Dead Rising 2 Dated, Xbox 360 Gets Downloadable Prologue

By Spencer . February 11, 2010 . 3:19pm


Capcom set August 31 as the release date for Dead Rising 2 in North America. Gamers in Japan will be able to fend off zombies with a chainsaw taped to an oar in Japan on September 2nd and finally in Europe on September 3rd. Dead Rising 2 will be released simultaneously on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PCs.


Before the game comes out Xbox 360 owners will be able to play Dead Rising 2: Case Zero, a prologue scheduled to launch shortly before the game. Case Zero introduces Chuck Greene, the new protagonist, and connects Dead Rising 2 with the original game. Dead Rising 2: Case Zero will not be on disc. The only way to get the extra episode is to download it from Xbox Live.

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  • Guest

    And it will eventually makes it way to PSN. Honestly Microsoft just stop this already.

    • nyoron

      Seriously, although I blame Capcom too for enabling it. Nobody is going to run out and buy a 360 because of this, so this is pretty much just punishing the PS3 owners. I can’t think of any specific examples of where it has happened the other way around with the PS3 but I’m sure it has. Multiplatform games should be completely multiplatform, imo.

      • Aoshi00

        As one who owns both systems, I actually welcome this because it helps me decide which version I should get, like GTA IV’s Episodes from Liberty City on 360, or Dante’s Inferno Divine Edition on PS3, provided both games look and play identical. For things like Bayonetta if a port is inferior, it’s an easy choice. A lot of times before I order a game, I had to do so much research to make sure I’m not getting the worse version… like Assassin’s Creed 2 was a difficult choice, reading the Bloodline review made me decide because it was not worth it to get it on PS3. PS3 gives Big Daddy Home avatar for Bioshock 2, but I just felt like getting it on 360 again because its controller is better for shooters and I got the first game on 360 alrdy… I guess I would be getting this on 360 again, the first game’s time limit was so hard, I’m glad they got rid of it.

        As annoying as it is (for some), can you blame them though, it’s just a little incentive to push people in getting one version or another.

        • nyoron

          Oh, I know why they do it. I just don’t think it’s right for Capcom to say to a large part of their audience “Oh we’ll sell you the game, but if you want access to the complete experience you should have bought the other console, too bad.” Of course there are those that say you are getting the complete game, this is just extra, ect. ect., I don’t really agree. Obviously, as long as there are multiple consoles there will be differences. I just think it should be exclusive games and not exclusive game content.

          Myself, as crazy as it sounds to some people I prefer the Dualshock 3 to the 360 pad by a large margin for almost everything. I tend to get resentful when I have to choose between something like the prologue to the game and using a controller I actually like. Although in this case I suppose I could buy just the prologue on the 360 and the actual game on the PS3.

      • malek86

        For example, if I recall correctly, the Joker was a PS3-exclusive character in Arkham Asylum. There are lots of examples for both sides. Now that development costs have made exclusive third-party games pretty much dead, exclusive DLC is the new trend.

        Hasn’t changed much, really. Back then, you’d buy a game on a console because it was the only way to play it. Now, you buy a game on a console because it has more stuff. Actually, it might be a bit better nowadays, because at least the other console’s owners can still play the game, whereas back then you were forced to buy the other console if you wanted to play.

        • StealthKnight

          Unfortunately, this means doing research and pondering the possibility that the content will come at a latter date. This has been happening before dlc content though. I never really liked the idea though but I guess that’s how you get other editions to sell. In this case they seem to focus on the 360 and potential kill interest in the ps3 version. Seems counter productive.

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