Chinese Final Fantasy XIII Arrives In May

By Spencer . February 7, 2010 . 3:23pm


As a first for the Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy XIII will be localized into traditional Chinese and this version will be in stores by May.


Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong announced the timeline, but didn’t offer other any other details. Will the voice acting be in Chinese, Japanese or English? How is the price going to compare to the other release already out in Asia?


Sony localized other games like Badman and Demon’s Souls into Chinese, but Final Fantasy is a major franchise. Really curious to see how this sells and if other publishers follow Square Enix’s lead.

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  • Aoshi00

    I’m curious if the game would actually be dubbed in Chinese (Mandarin + Cantonese) or if it’s just the text. If it’s text only, then people in HK or Taiwan could easily pick up the Asian English ver. or US ver. anyway.

    • i think if it is text only but with original japanese people will chose these version instead.(usually game with chinese text always include original voice either jpn or us)

    • Pichi

      It would be nice to have it dubbed in Chinese or given a choice of all three languages. Or just the Chinese dub with a lower price point than the Asian and US version will help alot in moving sales.

      • Aoshi00

        Actually now that I think about it, they might not do something as ambitious as dubbing in Chinese, because the Jpn and US ver. each have different lip sync for all the real-time and pre-rendered cutscenes (like MGS4), so dual or multiple track is probably out too (which is why the US ver. doesn’t have dual track otherwise they would need two sets of videos). But having their entire game translated into Chinese is crucial because brushing up on the terms/history/synopsis helps player in better understanding the story and world setting in FFXIII (kind of like Xenosaga’s encyclopedi except less semi-real sci-fi mumbo jumbo). So I’m assuming the official Chinese ver. would have either the Jpn or Eng. dub w/ all in-game text in Chinese.

        I was playing the game w/o reading the encyclopedia much at first (didn’t think it was important) and I had a hard time connecting the dots, but once I did that everything starts to makes sense. Which is why I’m being kinda harsh on the game, because I don’t think it did a good job in fleshing out the story/chars.

        Hopefully I’d be able to finish the import before the US ver. comes out, I just got beat down by the boss at the end of Ch. 11, hate that tough SOB… almost had that guy (cheap “doom”)

        • LOL XD that ‘Sob’ guy is creepy ! sooooo you are almost in chapter 12 thats where i am or is it 13 «« , all i know is i just went to a kick ass CG cene XD that was too fast for my eyes O__O ! must watch it again lol ! And so far ive been only able to unlock shaz theme «« ……. i dont think ill unlock all of them …. i wonder if US/EU versions will have that , of if thats the dlc that they talk about !

          • Aoshi00

            Yeah, he’s creepy and hard :(… You were right, Oerba was pretty nice, though finding the parts to fix the robot gave me a little trouble, I missed one in the room upstairs before. Yeah, only got the Sazh theme so far, I think beating the game would unlock some more, but some are from the very hard trophies, like maxing out the class or something. Thanks for the tip on the tower before!

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