Here, Have Some Final Fantasy XIII Xbox 360 vs. PS3 Comparison Screenshots

By Spencer . February 12, 2010 . 11:46am

ff13x_bat11 ff13p_bat1 

See how Final Fantasy XIII looks on both platforms in our gallery comparing the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions. Final Fantasy XIII on the Xbox 360 is on the left and the PlayStation 3 version is on the right.


Battle Screenshots

ff13x_bat12 ff13p_bat4
ff13x_bat13 ff13p_bat6
ff13x_bat14 ff13p_bat7 
ff13x_bat15 ff13p_bat2 
ff13x_bat16 ff13p_bat8 
ff13x_bat17 ff13p_bat3 
ff13x_bat18 ff13p_bat10
ff13x_bat19 ff13p_bat9


Event Screenshots

ff13x_eve1 ff13p_eve1
ff13x_eve2 ff13p_eve2
ff13p_eve3 ff13x_eve3


Field Screenshots

ff13x_fi1 ff13p_fi1
ff13x_fi2 ff13p_fi2
ff13x_fi3 ff13p_fi3
ff13x_fi4 ff13p_fi4


Menu Screenshots

ff13x_men1 ff13p_me3
ff13x_men2 ff13p_me2
ff13x_men3 ff13p_me1

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  • MrRobbyM

    I don’t know how to view each pic full :/ Anyways, this is bound to start a massive fanboy war. I heard the PS3 version runs and looks slightly better than the 360 version.

  • Erren

    Button swaps, not actual direct feed shots.

    • thebanditking


      • MisterNiwa

        B i n g o, and Bingo was his name, sir.

        Exactly my thoughts.

    • Yeah lol.

  • maxdrive

    I tend to lean towards sony fanboyism but, they honestly look the same.

  • Nabe

    The screens look exactly the same except for the buttons. Suspicious. If their point was to say that there will be no difference between the two consoles I guess this works, but I would rather see some real comparisons…

    • Ereek

      Seconded on this. It certainly would be interesting if the games looked this identical, but I don’t think it’s going to happen.

    • I realize it’s strange that they look exactly the same, but these were sent to us by Square Enix so I they’re official as they get.

      • Erren

        They’re obviously bullshots.

      • Strike_Man

        They’re official shots, but Erren and Nabe are correct in pointing out that only the interface has been modified.

        The most likely reason for this is that they were created for Sqeenix to send these out to the various media outlets that only cover a single platform (such as Sony’s Playstation blog or Team XBOX), as opposed to sites that cover all systems (Siliconera, Edge, Game Informer, etc.). I’m sure any console-specific site or magazine would prefer to accompany their articles with screenshots that at least appear to show the game running on “their” system, even if it is just smoke and mirrors.

        Of course, the only other explanation is that Square has created the first pixel-for-pixel multiplatform game this generation, but that’s extremely unlikely.

        • SlashZaku

          Probably this. Button swaps just so they don’t have do a batch for each version and console-specific sites. Magazines share shots all the time (PSM/PTOM and OXM did cause they had the same mother company).

      • thebanditking

        Spencer what are you on damage control today? Your smarter then this, WAY smarter. I have come to expect a certain level of professionalism from this site and its painfully obvious these are button swaps. Do you really think S-E wants people to be able to tell the differences in the official shots? Reguardless of the outcome thats just bad press. You know it , I know it. If this were Kotaku or Destructoid I would expect that but not here.

  • ill juge when i see them running side by side , these shots are very fishy , and ofc it depends if you have a big HD tv to notice the big diferences , my japanese FF13 runs at 1080 P soooo no the versions cant truly be equal after all they are difrent consoles.

  • clyde_223

    i see no difference. why does this ever matter?

    • Hraesvelgr

      It just matters to fanboys.

  • Either photoshoped, or really outdone. shame on bayonetta.

  • Raiyu

    Just because they look the same doesn’t mean they will play the same…not to be a “fan boy” but I’m pretty sure that the gameplay will probably be slow on the 360. (Though thats not stopping me from buying it for the 360)

    • MrMee

      Early hands-on impressions of the 360 version state that they look and play identical. I remember an interview somewhere mentioning that the crystal tools engine had the same output on both consoles without favoring either one.

