New Disgaea Game Coming To PlayStation 3

By Spencer . February 12, 2010 . 10:42am

imageThe Disgaea series has seen strong sales and part of Nippon Ichi’s recovery strategy is making a new Disgaea game for PlayStation 3. Details about the game were not revealed since it was announced in a financial results presentation.


Nippon Ichi expects to release less games during the next fiscal year. Only eight titles are being planned and six of them are original works. For their last fiscal quarter, Nippon Ichi has a PSP heavy lineup with Classic Dungeon, Absolute Hero Modding Project, and Prinny 2: Dawn of the Great Pantsu War scheduled for release.


Overseas, Nippon Ichi plans to focus mainly on PlayStation 3 titles. Atelier Rorona has been announced. Perhaps, we’ll see them pick up Trinity Universe and Ar Tonelico III too.

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  • Kris

    I hope this helps their profits.

  • eliel

    awesome, but i wonder how the next Disgaea is gona stand out from the previous ones…

  • Don´t tease me with them picking up Ar Tonelico 3 please :p

    I want to play that game as much as I can and I want to play it NOW!!

    • Yeshua49

      Wants this game so badly as well, just hope it won’t take more than a year like Ar tonelico II with a not so good translation^^

    • supermarius

      Ma, i am so conflicted about the ar tonelico games. Love the sci-fi fantasy setting, love the art, love the music. But they are so sexualized, and a bit offensive to some women i would wager. And the difficulty seems to be something Gust has trouble nailing. I bought the first two, but AT1 i traded cause it was just too easy, and AT2 had the bad translation, and the glitches. Hope things are fixed this time.

  • nyoron

    That’s cool. Although truthfully I was hoping for a new (grid based) SRPG that wasn’t Disgaea. Maybe I’m just getting a bit bored of the demon/netherworld theme.

    Also, AT3 is probably my most wanted unlocalized game at the moment, make it happen NISA.

    • Code

      Yeah, I can kind of relate, especially after playing Prinny on PSP, because I’ve seen NIS do platforming, and it was glorious +o+!

  • Ereek

    Perhaps the development or acquisition of the (edit: rumored) 3D engine is one reason why profits were down.

    • zhemos

      That and also licensing fee’s for the animes they’re releasing, Maybe NIS isn’t doing as bad as we think.

      • Ereek

        NIS and NISA are separate companies when it comes to profits. It’s NISA that licensed the anime. It is NIS Japan whose profits were down. What happens to one can influence the other, certainly, but their profits are different. NISA usually announces their profits at a press conference around May or so.

        A lot of people seem to be making this mistake. And certainly, I don’t think they’re in as bad as shape as people are making it out to be. The fact that they’re even making a profit at all in Japan’s economy is impressive.

  • Code

    rar, approved >w<! I like Nippon Ichi, and I like PS3 games, this sounds like profit!

  • zhemos

    release a disgaea RPG, not a SRPG! Also just go ahead and announce Ar Tonelico 3. You’re throwing too many subtle hints around just out with it already! I’m sure NISA will forgive you. :)

  • ForeverFidelis


    I’ve been a Disgaea fan for freakin’ YEARS!

    I haven’t been able to afford a PS3. I got a 360 for cheap, and My mom bought me a wii for my birthday..
    I plaed all of the N1 games on the Ps2 in order..

    And,Man, I STILL haven’t watched the cut scenes of Disgaea 3 on youtube in hopes that I’ll get to play it someday soon.

    Now there’s gonna be a Disgaea 4 on the PS3 only?!

    I’m gonna feel so behind and left out!
    I promise, N1, if you port D3 to the 360, I’ll buy 3 copies.

    • Xeahnort

      NIS have stayed faithful to the PS brand for all their mainline releases and
      most if not all of the niche RPGs are on/coming to PS3, so if you like those games then, well, you know.

  • Marcus70

    YES !!! I’m really glad NIS is going back to their roots. I’ve really enjoyed their SRPG’s on the PS2 over the years and look foward to see what they’re planning with a new SRPG on the PS3. dood/

  • LastFootnote

    “Overseas, Nippon Ichi plans to focus mainly on PlayStation 3 titles. Atelier Rorona has been announced. Perhaps, we’ll see them pick up Trinity Universe and Ar Tonelico III too.”

    Aaargh!!! You’re killing me, here! All the games I want NISA to release are on the PSP! I wish they would tell us whether or not we’re going to get La Pucelle: Ragnarok, Classic Dungeon, Zettai Hero, and Prinny 2!

    I think focusing on the PS3 is a mistake. Did Cross Edge do that well? They should at least look at Last Rebellion sales before they decide to shift their focus! And they’re localizing anime now, too! Are they going to have any resources left to localize the PSP games that are actually developed by NIS?!

    EDIT: Yes, I’m happy about Disgaea 4, but I find it hard to concentrate on that whilst worrying about how many awesome games we’re going to miss out on.

    • Don’t worry.


      • LastFootnote

        Thanks, Nick. I needed that. I think I’ve calmed down now. *huff* *wheeze*

        I just get so worked up about NIS games.

        • For sure. And I’m sure they’ve got perfectly valid reasons, but it just seems NISA doesn’t announce titles until nearly the end of the localization cycle. I mean, the internet has let us know about other games almost a year in advance (sometimes more!) but from what I’ve seen, Sakura Wars notwithstanding, we only seem to let people know a few months ahead.

    • For anime, they could lend the resources to someone else, probably not interfering with the games – that’s at least how some publishers do it. With DVDs you don’t have to spend hundreds of hours on issues like debugging, coding, QA testing, etc, so I would think that leave most of the work in the studios, “paperwork”, scheduling, etc. from what I understand.

      As for the PS3 and Cross Edge, you know there was a version of that game on the Xbox 360? I just remembered! I wonder how that went or if it’s possible if that title would see a N.A. release. At any rate, I think these are the appropriate steps for a company like NIS to take to make a place for themselves on the current generation consoles.
      Heck, even I’m barely getting a current gen. console this year, or at least plan too.

  • Xeahnort

    Woo-hoo. Greats news indeed !

    Grazie tante NIS, Keep ’em coming.

  • “Only eight titles are being planned and six of them are original works.”

    A long shot, but… I’m hoping that one of the two “non-original” works is a compilation of the Marl games ported to the PS3 or Xbox 360. Rhapsody, Little Princess, Angel’s Present, Marl Jigsaw – all in one package!
    It would be great of they announced Antiphona no Seikahime: Tenshi no Gakufu Op.A for N.A. release, at least! ;)

    As for the new titles on PS3, I wonder if they might go back to Makai Wars. It was cancelled, but maybe they put that idea on the shelf for later use.

  • heartless141

    just hope they don’t go the profits way and make it multiplatform.
    :( disgaea belongs to Playstation damnnit.

    • Pichi

      But the more people that can play, the better!

    • LastFootnote

      I’m for multi-platform releases if it’ll increase their customer base. The only reason I’d be against it is that the localization of these ports might mean fewer games localized total, since you’d have to expend the resources hiring people to program for each system, etc. You’d only have to translate the script once, but I imagine the programming part of the localization must be done separately for each platform.

  • nyobzoo

    sadly, Last Rebellion won’t do so well

    • Hraesvelgr

      Good. Less games like it, please.

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