for PS3 is coming to Germany. In fact, they’re taking reservations for it.


This is the first I’ve heard of Computeruniverse so I contacted them to make sure this wasn’t a misprint. A customer service rep got back to me with, “This is really the version for the PS3, but unfortunately we can not estimate the delivery date at this moment.”


Time for cautious optimism? While this confirmation may not be convincing, I don’t think Namco Bandai will pass on publishing the PlayStation 3 version since it’s mostly localized. All they need to do is find a voice actress for Patty and they’re set to go.


Thanks for the tip TheCleaningGuy!

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  • MisterNiwa

    Whats with the german retailers today. :O

    Well me as german gamer doesnt even know this website.

  • nyoron

    Nah, I really don’t think this is time for cautious optimism. If you even begin to get optimistic before Bamco says something official it will surely end in tears.All they need to do is find a voice actress for Patty and they’re set to go.I was under the impression that there was quite a bit of new voiced dialog for the existing characters also. Twice as much as the original is what I remember hearing, although that could be wrong. Of course they could always just leave the new stuff unvoiced but they did such a good a job with the localization the first time it would be a shame if they half-assed it now.Though I suppose I would take half-assed over not at all.

    • Ereek

      Seconded. I’ve been “burned” by Bamco enough not to be optimistic about any of their releases anymore.

      That’s not saying it wouldn’t be nice, but I don’t think it will happen.

    • You’re right about new scenes, especially with Yuri and Flynn. Perhaps, this is why it’s taking Namco Bandai so long to bring this over. They have to call back the voice actors plus cast Patty.

  • I think this is somewhat old news. I can remember someone from gamefaqs posting about that site some time ago. Still I really hope this is true. I would really like to get my hands on the Ps3 version of Vesperia. Since I don’t have an 360 at the moment.

  • [The Hunter] Doomrider

    Must not trust a retailer siteMust not trust a retailer siteMust not trust a retailer siteMust not trust a retailer siteMust not trust a retailer siteMust nOH MY GOD! And I’m not even into religion. No, it’s… naah, it can’t be

  • Will buy.

  • vall03

    when it comes to Tales of news, its very hard to get excited since its Namco… theres not even a word from them last year. To be honest, I was expecting a Tales game last year and I never ever thought Klonoa would be localized, anyway, I still dont understand Namco…

  • Hraesvelgr

    Do not want. Played the game already, give me Tales of Graces in English.

    Of course, I’d probably still buy Vesperia PS3, but hey.

    • Oi shh! Some people are still holding out hope! But meh, if it doesn’t get announced soon I’m gonna be importing… But first I need to sell my current PS3 and buy a new Japanese system so that I won’t be totally bugged by having to use the X button to confirm things.

  • nyobzoo

    well at least a US version is looking up

  • Well, I don’t want to go through the hassle of creating a user ID for this site, I will say this, I really hope this is the real deal, even if it does not come Stateside for some bizarre reason, at the least, I’d be able to import an English version from Europe or something, I’d gladly take that. But yeah, cautious optimism, we’ll see what happens, eh? Would love to see this become a reality.

  • Kris

    Here’s hoping!
    It’s so frustrating that the only confirmations at this point are this and some voice actor-related hearsay. I just want Bamco to announce this already!

  • it is abot time,now US

    • This is hardly an announcement though… Don’t get your hopes up too much, this is Namco we’re talking about…

      I’m starting to think Siliconera shouldn’t have posted this, it’s giving this little known online retailer too much credit. Unless Siliconera knows something and can’t out right say it…

      Too many commenters are acting like this is a confirmed announcement when really it’s nothing…

      Again, I’m still holding out hope for this one, but this little German gaming site allowing you to pre-order the game isn’t a cause for celebration.

      • Kris

        ComputerUniverse keeps confirming that this is on their publisher-sent release lists. It’s definitely far from an official confirmation, but it’s another little piece of evidence that the game might be heading to the West.

        • I thought they said that they got the information from their “supplier”? Their supplier could be anyone, and it could also just be them taking a shot in the dark.

          Didn’t they also say in one email that the game was going to be released around March this year? If that was the case wouldn’t you think Namco would have announced the game by now?

          I wish I could trust what this site is saying, but I just can’t. Now if it was say; play-asia, or a little more known site putting up pre-orders, then I’d be more inclined to believe them.

  • lloydmayne

    Old! The game’s been listed there for ages, and they’ve been taking reservations for a few months now.

  • Xeahnort


    An online retailer in Holland listed Mana Khemia 2 for November in Europe (EU people still waiting for the game)

  • epy

    Couldn’t care less if they don’t dub any of the new content as I’ll be playing it in japanese…. if they include that option that is.

  • Saturnus

    this would be lovely, but it’s Bamco… So, I’m not going to get too excited/optimistic/etc.

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