Make Your Own Record of Agarest War Huggable Pillow

By Spencer . January 19, 2010 . 12:03pm

imageAnd all you need is a 500mm x 1600mm pillow. Red Entertainment has the pillowcase covered, so to speak.


The Record of Agarest War Zero mini-shop is taking pre-orders for a double sided Dyshana pillowcase. Dyshana is one of the maidens in the upcoming Record of Agarest War and the prequel. Dyshana is on one side, Chaos Dyshana is on the back or front, depending on what side you prefer.


Reserve a pillow case now for 12,600 yen ($139) and get it sometime in February. Yeah, this probably won’t be in the Record of Agarest War collector’s edition Aksys is considering.

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  • nyoron

    Truth is I’ve always secretly wanted one of those body pillows. But $140 for just the case? Damn.

  • There were actually a few people that suggested body pillows when Aksys asked for ideas to what include in the collector’s edition.
    I think they shot down my idea real quick, but I was thought it was good.

    This body pillow is kind of scary, though. This won’t be seen on my bed, but maybe my dog’s or something.

  • Yeah, this probably won’t be in the Record of Agarest War collector’s edition Aksys is considering.

    Didn’t NISA do this for Ar Tonelico 2?? I remember winning that thing… well, with Deathsmiles and Cho Aniki down the pipeline, anything is possible coming from Aksys at this point.

    • I won that Ar Tonelico 2 pillow here on Siliconera (for playing Dinosaurs and Katakana I think?) I feel kind of uncomfortable displaying it though, even if it’s far from being as saucy as this one.

      • oh yeah. dude! show me next time.

        unless you’ve… used it.

    • Yeah NISA gave out Ar Tonelico 2 pillows. We gave some away here! This pillowcase is super expensive though, probably twice the copy of the game!

  • i hope agarest war seels well here so we an get agarest war zero =P

    • Ereek

      At the very least, I know a Ghostlight representative has said they “wanted” to bring Senki Zero over, but if Senki Zero has the same low quality localization, I’m not sure I want it.

      And sometimes they can’t always bring over everything they’d like to.

      • Yup, though aksys seems to be putting a good effort on it, and they themselves said that it depends on how well this one sells here if Zero is coming

  • kurono

    Heh…when I saw this post, I immediately thought of last week’s episode of 30 Rock with James Franco.

  • zhemos

    So hot. If I was rich, and I lived alone I’d so buy that and hug it while I sleep every night. ^^

  • Trotmeister

    Well that’s just disgusting.

  • Joanna

    tentacle rape anyone?

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