      • thebanditking

        No, early hands on impressions from those who tested both(outside Gamespot UK and 1up who I dont trust) and from hands on accounts from FF13 Bus testers (including some I know) have all said the 360 version looks less detailed and both the character models and textures are lower res, and also show some minor pixelation in the cutscenes due to the compression. Also according to the games producer the two games do not run on Crystal Tools, the PS3 version runs on crystal tools and the 360 version runs on a seperate engine that was developed over the last year.

        • Raiyu

          That is pretty much what I read from before as well. Which is why I came to that conclusion.

        • “early hands on impressions from those who tested both and from hands on accounts from FF13 Bus testers…”

          Do you have links to any of these impressions? I’d like to read them.

  • Guest

    ZERO difference. At least from these screens. At least on 720p cable monitor and four eyes

  • ndjn3979

    Who. Cares.

    • Xeahnort

      Only fanboys would care about that XD

    • People who want the best looking version of the game? Or people simply curious on the differences that may exist between the two?

      • ndjn3979

        You, sir, replied in such a civilized manner that I have no sponge hammers to smack you with.

  • crunc

    Comparing screenshots is pretty much as entertaining as it gets!

  • Obviously shooped. Spencer, you’ve been trolled by Square-Enix if you think these are legit. These screenshots basically say, “Look. There is no hardware difference whatsoever between the PS3 and XBOX 360” when we all know, that isn’t true.

    I’m not going to start a flame war here, but I will say, if anything..there would at least be differences with the lighting (see Resident Evil 5). So, I wouldn’t really put much into who these came from. I know a shoop when I see one :P

  • malek86

    I call bullshot. I’d rather wait until some unaffiliated sites do a proper comparison with the final product. I’m pretty sure Digital Foundry will do it.

  • kurefu


  • kurefu


    There a 1px line from one and another image, for the buttons iface, thats denotes a bad editing… tsctsctsc…

    • thebanditking

      Nice find!
      These are just button swaps, no game can be that identical on two completely different platforms. PS3 screens, 360 buttons simple as that. We wont see direct shots until its out, but we dont need to, the 360 version has already been said to be less then the original. If you only have a 360 then at least you can play the game. Though if like me you have both, then the PS3 is the best way to go.

      • Flyzer

        If that what you say is true, this is the first multi-platform game that is better in PS3 than in XBOX 360.
        That`s why I doubt PS3 is better and because xbox 360 FFXIII engine is mutch newer than PS3, like 5 years newer.

    • Raiyu
  • badmoogle

    Lol,oh SE how you amuse me!:D

  • onlymybass

    No difference…?

  • Guys, something you need to keep in mind is that, as Spencer pointed out, these are “official” screenshots.

    Now, keep in mind that we all know they look identical save for the “button swaps” but as some of you pointed out, we do try to maintain a level of professionalism. For this reason, we can’t go about claiming they’re button swaps unless we have substantial evidence. Doing it in the comments (and rightfully so) is different from doing it in the main post itself. This is why we have a community of hardcore sleuths. :P

  • SpaZaA
  • malek86

    Well, apparently Squenix has admitted it on Twitter.

    “We are looking into how the #FFXIII altered screens ended up in our presskit &will update asap. This was obviously not intentional…”

    I’m eagerly awaiting for some proper screenshots.

    • I wonder how you Photoshop with accuracy like that “unintentionally.”

      • malek86

        I know. That probably reads “whoops, you got us, now we have to act like we didn’t mean it”.

        How long until some real screenshots, then?

        • badmoogle

          But the thing is that it was very obvious.Did they thought that the fans are idiots or something??

          I always thought that the game will have almost identical graphics for both versions but now i’m not so sure anymore.

          • malek86

            I don’t know. I guess some companies are kinda out of touch with the customers. Squenix seems to be one of those.

    • Ereek

      Haha oh wow.

      And here there were people trying to defend SE on some sites.

  • bugmeknot

    Just run md5sum on a pair of images, they are identical:
    104ee6ef19aa2670e350d77333e44288 *ff13p_fi1.jpg
    104ee6ef19aa2670e350d77333e44288 *ff13x_fi1.jpg

  • So, obviously these are just images which have been taken from the PS3 version, and photoshopped to make them look like the 360 version. No way that they could be 100% exactly the same on either console.

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