Nora’s Secret Base And Lightning’s Home Cut From Final Fantasy XIII

By Spencer . January 13, 2010 . 8:38am


FF-Reunion summarized an interview (from Dengeki?) with Isamu Kamikokuryou, Final Fantasy XIII’s art director, where he talks about some of the deleted areas.


Nora, Snow’s hero squad, at one time had a secret base within Lebreau’s shop. A full space was made for Lightning’s home, which included a park. One of the game’s amusement parks also had a zoo too.


These areas were running in an unreleased build of Final Fantasy XIII, but were cut from the final version due to considerations about game balance and game volume. Kamikokuryou says there is enough lost Final Fantasy XIII content was removed to make another title.

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  • 311

    hey release it as DLC since the game is actually “empty” in my opinion. although the trophies are a hassle haha. The game couldve been more of what it now is.

    • MisterNiwa

      This is true, and make the Fal’Cie Titan a secret boss. >:(

      • O__O i kinda got lost in grand pulse and am in a tower so i didnt explore it much , but grand titan do you mean the really BIG one that eats that not so small beast when we arrive there? cause i really though we could fight it T____T bahhhh

      • 311

        Yea cuz that Spartacus (Mission 51) is a joke, too easy. well # 62 is giving me a problem and trying to get the rare item from the Adamantaimai is a real B!tC#. I have made only Nirvana for Vanille.

    • maxchain

      Nah, too reasonable. Sounds more like a foundation for XIII-2 to me.

    • Aoshi00

      They should make it as a “free” DLC patch, the game is empty as it is like you said. Like a Jpn player puts it, “I guess the game is alright if you think of it as 100 yen per hour” (if you put in 80 hrs at least that is, lol). I haven’t beat the game yet, but I want to see more of Team Nora, heck I want to see more of many people…

  • well i have 50 hours of game so far grand pulse is actually very cool , but if they dont realease it as dlc , they could make a new edition XD like Final Mix or something XD !

    • Pichi

      Don’t want International version, as they won’t release it overseas. DLC, they can release for the rest of the world.

      • well yes ,you are right , i sure hope they do release extra content !
        and preferably not to much expensive «« or maybe free? lol ( never) XD

      • Masengan

        Well if they do release it, it will most likely have english tracks and you could import it to the PS3 assuming that you have one.

  • ElTopo

    So can I make the assumption that this content was cut to reduce volume due to dvd size constraints? Is this more evidence that the game’s content was cut with the xbox 360 version in mind? Sounds like it.

    • darkstreetracer

      Possible but I don’t think so. You don’t see movie studios cut large chunks of the movie to make it fit to DVD/bluray or the recommended ‘movie’ times. My guess is that they may release these levels as DLC or an International edition later.

      • ElTopo

        I say that because of the many comments saying “such and such content had to be cut” and “due to considerations about game balance and game volume. Kamikokuryou says there is enough lost Final Fantasy XIII content was removed to make another title.” Game volume? 50 gigs of space and 25 gigs of space (3 double sided 8gig dvds). Thats enough content to make another game, and I honestly think we can thank the xbox port for that.

      • ZeroBlitz

        Actually, many movies studios cut chunks of footage in order to make it’s length more ‘watchable’ for the general populace. It’s only in rare cases like the LOTR Extended Editions where the films themselves were so well-received and engaging that they could get away with including most of the scenes cut from the theatrical release.Plus this is a very different situation. If ElTopo’s suggestion is correct and the content was cut due to the 360 it would make a lot of sense. It’s supposedly on four discs at the moment. Any more and it would definitely spark a lot of complaints. And can you really imagine ‘enough content to make another title’ not requiring an extra disc or two?

        • Hraesvelgr

          Quite frankly, I think the whole “enough content to make another title” is just the usual PR BS that companies throw out, like saying their games are tens of hours longer than they really are. Just my opinion, though.

          • ZeroBlitz

            Well, yeah. Him lying is certainly another possibility. Typically, I expect the Japanese to have more common decency than that, but it is Square-Enix… then again, this is coming straight from the art director and how could lying about this benefit them? If anything these comments are going to stir up a fuss about how this content should have been in the game rather than cut for future use.

          • Joanna

            yeah I agree. I don’t see how mentioning stuff being cut will benefit them. I would think most people would be pissed at missing extra stuff. So lying is not very likely.

            I have a PS3 now, so I can say I’m not very happy hearing this. I much rather have this on the game, then released as DLC for which I have to fork over even more cash. (PS3 games are expensive so I want more content if I have to pay 70-80 a title >:[ )

          • Pesmerga00


            Besides, it’s not like this “enough content to make another title” is comparable to the amount of data in GB. Most multi-disc RPG’s have the entire game on each disc with just the CG videos causing the file size to increase.(Except that bastard child SO4) Without the FMVs FFXIII would likely fit on a single DVD.

            This “every single flaw in FFXIII is the 360’s fault” is just getting old.

          • Joanna

            Not all of us are blaming 360. I’m just pissed that this extra content may be used later as DLC for which I will have to pay more for if I want to play rather then it being already in the game. I wonder if SE wants to enrage fans because I’m not happy hearing this.

          • Aoshi00

            It’s just the fanboys blaming the 360, I don’t buy the contents being cut because it went multiplatform. I think the reason is simple, S-E was just being lazy, got their priorities mixed up (battle system over anything else), and that the game was rushed out shortly after the release of Slim to boost PS3 sales. Ironically, FFXIII is not a title worth getting the system for.

            I usually have no problem w/ RPGs being linear at all if that’s what needed to tell a coherent gripping story, but the pacing and writing is just all wrong.. Also I’m not one to complain about too many CG cutscenes in most games because I usually enjoy them, but the ones in FFXII are just so boring.. The graphics is good, but I’ll have to say the graphics in Assassin’s Creed 2 or Bayonetta are better.

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